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I have spent a huge amount of time every single day making my solo developed game Everplast, making it all the way to the end and publishing it on Steam. For the first few days, it got some sales from friends, and then plummeted to zero. For a while in the game’s development I posted a lot of pictures and information on Social Media, my prevalence never necessarily grew but seemed pretty static.

I feel like after this, I now have the reality. I can see that what I am going through it probably what happens to most developers. I understand there are many important things that all go into it, but as a solo developer it feels impossible to keep up with everything. And then the final result of seeing zeros on my screen feels almost heartbreaking.

Here is my store page on Steam:

It seems like what I have probably doesn’t catch the viewer’s eye or seems interesting enough. However it is also weird seeing that other developers with an extremely small audience selling huge amounts of copies on Steam with store pages similar to mine, or with products that I would personally not expect to sell the way they did.

This market really is just extremely saturated, and what I get from this is that an individual developer making a game from scratch to the end really doesn’t feel important, and it does not guarantee nothing. Do I have more people to back this up? This is not a pity post at all, I want to learn from it and see how others get success from their games.

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