Parent reviews for War Robots

Only those who seek help I have solutions
War robots is pay to win yes
But what if I told you that what imma bout to tell you can change the way you play

1st. Dont spend so much silver on upgrades for robots, rather focus on weapons
You see war robots is about firepower than how much firepower you can take. This game does require skill and that comes with timing abilities and taking cover and corner shooting. For me I upgrade weapons two levels higher than my current lvl on the robot.

2. Best beginner robots
Honestly I will prefer people to adjust to using the griffin, natasha, leo and gepard. Know that this is the robots I currently use and they work really well. Gepard is your beacon runner and its good because three light slots and good health can see you defending a beaconfor quite time and also good speed as it runs 55kmh. Leo and Natasha are your brawlers, slow but aggressive when in motion. Combating and equipped with heavy and light weapons see you rising to the top. Griffin can be both brawler and used as mid range attacker. Always recommend using punisher t setup with punishers or tulumbas with pins.

And 3rd
Always remember to not spend all your resources as you will need them once you approach different leagues such as expert. Rather spend gold on hangar slots than weapons and save silver on components in workshop and save some for upgrades. It feels like reality where you have your savings and then u spend your average cost. And always get used to performing with your bots

sorry for such long review but hoped you understand and that P2W is profit for war robots for making the game better for others. Just relax and have fun

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