What is Clan Wars? | Clash Royale

Clan Wars is a two-day event for your whole Clan! Battle with your Clan for glory and rewards against other Clans around the world!

First things first…

  • Find an active Clan! You need a minimum of 10 Clan members to participate in Clan Wars
  • Try visiting reddit, Discord or the in-game recommendations to help pick the perfect Clan for YOU!
  • All participants need to be King Level 8
  • Only Clan Leaders or Co-leaders can start a war
  • Once your Clan has started a war, go to the Social tab and you’ll see the map below…

Day 1: Collection Day

Battle with your own cards to earn Clan Cards. Clan Cards are used to build your War Deck for War Day!

  • You get 3 battles on Collection Day
  • The goal is to collect as many Clan Cards as possible
  • On the map you’ll find various game modes that change after they’ve been played
  • Battling on any of the game modes earns Clan Cards, but wins earn the most
  • The higher your Arena, the more Clan Cards you can earn
  • Build different decks to suit the different game modes
  • When Collection Day ends, War Day begins…

Day 2: War Day

Battle with the Clan Cards for all the glory! The Clan with the most War Day victories wins the war!

  • You get 1 battle on War Day
  • Your only goal is to win this battle
  • Everyone in your Clan battles with the same Clan Cards on War Day
  • Build a War Deck with the Clan Cards and share it to your Clan, or copy a deck from your Clan’s best deck builder!
  • Note: Clan Card levels cannot be higher than your own card levels. Upgrade your own cards to use higher level Clan Cards
  • Test your War Deck in a Friendly Battle before your Final Battle
  • Make sure to cheer on your Clanmates when they play their Final Battle
  • When War Day ends, your Clan will gain Clan Trophies… and then you can start your next war!


  • Clan Trophies indicate your Clan’s success in Clan Wars
  • Gain more Clan Trophies to progress through the Clan Leagues
  • At the end of every Clan War Season you’ll earn a War Chest
  • Your War Chest is based on your Clan League and the highest ranked war you participated in during the season
  • Achieve a better rank or higher league to earn a bigger chest!

If you’ve read all the way down here, you have potential. Now, go and make your Clan proud!

See you in the Arena,

The Clash Royale Team

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