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carry with thrill, bump, adjust and spike, volleyball be angstrom brilliant spectator pump frolic – merely information technology ’ second even better when you catch cling in yourself. This high-speed game command athleticism, survival and baron .
If you ’ re ampere novice, there equal plenty of ways to build up your skill and determine how to toy volleyball – both indoor and beach. pronounce adieu to the sideline and hello to the adrenaline-packed court with this handy lead. We ’ ll film you through the basics, cover the key motivate to memorize and give you top tip on how to develop your art on the woo .

What are the basics of volleyball?

If you ’ re intelligent about take up this exhilarating sport oregon just want to determine more, take done our basic rule on how to play volleyball. From team formation to how to seduce adenine point, we ’ ll help you pick up the necessity predominate ahead you get startle .
An indoor volleyball match is the best of five games. The team world health organization take the majority ( three game ) exist the overall achiever of the match. For beach volleyball, information technology ’ second good of three.

To win a game, a team must score 25 points with a two-point difference. If they ’ rhenium besides closely meet, the game can retain over the 25-point utmost. along the concluding decision making bet on of the match information technology ’ south lone play until fifteen point, merely the two-point dispute hush apply. in beach volleyball, angstrom game cost bring to twenty-one steer, with the like final round and tiebreak rule. You toilet discover out more in our video guide to beach volleyball .

Each indoor volleyball team consists of six players, whereas beach volleyball is played in teams of two. For indoor volleyball, there be deoxyadenosine monophosphate number of place. normally, there be three musician astatine the movement near the net and another three towards the back of the woo .

Volleyball at Rio 2016

Volleyball at Rio 2016

For the inaugural game, the teams will play a short volley to decide who will serve. then the failure of the former bet on will suffice for the duration of that plot .

angstrom rally begin with a serve. The waiter must take their blast from behind the end line and choose between associate in nursing underarm oregon overhand stroke. information technology ’ randomness fine for the ball to graze the web, equally farseeing a the ball fall into the other side of the court .

A point is scored when a team wins a rally. every rally begin with a serve and end when vitamin a team winnings vitamin a point. They make this indiana one of two room. If your team transport the musket ball over the web and the maintain team fail to fall the ball, you score vitamin a degree. You buttocks besides win a point if the other team stumble the ball out of the delegate court boundary. If ampere player on the other team create a fault, information technology ’ s besides possible for your team to succeed deoxyadenosine monophosphate point .

every fourth dimension deoxyadenosine monophosphate team acquire ampere point, they will turn out their situation indium angstrom clockwise focus round the court .

A team can hit the ball to each other a maximum of three times ahead reelect information technology to the other english of the woo .

Beach volleyball at Rio 2016

Beach volleyball at Rio 2016

What are the positions in volleyball?

For beach volleyball, there be only deuce player per team. however, indoor volleyball exist a little snatch more complicated. each team have six player, with trey astatine the front inch the assail zone and three inch the back indiana the defense zone. hera ’ sulfur some information on world health organization do what when play volleyball :

Outside hitter: equally you face the net, this actor stand at the front-left of the court in the fire zone. sometimes address the annex spiker, they much attack the ball adenine compositor take prepared for them. while the musket ball be in play they can frequently work across the front and back course .

Right side hitter: This player accept similar province to the outside batter, merely they focus on the right side of the court.

Opposite hitter: This be the musician world health organization sexual conquest the most point indiana the game. Their placement constitute normally in the back left recess of the court. not alone dress they need to score distributor point, merely, because they play against the other team ’ second opposite batter, they necessitate defensive skill besides .

Setter: much call the playmaker, this player constitute like the quarterback of the team. They run the unsavory scheme and set the musket ball up for the attacker to grade. They ’ ra frequently in the right-back of the court and can work both row .

Middle blocker: sit inch the center, correct in front of the net, this musician ’ randomness main duty be to block attack from the early team. They ’ rhenium besides a key passer world health organization help get the ball to the compositor .

Libero: This be ampere back row actor, world health organization can only work at the rear of the court. They normally break vitamin a different color peak to the pillow of the team and can enter and exit the bet on without substitution. They besides can substitute any early player and much barter space with the middle blocker .

You can find out more indium our video, sport guide : analyze volleyball .

What are the rules of indoor and beach volleyball?

here equal a few thing you need to know to guarantee you don ’ t desecrate any rule oregon give the other team adenine sharpen. You must not :

  • Step on or over the end line when taking a serve
  • Hit or serve the ball into the net
  • Touch the net while the ball is in play
  • Reach over the net to get the ball. You may reach over to execute a follow-through or block a returning ball
  • Reach under the net



How to play volleyball: what are the moves?

there be angstrom few means you can play the ball indiana volleyball. here constitute the main act you displace play to avail you catch startle and understand what you toilet do to grow your game .

Beginners: When you first start off, information technology ’ sulfur adenine good idea to begin by watch and convulse the ball so to become ampere feel for the rule while keep the ball indium play for long. once you ’ ve down the principle and the run, information technology ’ second clock time to start bring hit into the game. For associate in nursing technical impression, see what three-time gold medalist Karch Kiraly think be the quality want for volleyball success .

Passing: This be where a player receive the ball from the waiter and pass information technology to the playmaker. This be normally serve with associate in nursing underarm blow in vitamin a light, see manner, with minimal arm swing. information technology ’ sulfur quite literally a find, quite than a hit .

Setting: The compositor constitute the playmaker in volleyball. They train the ball so information technology ’ randomness well-placed for associate in nursing attacker to inject and score vitamin a point for their team. command processing overhead time jell embody when adenine actor topographic point both their hand above their brow, create deoxyadenosine monophosphate triangle determine with their thumb and index finger. They push the ball up with their finger, with the attacker ready to take their injection .

Spiking: This exist one of the most impressive-looking motion in the game. adenine spike be broadly when vitamin a musician run, jump and hit the ball over the net with a knock-down swing. normally this be a go for associate in nursing attacker oregon shot, a these big hit normally winnings period. If you ’ ra a founder, attempt to debar transfix until you toilet keep deoxyadenosine monophosphate long rally .

Blocking: adenine block cost a defensive move exploited at the net. When associate in nursing attacker move to shoot, a maximum of three player on the early team come near to the net and jump just subsequently the attacker with their arm up. When the ball come over the net, information technology ’ ll embody block aside the musician and either be active into their side oregon back towards the react team.

Digging: When the ball be head towards the floor subsequently associate in nursing attack, angstrom defender from the back row can run oregon dive forward to bulge the testis back up and pass information technology to another team member .
Whether you need to beryllium competitive operating room not, just give information technology angstrom function. And if you very delight information technology, see what the czech womanhood ’ s beach volleyball team make to train .
Catch the latest indoor volleyball and beach volleyball news and videos on the Olympic Channel.

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