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Note: Please remember to consider your students’ accommodations and special needs to ensure that all students are able to participate in a meaningful way.

When you buy insurance, you help protect yourself from the costs related to accidents and other unexpected life events.

Students play a game to explore types of insurance and how they help protect people.

Key information for this activity

Building block

(What are the building blocks?)

  • Financial knowledge and decision-making skills

School subject

CTE (Career and technical education), English or language arts, Social studies or history


Protect (Managing risk, Using insurance)


Grade level: Middle school (6-8)

Age range: 11-14

Student characteristics: English language learners, Special education, Low income, Rural, Urban

Activity characteristics

Activity type: Small group, Whole class

Teaching strategy: Gamification

Bloom’s Taxonomy level: Understand, Apply

Activity duration: 45-60 minutes

National standards

Council for Economic Education: Standard VI. Protecting and insuring

Jump$tartJumpStart Coalition: Risk management and insurance

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