How to Sign as Power of Attorney

When person gives you Power of Attorney ( POA ), you can legally sign legal documents on their behalf if necessary. however, signing this document international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine american samoa simple as writing down both of your names. For a office of lawyer signature to be valid, you must take the proper steps .
Read on to learn how to correctly sign as office of lawyer, so you don ’ triiodothyronine meet any issues if you need to sign documents on person ’ randomness behalf .

What Is a Power of Attorney?

A baron of lawyer is a document that creates a legally binding agreement between two parties — a principal and an attorney-in-fact .
A exponent of lawyer form grants an attorney-in-fact the mighty to :

  • access the Principal’s financial accounts
  • sign legal documents on the Principal’s behalf
  • manage the Principal’s legal and business affairs

As an attorney-in-fact, you must act in the Principal ’ sulfur best interest and stand by to their wishes when signing documents. This means doing what the principal wants you to, no matter what .
A durable exponent of lawyer form remains effective if you become disable and unable to communicate your wishes .
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If loved ones suspect an agent international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine acting in the Principal ’ randomness best interests, they can take steps to override the exponent of lawyer appellation .

6 Steps for Signing as Power of Attorney

Acting as person ’ randomness attorney-in-fact can feel a bit complicate. Follow these steps to ensure the march runs smoothly and meets legal requirements :

Step 1: Bring Your Power of Attorney Agreement and ID

When signing as a POA, you need to bring the master shape to the meet — flush if you ’ ve already registered a copy of the document with the institution ( such as a deposit, fiscal means, or government institution ) .
You besides need to bring government-issued photograph identification with you. This allows the initiation to confirm that you ’ re the person named in the document and lets them verify the touch on a ability of Attorney is yours .

Step 2: Determine the Preferred Signature Format

Most agencies or institutions require a specific format when signing under Power of Attorney. Consider calling ahead to establish what format is preferred — if any .
If there ’ s no preference, use a standard format such as the one in the key signature sample distribution below :

[ Principal ’ second mention ]
by [ Your identify ]
Power of lawyer

Step 3: Sign as the Principal

The proper way to sign a baron of Attorney is to first write the Principal’s signature. This shows that you ’ re acting on the Principal ’ s behalf, not your own .
And remember to use the Principal ’ s full legal appoint. If you see their name listed on any preexistent paperwork at the institution, replicate its format .

Step 4: Sign Your Name

Sign your name below the Principal ’ south mention. Add the son “ by ” in front of your name to indicate you ’ re sign as POA on the Principal ’ s behalf .

Step 5: Express Your Authority as Attorney-in-Fact

Below your identify is where you make it clear that you have the authority to sign on the Principal ’ s behalf. To indicate that you ’ ve been given signing assurance, write “ attorney-in-fact ” under your mention. other variations, like POA or “ power of lawyer, ” are besides acceptable to write out. ”
Failing to indicate that you ’ ra sign on the Principal ’ s behalf can invalidate the agreement and even lead to civil or criminal lawsuits .
here ’ s a sample of what a exponent of lawyer signature should look like :
power of attorney signature sample

Step 6: File the Documentation Somewhere Safe

The final step is to file each document you ’ ve signed in a secure location.

It can be challenging to know you have to sign a baron of Attorney for a love one, but it can be a childlike task if you prepare accordingly .
Be certain to follow any directions while maintaining a clear record of the proceedings for future use .
You should note that the law prohibits using a Power of Attorney after the Principal ’ s death .

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