Video Game Design Schools & Colleges in Colorado

Video game design students in Colorado can find programs at the associate’s and bachelor’s degree levels. There are some graduate courses available as well. Courses typically cover computer programming, animation and graphic design; some programs may also include instruction in storytelling skills like character and plot development. Many programs culminate in a capstone project, a few have internships, and one school lets each student design an individualized program.

Video game design colleges in Colorado can lead to a career in game development.

Arapahoe Community College

Arapahoe Community College, located in Littleton, offers students a program leading to an Associate of Applied Science in Game Design and Development. The program trains students in multimedia, graphic design and computer programming. Some required courses include video game design, computer science and three-dimensional animation. In addition to coursework, students complete a capstone project.

Metropolitan State University of Denver

Metropolitan State University of Denver is located in the large city of Denver. The school offers individualized programs, and students may pursue an individualized program to earn a bachelor’s degree in computer game development. With administrative approval, students may design their own program by choosing courses in a particular area. Some program courses may include interactive three-dimensional production, computer animation and video game design.

Red Rocks Community College

Another school choice for students interested in pursuing video game design degree programs is Red Rocks Community College located in Lakewood, Colorado. College coursework includes computer science, game design and development, mobile application development and programming, as well as an internship. A certificate program in game development is also available. The game development AAS program is available through the computer technology division, which offers students access to six faculty members.

University of Colorado – Colorado Springs

University of Colorado – Colorado Springs, located in Colorado Springs, offers a Bachelor of Innovation in Game Design and Development through the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Courses include programming for game developers, game design concepts and data structures for game developers. The program allows students to explore additional graduate-level courses in the field of game design and development.

University of Denver

Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Game Development at this Denver, Colorado college. Computer science students are given the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Arts program, majoring in game development, with a choice between studio art, digital media studies or electronic media art design as their second major. The Bachelor of Science program combines computer science studies and two minors. Some required courses for both programs include systems programming and discrete structures in computer science. In addition to computer programming classes, students complete game capstone courses.

Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design

A BFA program in game art is offered by the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, situated in Denver, Colorado. Game developers in-the-making can learn the ins and outs of visual storytelling and character animation, as well as more technical aspects like 3D modeling. The course also places a focus on art history, business ethics, and copyright, equipping students with a well-rounded skill set that will put them on track to becoming professional video game artists.

Aims Community College

Located in Greeley, Aims Community College gives students the opportunity to study a wide range of subjects related to video game design at a variety of levels. Their AAS program in graphic design and rich media and their two-semester certification program in graphic software and application, for example, help students build their skills using computer software to create illustrations and animations, and provide a stepping stone to a career as a video game designer.

Colorado has many colleges that offer degrees in video game design.

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