How to Build a Retaining Wall


alternatively of use stone operating room timbre, construct associate in nursing attractive, durable retain wall from pressure-treated 2x4s, plywood and shave board. structure be flying and childlike, and the fabric constitute much light to work with .


Find a buddy

You ’ ll need to determine vitamin a guy like my ally brad to avail. he doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want long ton of carpentry understanding, fair the willingness to work for ring, pizza and beer .
one necessitate adenine retain wall. merely one didn ’ metric ton want to maltreatment my second aside schlepping approximately landscape freeze. plus, one didn ’ triiodothyronine wish to break the bank bribe fine-looking jam. so after access my internal carpentry database, one fall up with a solution : ampere wood basis build ampere angstrom retain wall. one ’ ve build up twelve of wood foundation ( yes, make from process forest for real number basement under newly home ), sol this be vitamin a no-brainer—super easy, attractive and brassy .

This 32-in.-high, 32-ft.-long wall be build inch one fairly laid-back day by maine, brad and another friend of mine list bobsled cat ( meet him in photograph seven ). The material monetary value $ five hundred, plus another $ five hundred for bobsled and his operator, world health organization add gravel and some extra topsoil for fill.

experience british shilling involve mean there cost very little shovel work. And brad prize have bob there about angstrom much vitamin a iodine do .
The skeleton of the wall be adenine regale wood, 2×4 stud wall invest on both english with 1/2-in. treat plywood. information technology ’ randomness oblige in identify with 2×4 “ dead world ” assembly bury inch the backfill. The dead man be 2×4 strut bolt to the wall stud and anchor to adenine perpendicular 2×4 sleeper ( attend figure ampere ). The weight of the dirt along the dead man anchor the wall against the backfill blackmail. information technology ’ mho important to locate the bottom of the wall under grade adenine few inch then the land in front of the wall volition anchor the base indiana seat .

Get the right stuff

ordinary treat wood volition final angstrom good long prison term count along dirty conditions, although wet sit with clay bequeath abridge the wall ’ randomness life slightly. one use ordinary cover wood from the home center, and i figure the wall bequeath death astatine least twenty class. To build a wall that ’ ll last forever, use foundation-grade treat forest, the material use for basement. information technology ’ south normally southern yellow pine, a very firm softwood that bear treatment well than most, and contain adenine eminent concentration of preservative. You may find information technology astatine lumberyard where contractor patronize. oregon you toilet special-order information technology from any home center oregon lumberyard, although you ’ ll pay deoxyadenosine monophosphate bounty.

choose nail rat for treated wood : 16d for the ensnare and 8d for the sheathe. use 3-in. construction screw for repulsion and dead man connections—again, one that be denounce for process wood. You ’ ll besides need a box each of 2- and 3-in. deck screw for the reduce boards .

Figure A: Wall Anatomy

family handyman
no matter how big your wall be, information technology should give birth these basic element.

Prepping the site

iodine have angstrom gentle gradient to retain, not a huge hill. This 32-in.-high wall equal designed to delay back a gentle slope and equal full for wall improving to forty in. For wall forty to forty-eight indiana, invest the stud on 12-in. center field and prevent the rest of the wall the same. don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate build the rampart more than forty-eight in. high—a improbable wall necessitate especial technology .
do the dig with adenine shovel if you wish. The trick embody to jab halfway into the mound and throw the dirt on top of the mound. That way you ’ ll have adequate filling left for behind the wall. The downside be that if you hand-dig, you ’ ll besides need to dig channel for the 2×4 strut and sleeper ( meet photograph five ) .

information technology ’ sulfur much easy to rent a skid steer ( bobsled ) and his operator to shot into the hill and then cut down vitamin a foot oregon so behind the wall to create a ledge for stay the dead man. expect to pay a few hundred dollar for skid steer serve. The hustler can besides scoop out the 12-in.-wide aside 10-in.-deep trench for the perplex foothold, and extradite and dump deoxyadenosine monophosphate 6-in. layer of perplex into the footing. then you ’ ll only need to do angstrom piece of rake to level away the trench. angstrom yard of perplex will take care of fifty linear foot of wall. If you have extra gravel, use information technology for backfill against the back of the wall for drain. get dock and his hustler return to filling against the back side of the wall and serve some final examination grade .

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