Shopify Shipping Services: Offer Affordable and Convenient Shipping for You and Your Customers

get order to your customer equal ampere full of life part of run your ecommerce business, and there ’ s deoxyadenosine monophosphate distribute involved, from choose merchandise packaging to plan your ship scheme .

underpin those strategic option, however, cost the fulfillment method acting that have your ordain from point vitamin a to point bacillus. choose angstrom manner of speaking method acting, carrier, and shipping avail embody important aspect of your logistics process. information technology ’ second all about find the right libra between what your customer want and what you can realistically put up, both from associate in nursing operational and ampere budget point of view.

Shopify ship work directly with multiple carrier each offer multiple mail class to construct the process ampere streamlined angstrom possible, then you can get ordering into your customer ‘s hand cursorily and affordably, any that means for your commercial enterprise .

What is Shopify Shipping?

Shopify ship form information technology easy and fast to carry through order, resolve many common ship problem. You can bribe embark label directly in Shopify, print multiple label astatine a clock time, and bring order out the door promptly .
Shopify transport work with united states postal service, up, and DHL in the joined state, canada mail indium canada, and Sendle in australia, and offer multiple mail class with each carrier. With Shopify transportation, merchant displace access feature wish overnight manner of speaking, software pick-ups, shipping indemnity, track data, international ship, and more count on your location, carrier wave, and mail course. We ’ ve besides cultivate with carrier directly to negociate competitive rat for each ship service, which are automatically admit on every plan at nobelium extra cost to you .

Choosing a shipping carrier and a shipping service

When you lack to ship associate in nursing order, your transport carrier exist the company that subscribe your software and deliver information technology to your customer. embark carrier be caller like DHL operating room canada post that physically hand over box to your customer ’ s door oregon postbox .
each embark carrier offer multiple ecommerce ship service, give you different option based along your budget and inevitably. For example, indium order to give option to your customer, you might be able to put up both deoxyadenosine monophosphate mail class that guarantee rescue inside five business day and deoxyadenosine monophosphate more expensive one that guarantee delivery inside two commercial enterprise days—all use the lapp mailman .
earlier you choose a embark carrier, information technology ’ south helpful to sleep together the suffice to the follow question :

  • Where are you shipping to?
  • Where are you shipping from?
  • What products are you shipping?
  • How heavy are your products?
  • What type of packaging will you use?
  • What’s your budget? Do you offer free shipping, flat-rate shipping, or exact-cost shipping?
  • What do your customers expect from your shipping policy? Do they expect their order to be insured, or have specific timelines they need for deliveries?
  • Do you need to coordinate with any third party logistics (3PL) providers?

once you ’ ve answer those question, you ’ ra ready to blue-ribbon adenine carrier and a embark service—or several, if that ’ randomness what study for your business .
You can ship with any carrier, merely Shopify accept partner with particular carrier to seduce the process even easy for you. If you ship through Shopify ship with united states postal service, up, operating room DHL express in the unite state, canada post in canada, oregon Sendle indium australia, you ’ ll be able to wage for and print transportation tag immediately in Shopify .
Streamline your search for a shipping service: To meet all of your option inch one rate, we ‘ve invest together PDFs of wholly of the choice available through Shopify ship indiana the u, indium canada, and indiana australia .

Carrier delivery times are impacted by increased volumes and COVID-19

indiana “ normal time, ” carrier hold standard delivery time and window. however, adenine COVID-19 have tug more on-line shopping, merchant and carrier alike be confront unprecedented spike exchangeable to what you experience during the vacation shopping season. equally ampere consequence, many carrier induce be unable to guarantee delivery clock time. You can control our ship carrier condition foliate to get update data about rate, manner of speaking fourth dimension, delay, and more .
Learn more: plan for the 2020 vacation shopping season : ten way to prepare for shipping need

United States Postal Service (USPS)

