Platelet count blood test: What are high, low, and normal values

A platelet count measures the average platelet tied in a person ’ s blood. excessively high or broken platelet levels can lead to dangerous health complications. Platelets, besides called thrombocytes, are fragments of larger cells made in the cram marrow called megakaryocytes. These fragments are crucial to wound heal. The base platelet count lineage test is typically region of a complete rake count ( CBC ) examination. A CBC reveals important information about the number of different blood cells in the body.

Normal platelet levels

contribution on PinterestPixelsEffect/Getty Images A person ’ s platelet levels can change with senesce, and certain aesculapian conditions can besides affect them. A platelet count that is excessively first gear or excessively high can lead to health complications. A first gear platelet count is known as thrombocytopenia, while a senior high school platelet count is known as thrombocytosis. Tests measuring stick average platelet levels per microliter ( mcL ) of blood. Below are road map platelet levels .

Result Platelet count
high platelet level (thrombocytosis) more than 450,000
normal platelet level 150,000–450,000
low platelet level (thrombocytopenia) less than 150,000

however, some studies suggest that normal platelet levels should take into account early variables, such as a person ’ sulfur age and sexual activity.

What does it mean when your platelet count is high?

A high platelet count can occur when something causes the bone marrow to make besides many platelets. When the argue is unknown, it is called primary or essential thrombocytosis. When surfeit platelets are due to an infection or other condition, it is called junior-grade thrombocytosis .

Higher risk of blood clots

A person ’ s rake clots more cursorily when they have excessively many platelets. Clotting is a natural protection against bleeding. The body produces more platelets during and following an injury. however, because platelets cause lineage clog, they can besides cause dangerous blood clots in the arms or legs. The blood clot may break off or travel to another area of the consistency. The risk of a blood clot is higher in people confined to bed by illness or who can not move their limb. person who has a gamey platelet count because of a recent injury but who must remain in bed may need monitoring to reduce the hazard of blood clots as a leave.

What does it mean when your platelet count is low?

A low platelet count can make it unmanageable for the blood to clog, putting a person at gamble of excessive bleed. The induce may be an inherit tendency not to produce enough platelets, but the cause may besides be obscure. Or it may be due to an underlie aesculapian stipulate .

Higher risk of spontaneous bleeding

If the blood platelet count falls below 20,000 per mcL, a person can begin bleeding spontaneously. This is a medical emergency, and people who experience spontaneous bleed may require a blood, or platelet, transfusion. low platelet reckon increases the risk of death in people who experience a traumatic injury .

What is the platelet count test?

A platelet count screen reveals the average numeral of platelets a person has per microliter of blood. Doctors can perform the examination on its own or as part of a CBC test. They will frequently perform a platelet reckon test if they suspect a disorder that affects platelet count.

What to expect

The test involves drawing blood from a vein in the arm or hand. Obtaining a sample of lineage from a vein takes a few minutes and generally causes lone minimal discomfort. Occasionally, some people may feel anxious or airheaded while the rake is drawn or shortly after. Taking slow deep breaths is normally adequate to calm these feelings. Some people may develop a small notice or bruise. A technician will put the blood sample distribution into a machine that counts the total of platelets and produces a report of the findings .

Is it safe?

The test is safe, and complications are rare. People with bleeding disorders should tell their doctor of the church about any history of bleeding issues. Most people find that the trial is merely a abbreviated trouble and a reference of mild discomfort .

When do you get the results?

The amount of time it takes to get the results varies. Hospitals administering the test for emergencies or people about to undergo surgery much get the results about immediately. It can take a few days to get the results when a doctor ’ second position orders the test from an outside lab .


Changes in platelet count may mean that a person has a chronic illness or an issue with the bone kernel.

It is by and large not possible, however, to diagnose a medical condition based on platelet count alone. People should talk with a doctor of the church about promote testing if a blood test reveals low platelets. It is advisable to inform the doctor about any other symptoms, which can help narrow down testing options. Read this article in spanish .

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