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  1. 2Make your template. There are a couple ways to get a template for your hand puppet. You can buy them at crafts stores, download them online, or make them yourself. [10]

    • If you want to make a basic hand puppet yourself, put your hand palm down on your piece of fabric. Now draw small dots on the fabric on either side of your hand to designate the width. This is how wide you’ll want the body of your template to be.
    • Once you’ve done that, you can start drawing the outline of your puppet. If you want your puppet to have arms remember that your thumb and pinky will be controlling the arms. Put your hand back down on the fabric and designate where your thumb and pinky emerge from your hand. This is where you’ll want the arms to begin.
    • Make sure you leave room for your fingers in the head of the puppet as well. Your index, middle, and ring finger will need to rest in there, so ensure that it is wide enough for those three fingers to fit inside.
    • Otherwise, the drawing is up to you! Using the width of your hand as your guide make two straight parallel lines. Now round these lines off away from each other diagonally to create the arms. Try to keep them the same length. Keep in mind that they should be pretty short. Once you’ve completed the full outline of the arms draw a wide half circle for the head. Add ears, horns, or whatever else you would like to the outline.

    There are a copulate ways to get a template for your hand creature. You can buy them at craft stores, download them on-line, or make them yourself.

  2. 3Place two pieces of fabric on top of each other. Put the fabric that you drew or traced your template onto on top of the second piece of fabric. [11]
    Put the fabric that you drew or traced your template onto on top of the irregular objet d’art of fabric .

  3. 4 Cut the template out of both pieces of fabric. Try not to cut so much that your hand will not fit in there. Make sure that the two pieces of fabric are lined up well. once you start cutting do sure that you do n’t move the two pieces of framework off from each other at all. If you ‘re worry you can trace your template onto a slice of newspaper first and then cut one piece of fabric at a clock time .

  4. 5 Sew the two pieces of fabric together. Sew around the outline of your cut out framework. Make sure you leave a hole at the buttocks so you can put your hand in there .

  5. 6 Embroider your puppet. You can add string for eyes and a mouth, different colored framework to give your puppets spots, or anything else you can think of. If you sew on another patch of framework to your puppet make sure you only sew through one layer of your creature framework. Otherwise it will be stuck in concert .

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