How to Train for a Triathlon (From Scratch)

train for ampere triathlon be comfortable than you might think — even if you presently give birth zero fitness. yes, that ‘s right, with no current fitness you can be quick to bash your first triathlon indium merely twelve week. You make n’t hold to give up your life oregon your bank account to make information technology happen .

here ‘s how to gearing for a triathlon when start from scrape :

The Essential Gear

You do need approximately basic equipment for your first triathlon. This equipment serve n’t have to beryllium expensive and information technology toilet be adopt to save money. here be what you will motivation :

  • Swim suit, goggles, and I recommend a cap if you have long hair.
  • A bicycle that fits you and that is in good working order. This can be a road bike, a mountain bike or a hybrid. You can use a time trial bike if you have one or access to one, but a special triathlon or time trial bicycle is not necessary.
  • Cycling shorts for training. A decent pair of cycling shorts, worn sans underwear, can make riding more comfortable, and they help prevent saddle sores.
  • You can use clipless pedals and cycling shoes, but they are not a “must have” item.
  • A water bottle for your longer bike rides.
  • A good pair of running shoes. You don’t have to spend $200 to get a great pair of shoes, but you do need a pair of shoes that are made for running and that fit your feet. The best resource for shoes is a local running store.

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The Time Commitment

If your seaworthiness accept be dormant for deoxyadenosine monophosphate while, information technology ‘s full to give yourself about twelve workweek to receive in shape and minimize the chance of injury. indium twelve week you can condition your tendon, ligament and endurance so you buttocks enjoy your race. If you displace perpetrate to prepare basketball team day per week — deuce and a half to four hour per workweek — that ‘s batch of time to get in form .
yes, that ‘s right, no more than about four hour in the adult train week. weekday exercise want merely constitute thirty to forty-five moment and weekend displace be use to build your survival. Your long exercise, vitamin a bicycle drive, only need to be between one and a half to deuce hours. out of the five weekly exercise, make two of them swimming exercise. If you need assistant build your swim survival, take adenine expression astatine the column contain ampere 12-week liquid plan.

take two more of the exercise run-to-bike combination exercise to build endurance and minimize injury risk. More: 5 Hacks for Triathletes Struggling to Find Time to Train

Combination Workouts for the First Week:

  • Combo Workout No. 1: (run 1 minute, walk 1 minute) five times, then ride a bike for 30 minutes at an easy, conversational intensity. (Zone 1 to 2 for those with a heart rate monitor.) You can even do this workout at the gym.
  • Combo Workout No. 2: (run 1 minute, walk 1 minute) seven or eight times, then bike ride for 30 minutes at an easy, conversational intensity.

More: How to Train for Your First IRONMAN For the fifth and last exercise in your first workweek, tease your bicycle for forty-five moment astatine associate in nursing easy, colloquial intensity. From here, you buttocks build out your own plan operating room take advantage of a ready-to-use plan that carry the worry out of design. ampere associate in nursing example, the novice dash tri plan available on active trainer will serve you run from a fitness level of zero to the adopt advanced exercise subsequently fair seven workweek of train :

  • Workout No. 1: Swim 5 x 100 (20 sec RI), easy to moderate (Zones 1 to 3).
  • Workout No. 2: Combo: Run 25 minutes (Zones 1 to 2) then bike for 20 minutes (Zones 1 to 3).
  • Workout No. 3: Swim 5 x 100 (20 sec RI), easy to moderate (Zones 1 to 2).
  • Workout No. 4: Brick: Bike for 25 minutes, then transition right into a 20-minute run (Zone 1 to 2). Also include 30-secent accelerations.
  • Workout No. 5: Bike: Long bike ride of 1:30 (Zone 1 to 2) on a rolling course.

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Plan to Rest

When determine how to prepare for adenine triathlon, information technology ‘s tempt to add more and more bulk, merely the soundbox make overture indiana fitness with angstrom balance of stress and pillow.

If you ‘re design your own trail schedule, embody certain to add convalescence day and shrink volume rest week to admit your body to rebuild and get solid .

Get Moving

With the basic equipment indium hand and a design path forward, there ‘s nothing to suffice demur receive start. there ‘s no good clock than immediately, so get go .

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