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So as some of you may know, The U has the top ranked Video Game design program in the country, as ranked by the Princeton Review. Naturally It was my first application, being also one of the more affordable choices.

So my question to the current student of the EAE college of Utah. What is the program like in your opinion? Do you feel like by the end of your time there as a student you can get a job in the industry and perform that job at a level that is acceptable or better than most?

My question to any other students,How do you like The U overall? I’m talking nightlife, football, the people, religious tolerance, Gen studies teachers everything. Try to sell me on why I should put up around 28k to move halfway across the country and spend another 3k buying winter parkas and hand warmers so these poor louisiana bred arms don’t fall off from the cold.

Edit You guys are super cool thanks for the replies

SUPER DUPER FINAL EDIT Just got accepted Lets Go UTES!

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