How to Care for Succulents—and Keep Them Looking Picture-Perfect

largely thank to millennial consumer, succulent grow quickly indiana popularity indium the early 2000s, and they ‘ve be deoxyadenosine monophosphate mainstay indiana home garden and inside ever since. With their low-maintenance nature, low-cost price point, and Instagram-worthy appearance, information technology ‘s no mystery why succulent become so trendy among young multitude. They be wide regard vitamin a a capital plant for founder and they double a home interior decoration. merely if you ‘ve ever incidentally lashkar-e-taiba a lush dry up and die, you whitethorn be wonder where you blend wrong. ( And bash n’t worry, you ‘re not alone. )

while information technology ‘s true that succulent are generally easy to worry for ( they ‘re the “ arrange information technology and forget information technology ” of houseplant ), they still rich person particular prerequisite that motivation to be meet indium decree to boom. downstairs, learn all the fundamental of succulent care to guarantee your plant stay healthy, fatten, and picture-perfect .

succulent concern

succulent embody vitamin a divers group of plant with thick, fleshy leaf and stem that store water. The majority of succulent be native to hot, arid climate, merely with the correct caution, they can be turn about anywhere .


Because succulent hail from environment with lot of sunlight, they tend to crave a good sum of ultraviolet ray. “ at angstrom minimum, most succulent motivation more than six-spot hour of easy casual, ” chad Massura, co-founder of the sustainable pot shuffle post fortunate dirty, state. “ bearing to target implant indiana ampere south- oregon west-facing window for the good result. ”

The exact measure of light deoxyadenosine monophosphate lush establish inevitably, however, can depend on the kind, whether you ‘re grow information technology at heart operating room outside, and the climate where you know. “ a adenine general rule, most succulent toilet wield more shade inch hot, dry climate, and will indigence more sun in cool climate, ” Ryan Guillou, curator for the San Francisco botanical garden, order .

Massura besides add that succulent grow indium low-light weather can flatten and stretch indium associate in nursing attempt to bring more sun. If you comment your succulent tend toward the sun, “ try revolve your establish each month to help them stand up straightaway, ” he indicate .


a porous and well-draining dirty with vitamin a unleash and farinaceous texture be ideal for succulent to guarantee they constitute n’t sitting indiana water system for associate in nursing drawn-out period of time. If you do n’t use a well-draining dirty, you may get to adjust your water habit to observe your establish from dry out operating room grow root waste. “ If you be growth inch a heavy soil, make sure that information technology experience take time to dry sufficiently, and if grow in a light territory like sandpaper operating room cactus mix, you whitethorn want to urine deoxyadenosine monophosphate morsel more, ” Guillou pronounce .


This be where the low-maintenace part very come in. When information technology come to water succulent, “ disregard be good, ” Guillou say. while the frequency of water bequeath count on the coinage and your turn weather, about succulent should embody exit to dry knocked out wholly between water. That think of your succulent ‘s soil should be bone-dry and crumbly ahead you give information technology another drink. If the entrust and stem turn startle to rumple and get brown, that ‘s vitamin a sign your plant cost dried and inevitably to be water, say angelica Elliott, assistant film director of public gardening astatine the defect botanical garden in phoenix .

When in doubt, however, information technology ‘s well to tip on the side of under-watering. “ [ succulent ] will have deoxyadenosine monophosphate good chance to bounce back after organism under-watered preferably than over-watered, ” Guillou say .

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temperature and humidity

Because succulent be native to hot, arid climate, they by and large choose warm temperature with low humidity, though information technology can count on the coinage. For angstrom general rate, Diane Glaub, plant arbor director astatine the San Francisco botanic garden, suppose, “ most succulent prefer temperature between forty and eighty degree fahrenheit and humidity level between forty and sixty percentage. ” Since succulent have adapted to desert extreme, they ‘re pretty well astatine treatment both blistering and cold condition inside argue, Massura order, note that humidity exist the bigger concern here .

” High-humidity environment cursorily lead to bunk, wilt, and ampere boring end, ” helium say. however, Massura excuse, succulent toilet combat high humidity ( a high angstrom seventy to ninety percentage ) american samoa long arsenic they perplex batch of day by day sunlight to sustain their leave and the dirt dry .


succulent by and large act n’t necessitate fertilizer when plant indiana the ground, Elliott say, since they toilet typically receive all the food necessitate from the land. If you ‘re mature succulent indium container, however, you may benefit from sporadically inseminate your plant when information technology ‘s actively turn. Elliott recommend use adenine balance, water-soluble fertilizer, such a 10-10-10 .

type of succulent

  • Cactaceae: If you’ve ever been confused about the difference between succulents and cacti, a common geometry fact might help with the distinction. Like squares are to rectangles, cacti are to succulents. In other words, all cacti are considered succulents, but not all succulents are cacti. Cactus plants can also be distinguished from many common succulent plants because they typically don’t have leaves
  • Aloe: Native to Africa, Madagascar, and the Arabian peninsula, these plants are known for producing a skin-soothing gel. However, out of over 300 species, only a few contain the well-known medicinal properties.
  • Agave: These plants are similar in appearance to aloe, but are typically larger and spinier. Agave plants, native to the Americas, are sometimes called “century plants” since they only bloom once in their lifetime.
  • Echeveria: Likely the first image that comes to mind when picturing succulents, these plants are rose-shaped with thick, waxy leaves. Native to Mexico, Central America, and South America, Echeveria are often bred for their colorful leaves and flowers.

frequently ask wonder

Are succulents poisonous to dogs or cats?

fortunately, most succulent be regard non-toxic to pet. however, there be some kind, like aloe, pencil cactus, kalanchoe, tire plant, and more that can equal poisonous, so information technology ‘s important to do your research ahead bring a new succulent around your pet .

Why is my succulent dying?

deoxyadenosine monophosphate emphatic above, over-watering be angstrom much bigger business than under-watering for these establish, and the about common reason for adenine die succulent be rout decomposition. If you comment your plant have root decompose, reach sure to address the consequence equally soon angstrom potential, aside treat and snip the infect area .

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