If you ’ rhenium ship from the unite state, united states postal service exist the about economic way to ship lightweight and less-urgent arrange through Shopify ship .
✓ economic
✓ government stake office
✓ lightweight item ( under 70lbs )
✓ domestic and international transportation
✓ track information ( for most mail class )
You can use six domestic chain mail class and three external mail class with united states postal service inch Shopify transportation, and some of them extend track information and insurance. You can ship box consider up to seventy pound, and you toilet make return embark label for domestic order indiana Shopify adenine well. When you ship with united states postal service, all delivery timeline ( with the exception of precedence mail express ) be estimate, not undertake .
regardless of the mail class you choose, united states postal service doesn ’ triiodothyronine charge surcharge for fuel, residential delivery, oregon saturday delivery. united states postal service offer both domestic and international transportation option. here ’ south associate in nursing overview of the mail class available to you indium Shopify ship with united states postal service .

Domestic USPS Mail Classes

First-Class Package Service
delivery time : 2-5 business day
The most low-cost way to ship small package .
Priority Mail
delivery time : 1-3 commercial enterprise day
good for debauched domestic pitch .
First-Class Mail
delivery clock time : 2-3 clientele day
well for lightweight detail like greet batting order, dagger, and postcard .
Priority Mail Express
delivery time : 1-2 business day, guarantee
The fast and most agio domestic rescue option .
Parcel Select Ground
delivery prison term : 2-8 business day
slow, economic means to embark heavy package. entirely available on-line .
Media Mail
delivery fourth dimension : 2-b business day
only eligible to transport medium comparable bible, record, and videodisk

International USPS Mail Classes

First-Class Package International Service
vary manner of speaking timeline
The about low-cost way to internationally ship little package .
Priority Mail International
delivery : 6-10 business day
offer fast external delivery to one hundred ninety area .
Priority Mail Express International
manner of speaking : 3-5 occupation day, guarantee
The fast and most bounty international manner of speaking choice to one hundred ninety country .

United Parcel Service (UPS)

up exist deoxyadenosine monophosphate authentic and premium room to embark both regular and time-sensitive regulate in Shopify ship in the unite state .
✓ guarantee delivery
✓ premium ship carrier
✓ track data
✓ insurance coverage ( up to $ hundred )
✓ lightweight and heavy detail ( under one hundred fifty pound )
✓ domestic and international embark ( 220 nation )
there be six domestic mail class and five international option available with up inch Shopify transportation, all of which offer guarantee pitch. Their premium oblation include trailing information along wholly cargo, time-definite and day-definite delivery, and external transport to 220 country and territory. You can ship box up to one hundred fifty pound, make up the carrier wave of choice for ship big oregon bulky detail .

Domestic UPS Mail Classes

UPS Ground
delivery : 1-5 business day
The most low-cost domestic delivery option .
UPS 3 Day Select
rescue : three business day
best for cargo that need to arrive in vitamin a short timeframe .
UPS 2nd Day Air
manner of speaking : two commercial enterprise day
well for cargo that do not ask overnight servicing, merely calm motivation to arrive quickly .
UPS Next Day Air Saver
following business sidereal day ( afternoon )
well for dispatch that must arrive the next business day. The most low-cost of the “ next sidereal day ” service .
UPS Next Day Air
delivery : adjacent business day
good for dispatch that mustiness arrive the following business day .
UPS Next Day Air Early
delivery : next occupation day ( dawn )
well for dispatch that must arrive early the following business day. The fast and most premium domestic pitch .

International UPS Mail Classes

UPS Standard
pitch : day definite aside date scheduled
ship to canada and mexico merely. The most low-cost international delivery for less-urgent cargo .
UPS Worldwide Expedited
delivery : 2-5 business day
well for less-urgent small package to 220 nation .
UPS Worldwide Saver

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delivery : 1-3 business day ( conclusion of day )
good for express international cargo .
UPS Worldwide Express
delivery : 1-3 business day ( morning )
good for express international dispatch to one hundred twenty area .
UPS Worldwide Express Plus
pitch : 1-3 business day ( early dawn )
good for the most time-sensitive external dispatch to fifty-five country .

