Serial Cleaners introduces a new crime scene scrubbing professional

A new set of Serial Cleaners screenshots take us behind the stylish scenes of a set of crime scene scrubber-uppers.

Just like going from Alien to Aliens, Serial Cleaners ups the ante of the original Serial Cleaner. The original game told the story of Bob “The Cleaner” Leaner, a professional who specializes in removing key evidence from crime scenes (often while the police are already investigating them) during the 1970s. Serial Cleaners fast forwards to the ’90s and lets you play through the stories of four cleaners – including an aging Bob – as they each befuddle those CSI: NY wannabes in their own unique way.

(Image credit: Draw Distance)

These screenshots introduce one of the story’s new cleaners, an introverted young woman named Lati who would much rather be chilling at home listening to music. Unfortunately for her, she had the cleaner life thrust on her when she was left behind amidst a pile of dead bodies that legitimately weren’t her fault. Fortunately for us, she has a unique skill set that focuses on evading pursuers with agile moves rather than needing to sneak around all the time like Bob.

Serial Cleaners

(Image credit: Draw Distance)

Developer Draw Distance says Serial Cleaners is meant to be a send-up of multiple movie genres from the ’90s, and Lati’s story will bring in nods to Black cinema classics such as Boyz n the Hood. Her first crime scene is “a twist on the screenplay of Juice”, according to the press release, which isn’t a feature bullet point you read every day.

Serial Cleaners, which was revealed during the Future Games Show, is set for release some time in 2021, with versions planned for PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

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