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sequence is a fun board game where players try to score sequences, or serial of 5 chips in the lapp tinge on the board. sequence can be played with 2-12 players. If there are more than 3 players, players must split up into teams. There can alone be up to 3 teams, and each team must have the same number of players. Start the game by having each player cut the deck of Sequence cards. Whoever gets the lowest tease deals first gear ( aces are senior high school ). The dealer shuffles the cards and deals them out to all of the players. The issue of cards each player gets depends on whether you ’ ra playing a 2-player/2-team game or a 3-player/3-team game, american samoa well as how many players there are. For a 2-player/2-team plot with 2 players, each musician gets 7 cards, with 4 players each actor gets 6 cards, with 6 players each player gets 5 cards, with 8 players each player gets 4 cards, and with 10 or 12 players each player gets 3 cards. For a 3-player/3-team game with 3 players, each player gets 6 cards, with 6 players each player gets 5 cards, with 9 players each actor gets 4 cards, and with 12 players each player gets 3 cards. After the trader deals everyone their cards, the player to their left goes first. On a musician ’ randomness become, they start by choosing a batting order from their hand and playing it face-up in front of them in their own personal discard pile. then, they place a marker chip of their tinge or their team ’ s color on the matching menu space on the circuit board. Each card has two matching spaces on the board ( except for Jacks ), and players can place their marker on either one a long as it ’ south not already taken. Two-eyed Jacks are wild and one-eyed Jacks are anti-wild. If a player plays a two-eyed jack, they can place a marker on any space on the board. If they play a one-eyed Jack, they can remove an opponent ’ south marker from any space, unless the marker is already part of a finished sequence. Players besides have the choice of playing a “ dead poster ” in their hand and drawing a newly card from the deck alternatively of playing a marker on the board. A dead wag is a card that no long has any available match spaces on the circuit board. Players finish their turn by drawing a newly card from the deck. Play continues clockwise around the postpone until one actor or team scores 2 sequences for a 2-player/2-team bet on or 1 sequence for a 3-player/3-team game. A sequence is a series of 5 chips in the same tinge going up, depressed, across, or diagonally on the board. Whichever actor or team completes their sequences foremost wins the game ! For tips on using corner spaces to your team ‘s advantage, read on !

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