Let ‘s take a infinitesimal to talk about how to inject a dose of Stelara.

This music comes in a prefilled syringe with a very belittled phonograph needle. You will need to inject the venereal disease into the natural layer of fat equitable under the skin. This level is called “ hypodermic tissue ”. Before you use Stelara at home, make sure your healthcare supplier teaches you how to give the injection. besides, be certain to read the “ Instructions for Use ”.

To start :
– Gather the supplies. You will need the medicine, alcohol swab, gauze pads and an approve “ sharp container ”.

Before each acid, you must check 3 things :
– Read the label to make sure the dose is adjust for you. This is authoritative, because Stelara syringes are available in more than one military capability.
– Check the medicine in the syringe. It should be clean, and not cloudy. The fluent should look colorless to light yellow. It is o if you see a few small particles that are white.
– last, check that the syringe is not expired.

You are now ready to prepare the bark
– Wash your hands with soap and water.
– sit in a comfortable position.
– Choose an area of your skin on the battlefront of your thigh. You can besides choose your lower stomach sphere, at least 2 inches away from your belly button. If you have a trained health professional, they can choose the buttocks, or the out, upper arms.
– Always rotate the sites where you inject, to avoid injuring your skin. besides, debar areas with concerns such as bruises, tenderness, scars or stretch marks.
– Clean the choose injection site with an alcohol swab. Let it dry, and do not let anything touch it.

You are now ready to prepare the drug :
– Hold the syringe like a pencil in the hand you write with, but do not touch the plunger.
– Pull the acerate leaf cover straight off and throw the cover away.
– It is normal if you see a drop of liquid on the gratuity of the needle.

You are now fix to inject the drug :
– With your other hand, top an inch of the clean skin.
– Insert the needle cursorily, like a flit, at a 45 degree angle into the crown of the crimp hide.
– lento press the plunger down with your ovolo until the point is between the guard wings.
– continue to hold the speculator all the way down, and pull the needle out of the skin.
– lento remove your thumb from the piston. The condom guard should cover the needle.
– Release the adenoidal skin.
– Cover the web site with a gauze pad for a few seconds, and use a bandage if there is a short run.
– Do not rub the injection web site.
– right after habit, cautiously place the syringe into the “ sharp ” container.

That ’ s it ! These are the basics of giving a dose of Stelara. For best results, ask your doctor about the nurse back team that is available to answer questions.

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