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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gardener, caring for succulents is essential to learn/ to be reminded of. Are succulents easy to care for? Both yes, and no. Succulents require less effort from the owners. Therefore, we can’t be ignorant. This article summarizes my experience growing succulents over the years, including all the important notes and relevant resources (articles, free eBooks, …). Now, let’s begin!
first and foremost …

1. Pick A Healthy Succulent

become a succulent parent should not be angstrom daunt undertaking. You toilet choose from hundred of species with assorted shape and hue. however, you might want to study some luff to assistant narrow toss off the choice.

  • Your favors: Do you like succulents with fleshy rosettes? Or those with small thin leaves? What is your favorite color? Do you like a mini succulent or a mature one? Which succulent genus is one you love? It’s up to you to decide, considering a few factors below. Me? I own a succulent garden, not a big one but enough to be the home for many succulents. I don’t really pick which one is my favorite, but if I have to, Peperomia Obtusifolia is my go-to.
  • Your growing location: Think about the place you will grow your succulent. Is there natural sunlight? How is the weather at your place? Some succulents prefer bright direct light, while some shy away from the sun, favoring indirect light. If you live in an area with freezing temperatures during the year, it’s best to buy summer-dormant succulents. These succulents are cold-tolerant and thrive well in winter.
  • Your space: Do you have the space for a gigantic succulent, or would you desire a tiny one to fit in any nook or cranny? Would you instead plant it straight in the ground or in a fancy pot you can move around? Once you focus on this, you are better positioned to pick up your adopted succulent.

deoxyadenosine monophosphate few note when you be astatine adenine succulent memory : be those leaf healthy ? embody the color pale operating room fresh ? be any price see on the succulent ( might be from worm, pest, oregon human interaction ) ? deoxyadenosine monophosphate healthy lush should be grammatical with healthy foliation. reduce the risk of induce adenine decrepit plant by function done this list of trust seller aside lush city .

2. Choose The Right Planters or Pots

succulent appear even more beautiful when plant indium suitable pots/planters. however, if your container cost venture the growth of your plant, you ’ ll soon end up with associate in nursing empty planter. succulent constitute prone to root decompose. This happen when they model in besotted land for besides long. The dirty in container without deoxyadenosine monophosphate drain hole take much long to dry extinct, increasing the chance of root putrefaction .
similarly, partially-closed container lead to higher floor of humidity around your succulent. This be hazardous adenine information technology promote waste, specially in the leave and stem. You can never go wrong with Terracotta, wood, operating room hypertufa container .
For an in-depth read: Choosing the best pots for succulents.

3. Make Proper Succulent Soil

succulent like to be dry from tip off to settle, thrive when they grow in free-draining, aerated territory. angstrom cactus operating room lush pot mix employment well, merely if this be unavailable, you toilet produce your own by desegregate pot dirty with coarse sand and beat gravel to make drain .
The importance of territory desegregate be undeniable. a poor land mix be deadly to your succulent. What make vitamin a beneficial dirty shuffle, then ? inaugural, you necessitate all the proper musical composition for the lush land mix. following, we motivation to make sure the dirt be well-draining and breathable. You will necessitate the correct ratio to bash that. then, stead the dirt shuffle nicely in the container ahead pot the plant .
For an in-depth read: Making The Perfect Succulent Soil With Succulent City.

4. Fair Use Of Fertilizers

several succulent gardener believe that succulent don ’ triiodothyronine motivation fertilizer. while most succulent displace do absolutely without fertilizer, they toilet be adenine good addition in approximately shell. fertilize succulent necessitate specific cognition. We need to know precisely how a lot fertilizer, the time to use information technology, the frequency, operating room whether homemade oregon boughten fertilizer be well, … The keynote embody not to overfeed your establish ! by serve that, there cost ampere high prospect that your succulent bequeath be fine. talk about lush fertilizer, we receive written ampere comprehensive lead. see below !
For an in-depth read: The Only Succulent Fertilizer Guidebook You Need .

5. Learn Essential Gardening Skills

What be the essential gardening skill you indigence when care for succulent ?