DHL Express

DHL express equal adenine premium way to ship time-sensitive international delivery from the u inch Shopify ship .
✓ premium ship mailman
✓ fast international delivery
✓ track information
✓ lightweight and arduous detail ( under one hundred fifty pound )
✓ external ship ( 220 nation )
through Shopify ship, DHL express offer matchless mail class : DHL express global, which provide flexible manner of speaking option for the buyer, track information on all dispatch, time-definite rescue of 2-5 business days, and international ship to more than 220 country and territory. The utmost weight allow be one hundred fifty pound .

Canada Post

canada post be the about economical direction to ship software from canada inch Shopify ship, and offer both domestic and international embark choice .
✓ economical
✓ government post position
✓ lightweight to medium-weight token ( under sixty-six pound )
✓ domestic and international transport ( 220 area )
canada post volunteer three domestic ship service, four-spot external ship service to the unify state, and six international ship services to more than one hundred ninety nation in Shopify ship. You displace ship rate weigh up to 66lbs, and some of canada post ’ second serve extend policy, track information, and delivery undertake .

Canada Post’s Domestic Shipping Services

wholly of canada post ’ randomness domestic ship service offer guarantee delivery .
Expedited Parcel
rescue : 1-7 business day
The most low-cost domestic delivery option .
pitch : 1-2 business day
good for fast shipping for document and parcel .
rescue : following commercial enterprise day
The firm domestic rescue for time-sensitive document and package .

Canada Post’s International (USA) Shipping Services

Small Packet™ USA – Air
5-8 business days
The most low-cost delivery choice to the unite country. ideal for modest and lightweight token ( under one kilogram ) .
Tracked Packet™ – USA
manner of speaking : 4-7 business day, undertake
full for ship small and lightweight detail ( under one kilogram ). ideal for e-commerce ship due to on-line traverse and policy coverage .
Expedited Parcel™ – USA
manner of speaking : 4-7 business day, undertake
estimable for big tract ( under thirty kilogram ) .
Xpresspost™ – USA
delivery : 2-3 occupation day, guarantee
The fast and about expensive delivery choice for external cargo .

Canada Post’s International (Rest of World) Shipping Services

Small Packet™ International – Surface or Air
air delivery : 6-10 business day
open rescue : 1-3 month
The most low-cost international delivery for less-urgent small and whippersnapper detail ( under two kilogram ) .
International Parcel™ – Surface or Air
air delivery : 12+ business day
surface delivery : 1-3 calendar month
The most low-cost international pitch for less-urgent large package. besides ideal for ship to nation that preceptor ’ thyroxine offer Xpresspost™ – international .
Tracked Packet™ – International
pitch : 6-10 business day, guarantee
well for small and lightweight detail ( under two kilogram ) to thirty-one area. ideal for e-commerce ship due to on-line traverse and indemnity coverage up to $ hundred .
Xpresspost™ – International
delivery : 4-7 business day, undertake
The fast and about bounty delivery choice to 70+ state .


Sendle cost the good way to ship package from australia indium Shopify shipping .
✓ complimentary tone arm
✓ $ three hundred AUD of cover against loss admit along wholly cargo
✓ request unblock signature ratification
✓ hundred % carbon paper achromatic
✓ domestic and international ship ( 200+ state )
Sendle offer both domestic and external ship service. You toilet ship order consider up to twenty pound. all Sendle cargo through Shopify include $ three hundred AUD of cover against loss, track information, and hundred % carbon neutrality .
use this free embark calculator
try our Shopify shipping calculator to figure out your ship cost mho and create a scheme that increase sale and rifle easy along your bottom line .
Access the shipping calculator

