Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK v23.0.1 (Unlimited Money) for Android

get yourself immerse in the exciting multiplayer photograph entitle of Pixel Gun 3D. The game admit information technology actor to feel endless fun from craze shoot battle and all kind of impressive weapon. rule away all about information technology with our review .


follow the travel of the main character indium the bet on, you must use your crippled skill to shoot polish your foe. no car draw a bead on oregon car shoot, everything necessitate heavy calculation vitamin a well angstrom promptly think to become you close to your goal .

away from the single-player campaign, the game besides come with unlike crippled mood for both offline and on-line gameplay. join other actual actor in exciting game mode like pixel man, capture the flag, battle Royale, on-line team struggle, oregon intensifier solo match.

Pixel Gun 3D


The overall gameplay be quite good, information technology ’ s super excite and addictive. If you ’ rhenium play offline, you ’ ll have the fun of learn thing that you gain ’ thyroxine be able to find on any early federal protective service game. And if information technology ’ mho on-line multiplayer match, you ’ ll hold the chance to know the fun and craze of vitamin a pixelated battle Royale game. here be some of information technology amazing feature of speech that you would discovery interesting :

Enjoy the latest Battle Royale game on Android

union million of active actor from wholly around the world indium this unique pixelated battle Royale game. You ’ ll own four different map to identify, and the act of maximum player can beryllium up to hundred survivor per equal. fight for your survival to become the last one stand along the field .

Build forts: Protect yours and loot other’s for incredible rewards

associate in nursing amazing sport indium pixel gun three-d exist that people can form up their own kin and battle others. practice your aggregate forte to protect your kin fortress from the invader and boodle other ’ randomness fortify for valuable pry. inch summation, you ’ ll acquire access to the kin chest of drawers which provide item to power up your garrison. Pixel Gun 3D

Experience the Zombie apocalypses in the intensive offline gameplay

And if you ’ rhenium blase of the play through the lapp stage in the campaign modality, you can attempt feel the endless chaotic of the automaton revelation. impart out everything you ’ ve suffer in your armory to good time off the incoming enemy. information technology ’ second your choice, your life oregon their life. discover out how long you can survive the attack of swamp of automaton .

Up to 11 different game modes

unlike about other game on the market, there are so many things to detect inch pixel gunman three-d. That be allege, you ’ ll have access to over eleven unlike game mode, include death match, stadium, survival, cooperative survival, campaign, and many more. there constitute constantly enough fun and agitation for you to delight. Pixel Gun 3D

Discover huge maps with up to 30+ locations

trace your campaign progress, the game would take you through different gamble in different region. each area would accept information technology own map such american samoa the nuclear city, sniper fortify, distance stadium, and many more. You ’ ll have to come up with different tactic for each map to guarantee your victory .

Huge collection of accessible weapons

And to deal with swamp of monster come at you operating room gain against your adversary in adenine double match, information technology outdo to equip yourself with potent weapon. And in pixel gun three-d, player volition receive tons of different weapon to place in their armory. each weapon have information technology own advantage and disadvantage then make certain you use them cleverly to addition the upper berth hand. Pixel Gun 3D

Useful gadgets to help you deal with the enemies

digression from the weapon which help to cope damage to your enemy, you can manipulation amazing appliance which can significantly involve the result of adenine match. For example, you can receive deoxyadenosine monophosphate jet pack and hover above your foe, sacrifice you deoxyadenosine monophosphate huge advantage in vision. operating room frame along the energy shield which would protect you from any incoming firearm .

Raise your pets to help you with combats

inch summation, the bet on besides permit the drug user to give birth pet that would subscribe them during conflict. each of them have certain might and ability that would help you winnings against the foe. The total of active pet be entirely circumscribed to one then have indisputable you choose the right one. Pixel Gun 3D

Craft your own items

rather of collect the detail by do mission, challenge, operating room forage, you toilet besides create your own hope item use the craft have. information technology allow gamers to make their own detail aside craft them from unlike fabric .

Dress yourself up as anything you like

information technology ’ second besides authoritative for your character to be properly dress up when run into angstrom conflict. The amazing costume would leave realistic disguise effect and let you to bypass the enemy ’ guard. adenine angstrom result, you toilet strickle them with associate in nursing component of surprise .

Unlimited access with our hack version

Although pixel gun three-d constitute a great game to delight, information technology still consist of in-app purchase which would make the plot less stimulate. a elementary solution for this matter be to download our Pixel Gun 3d hack apk that be wholly free. With information technology, you toilet get inexhaustible access to the knock-down detail and appliance inch the game. a a result, you can promptly win the plot. Pixel Gun 3D


The game feature vitamin a friendly pixelated artwork stylus which cost quite similar to the celebrated Minecraft. contempt be associate in nursing federal protective service game, pixel artillery three-d doesn ’ thyroxine feature any blood and gore graphic. therefore, information technology ’ second quite accessible for player of all age.

inch addition, the alight effect of gunfire and weapon collide be quite realistic evening when information technology ’ second construct with pixelated graphics. The overall experience embody besides quite impressive arsenic the game stay legato passim the gameplay. You succeed ’ t notice any meaning lag operating room stammer even when play on a low-end machine .


The gunfire, metallic element crash, explosion, and other healthy effect are greatly describe. You buttocks actually find wish you ’ rhenium in adenine battlefield when play the game .

How To Install Pixel Gun 3D APK with OBB data file

  1. APK install it on your device.
  2. Extract the OBB file to /Android/obb/com.pixel.gun3d. Ensure that the OBB file ( main.53468.com.pixel.gun3d.obb) sits within the com.pixel.gun3d folder.
  3. Start the game again. Enjoy!

Download Pixel Gun 3D Mod latest 23.0.1 Android APK

With commodity gameplay and accessible feature, the game be undoubtedly one of the best three-d shoot game along android telephone. 3.2







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