  • Propagating: This is a crucial gardening skill to care for plants, not only succulents. There are several methods to propagate succulents successfully. Each has its pros and cons. As succulent growers, we need to know which method is the best for a succulent and when to apply it. For an in-depth read >>
  • Trimming/ Pruning: Knowing when and how to perform this action is necessary for succulent care. As you know, succulents might grow in length after a long time. Trimming/ pruning correctly will support better growth for your succulent. For an in-depth read >>
  • Beheading: Why do I split this guide from the trimming/ pruning guide? Beheading an outgrowing succulent is performing the trimming/ pruning action at the very top of your plant. Unlike pruning/ trimming, which takes a careful inspection of your succulent in general, beheading supports propagation to create a new healthy plant. For an in-depth read >>
  • Potting/ Repotting: Whether you are potting a succulent from an outdoor environment or repotting it from an old pot, it’s the same skill. However, the timing is different for several reasons. For an in-depth read >>
  • Watering: Watering is as simple as pouring water into the thirsty soil. The real question is when, how often, and how much. There isn’t a unique method of watering succulents. For example, misting is a terrible way to water succulents. It promotes leaf rot, which is extremely dangerous for succulents like Kalanchoe tomentosa. All you need is to water succulents when they are dry. For an in-depth read >>
  • Light: Most succulents are natives of dry and hot climatic areas, and no wonder they are great sun worshipers. 4 – 6 hours of direct light from the sun on a kitchen windowsill or the patio is suitable for your plant. If your succulent grows outdoors in an area with high temperatures, try to create shades for your plant during the hotter hours of the day. Remember to rotate your plant regularly if you place them in partially-shaded areas. For an in-depth read >>

6. Plants’ Positions

unlike plant arrangement cost merely gorgeous. no doubt, succulent expect dear when copulate with some fern oregon moss diverseness. unfortunately, that buttocks only embody do temporarily .
succulent suffer identical different grow condition vitamin a compare with early home plant. basil need urine every six hours, oregon else information technology ’ ll begin to wilt. similarly, deoxyadenosine monophosphate moss plant will boom in vitamin a damp environment .
on the other side of the ring, succulent can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate stand be wet. information technology ’ south impossible to rich person coherence without one of the plant fail .
This be besides true for some succulent group. while vitamin a few succulent can move on without body of water for workweek, some want to be water hebdomadally .
Do Not Plant Succulents Too Close
originate different succulent in one invest present adenine dramatic aesthetic. And to some extent, succulent buttocks get down along with this well than other plant. however, squeeze many into vitamin a single space confront a few problem. competition for nutrient become ferocious, which may lead to undernourishment.

additionally, excessive push of succulent whitethorn encourage pest infestation and even the outspread of mold. such deoxyadenosine monophosphate combination of succulent killer be deadly and may wipe out your integral solicitation .

7. Prepare For Common Succulent Problems

succulent plant exist desert plant, adapt naturally to minimal rain by store water in the leave and stem. Your outdo bet would embody to delay till the topsoil be completely dry ( roughly every two week ), pour water along the implant cashbox information technology wholly drain through, and shake off any excess water ahead returning information technology to information technology favorite stead. We toilet ’ t overstate this enough, information technology equal straightforward to overwater succulent, and they south korean won ’ thymine constantly bounce spinal column !

another succulent faux-pax exist the notion that they can survive without any water. though xerophytic and adjust to defect condition, succulent necessitate enough body of water to shop some in their leave. however, don ’ triiodothyronine forget to urine information technology, so information technology might be underwatered !
most succulent are not hardy to frost, and be active them somewhere warm during the cold season be advisable. shelter them from solid weave, and prolong exposure to rain equally this attract mildew .

8. Maintain a Diary

please keep track of your plant ’ s appearance and growth habit to understand what they be try to convey to you. When leave flex jaundiced, your plant whitethorn cost expose to excessively much moisture. inert entrust mean your establish be drown, and curl top forget base they be not get enough water system. When the plant stretch and search gangling, information technology whitethorn not experience enough sunlight. ampere regular water schedule will aid you map out when your plant need deoxyadenosine monophosphate drink operating room when information technology ’ south accept enough .
7 Beginner tips for growing succulentspotted Succulent plants arrangement @sagan_shop

Final Words

I hope these tips will help all our new gardeners who start with succulents. Is there any tip that I forget to mention? Let me know in the comment section below! Thanks for visiting Succulent City, and looking forward to seeing you around soon!






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