War of the Vikings: The Official Game Guide: Amazon.co.uk: Trewent, Aeronwen, Lisen, Page, M Harold: 9789187687419: Books

This full-color book is the ultimate companion to the War of the Vikings video game by Fatshark and Paradox Interactive. It’s divided into two parts: THE GAME and THE HISTORY. THE GAME section is written by veteran players of War of Roses who have now spent months honing their skills in the War of the Vikings, both on the early access servers and in specialized test servers. They introduce you to the basic concepts of the game as well as teach you advanced fighting techniques. The guide includes: *Customizing your Character – make your Viking or Saxon unique. *Melee & Archery tactics – master strikes, parries, special attacks and more. *Team Play – transform your ragtag team into an effective fighting machine. *The Battlegrounds – All eleven map levels of the game are described in detail, with vivid full-color maps. THE HISTORY section, written by historical author M Harold Page, gives an insightful yet fun overview of the Viking era in England. Learn about your enemy before you kill him! The section includes: *Colorful details about life in England 870 AD: the family, the law, the religions. *The Warriors: How Vikings and Saxons fought and why. *The Legends of Ragnar Lodbrok and Ivar the Boneless, mighty Viking kings. *The Rise of Alfred the Great and the final showdown with the Viking invaders.

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