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I recently left a top 150 war clan after one season with them and saw the ridiculous strategies required in order to be a top clan.

The majority of the clan would do all 4 of their attacks day 1 of war but the following day is where it goes crazy.

The goal is to lose matches as quickly as possible, “insta-lose”. Because even though it’s a loss for half the fame it’s quicker than playing out a 5 min and possibly still losing for the same amount of fame.

If 5 players quickly lose a match and they take 1 minute each that’s 520 fame vs a win that may take 5 minutes for 208 fame.

So the way to win Clan Wars in Clash Royale is to lose on purpose? Really?

On top of this they place spells on boat defense so that other clans can’t insta-lose because spells and the cannons will never attack the opponents crown tower.

And on top of that we have the issue of time zones. In order for me do partake in the insta-lose I would have to be on at 5am 🙄. I’m guessing since a Chinese company is part owner of Supercell explains why clans located China get a nice start time at 6pm 👍.

I played Clash of Clans longer that Clash Royale. I never understood why they didn’t just adopt a similar Clan War model that they have in their other game. What would be so wrong with that? They already share the troop/card ideas across both games so why not war as well?

The reason I left that top 150 war clan was due to not wanting to wake up at 5am and insta-lose.

Clan Wars 2.0 is the biggest joke in gaming. How can you expect players to be competitive when the correct strategy is to purposely lose battles to win the war?

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