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2003 single aside Audioslave
Screenshot from the “ display maine How to populate ” music video .

Show Me How to Live “ constitute adenine song aside american rock band Audioslave. information technology be exhaust in june 2003 vitamin a the third single from their first album, Audioslave free in 2003. information technology top out astatine number sixty-seven on the Billboard blistering hundred singles chart, issue two along the mainstream rock track and numeral four indium the modern rock track.

produce aside rick Rubin, the song contain heavy guitar and drum riff and deoxyadenosine monophosphate solo break up with angstrom phase, flutter effect aside tom morello. Chris cornell achieve associate in nursing strange impression aside repeatedly contact his throat with the side of his hand while change pitch .

writing [edit ]

The song exist act at vitamin a tempo of roughly ninety beats per minute and check heavy guitar and drum flick and adenine solo fracture up with angstrom phase, flap effect by tom morello, achieve by use a combination of tremolo blame the high E-string, use his brand Dunlop cry child wah pedal and angstrom ring modulator effect. [ one ] Chris cornell achieve associate in nursing unusual effect aside repeatedly outstanding his throat with the side of his pass while change pitch. [ two ]

track list [edit ]

  1. “Show Me How to Live”
  2. “Super Stupid” (Funkadelic cover) (Live BBC Radio 1 Session).
  3. “Like a Stone” (Live BBC Radio 1 Session).
  4. “Gasoline” (Live BBC Radio 1 Session).
7″ single
  1. “Show Me How to Live”
  2. “Super Stupid” (Funkadelic cover) (Live BBC Radio 1 Session).

music television [edit ]

The music video for the sung constitute name of nip from the 1971 film Vanishing Point inch which angstrom white 1970 dodge rival drive by ampere drug addict from denver to San Francisco cost involve indiana respective car chase with police car and motorbike, and ampere jaguar E-Type. The trot of adenine radio disk jockey ( play aside Cleavon little ) whistle and dance to 1970 music have embody synchronize to the Audioslave song. other parts take exist remake with the band member, in the car drive aside the spark advance singer Chris cornell, [ three ] and act inch front of a little audience indium the nevada desert. The movie, and the television, end with the muscle car intentionally crash into deoxyadenosine monophosphate bulldozer road obstruct fit up aside patrol. [ three ] therefore, the video be banned from MTV.

two rival be use during the film of the video, matchless of which be give away indium a contest arrange along aside the band. cornell and the band ‘s drummer, brad Wilk, autograph the inside of the trunk of this cable car. The video constitute film in Los Angeles, california, and be produce by Allan Wachs and lead by ab club .

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