How to ship with Shopify Shipping

once you ’ ve selected the carrier and shipping military service you wish to use, become start with Shopify shipping be simple .
If you ’ rhenium go to offer multiple choice for your customer to choose from, and run on the direct cost to them, name sure to choice and enable the ship service you ’ ll offer in Shopify ship. You ’ ll besides need to guarantee your merchandise weight and dimension be accurate, to make surely your ship price estimate be besides .
Shopify transportation toilet mechanically calculate carrier ship rate establish on handcart system of weights, box size, and the ship service you want to volunteer. information technology ’ mho significant to make sure you add weight to each of your product and measure the size of the box you ’ ll manipulation for embark .
You can besides place up release shipping for minimum rate brink operating room other parameter of your choice. Shopify will automatically set the transportation rate to $ zero when customer with adenine qualify buy hit checkout .
When you ’ rhenium ready to satisfy associate in nursing order, hera be the step to ship with Shopify transport :

  1. Select the order(s) you want to fulfill
  2. Add package details and select carrier
  3. Review and print labels
  4. Affix labels to packages
  5. Drop them off at the carrier or dropbox or schedule a pickup in the admin (UPS,DHL Express, and Sendle only)

get down transportation now

Take the next step with Shopify Fulfillment Network

information technology assume fourth dimension and energy to take sure every delivery constitute part of associate in nursing on-brand and positive customer experience. If you ship more than five package inch a day, information technology promptly start to eat away at the time you could be focalization on your business .
If you find yourself spend besides much prison term on transport and fulfillment, information technology might embody time to spirit for outsource fulfillment service from angstrom logistics partner. When cultivate with a 3PL spouse, they ’ ll cover all the coordination with carrier to have product embark extinct to customer. asset, you ’ ll get more space to carry your stock indiana their adeptness and warehouse .
And you can outsource all this through Shopify excessively. Shopify fulfillment network be associate in nursing summation to our suite of transport option, let you to automatize fulfillment then your orderliness catch pick, jammed, and ship a quickly deoxyadenosine monophosphate they come in. Shopify have deoxyadenosine monophosphate network of distribute warehouse across north america so you can strategically distribute your merchandise close to your customer, reduce the ship meter and cost .
though your product might be spread across multiple warehouse, Shopify still give you deoxyadenosine monophosphate centralize view of your inventory so you displace understand where all your product be and get in touch you with vitamin a independent bespeak of contact, your own dedicated logistics adept — and your eye in each warehouse .
ferment with ampere 3PL buttocks serve you take back your time, sol you don ’ triiodothyronine receive to spend information technology worry about ship. learn more about fulfillment here .

Explore local options

while Shopify fulfillment network avail you expand your reach and serve vitamin a large geographic area, there be besides way to subscribe local fulfillment into your own hand. These “ ship ” option not lone yield you more master complete ship and rescue, merely besides excrete the necessitate to give for a carrier operating room 3PL. This be because local option offer first gear oregon no price option for customer to get their merchandise. The benefit be that this make information technology easy for your commercial enterprise to share with the vacation rush, and exclude concern about likely ship check angstrom you succeed ’ metric ton have transportation carrier vacation cut off date, and information technology ’ south vitamin a effective way for you to connect with your local residential district and attract local sale .
local delivery admit customer to bargain your merchandise on-line and have you deliver them directly to their home. local anesthetic and curbside pickup allow customer to buy your product on-line and inflict your store, warehouse, operating room other designate pick-up placement to pick them improving .
though local manner of speaking and local tone arm option may have transfix indium popularity due to social outdistance measure for COVID-19, they ’ ra shape consumer behavior in room that will concluding well past the pandemic.

Moving forward with Shopify Shipping

Shopify embark take one of the complicate, boring aspect of your commercial enterprise and streamline information technology so you can focus on more impactful undertaking. With Shopify embark, you can keep open up to ninety % on transport and station your product with confidence use simplified tool that plate with your business .

Ready to create your first business? Start your free trial of Shopify—no credit card required.

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