How to remove followers on Twitter

chirrup is a set where there is quite much a free change of information, ideas, and opinions. This means that at some point, your ideas and opinions are likely to attract the unwelcome attention of individuals who decide to follow you and annoy you. If you want to get rid of them, short of getting a restraining order or changing your Twitter handle, this is how to remove those unwelcome Twitter followers .
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To remove a follower on Twitter, you have the soft option and the hard choice. The soft option is to manually remove them as a follower but leave capable the possibility of them refollowing you in the future. The heavily option is to block them permanently, which can not be undone by anyone early than yourself. In both cases, Twitter does not notify the person they have been unfollowed or blocked.


  • How to remove a follower on Twitter without blocking them
  • How to remove a follower on Twitter by blocking them

How to remove a follower on Twitter without blocking them

If you would preferably tread lightly to begin with, and not immediately bring out the big guns by blocking them, try removing them from your account. This placid enables them to see your tweets if they visit your profile page, but your tweets won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate appear in their timeline, so with some luck, they may forget about you after some fourth dimension. unfortunately, you have to do this in a desktop browser. The mobile app doesn ’ metric ton let you do it. To do a “ soft unfollow, ” go to your visibility page and chatter on your followers count .twitter follower count Find the annoying individual you want to unfollow and click on the three dots next to their name. In the pop-up book menu, suction stop Remove this follower. If you have lots of Twitter followers, a immediate direction would be to go directly to their profile page. The three-dot menu is besides there .twitter unfollow Mark O’Neill / Android Authority

The person will now be removed from your followers list. But since you ’ ra not blocking them, they can refollow you if they want .

How to remove a follower on Twitter by blocking them

If you ’ d preferably hit the nuclear button and permanently block them, repeat the procedure in the previous section. But alternatively of clicking Remove this follower, rather, pawl Block @Twitterusername. You will be asked to confirm your decisiveness .twitter block Mark O’Neill / Android Authority To unblock them in the future, go to your stuff list in your account settings. Find the person you want to unblock and click the red Blocked clitoris on the right. This will unblock the explanation .twitter block list
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