What Is The ‘Right’ Way To Eat An Oyster

What a slippery wonder ! Of path everyone has their own prefer way to eat an oyster but there is one way ( the best way ) to in truth taste an oyster and that is to slurp it correct from the shell. Yes, slurp – it ’ s a technical huitre term !

Smell the Oyster

Before placing the oyster in your mouth, bring the shell up to your nose and take a dainty deep sniff. The huitre should smell of fresh seawater- this means it is ready to eat !

Slurp It

Oysters are primarily a finger food and should be eaten raw, fresh and properly from the plate. No silverware, no plates, you just need to put your lips right up to the shell and slurp aside. This bantam fork that may frequently accompany oysters is used just to loosen the oyster from the shell. You can besides use that mini utensil to put a few condiments on your huitre which brings us to another point about the right way to eat an oyster…


At an oyster bar or on a beautiful tray of oysters, you can frequently find an align of condiments that will enhance the oyster flavor. The champagne mignonette, a fiddling fresh lemon juice, possibly some cocktail sauce or horseradish, it is all well and good. however, before you go loading on the toppings, try to eat the huitre entirely. A fresh huitre with lots of complex, tasty juice is such a treat in itself. indeed slurp it, shoot it, give it a try with nothing on it and then make your topping choices.

Chew vs Swallow

Some people prefer to chew oysters while others promptly swallow them. While either option works ( hey, equally long as you get to eat an oyster ! ! ), chewing the oyster will enable you to actually taste the spirit of the waters inside the oyster. After all, when eating oysters, don ’ metric ton you truly want to taste it ? then chew !

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What About The Fork?

That bantam fork that may frequently accompany oysters is used to loosen the oyster from the plate if the muscle has not already been cut. You may besides use the fork to remove the oyster meat from the beat if the oyster is from a localization where the water system may not be indeed tasty.
The bantam fork can be used to put a few condiments on your oyster which brings us to another point about the right way to eat an oyster…

Shell Etiquette

once you are finished with your oyster, place the shell on the plate with the shell down. A plate facing down will indicate that you are finished and keep the oyster tray decent and neat .

Other Ways…

Of course there are fry oysters, oyster sandwiches and early oyster dishes that quiet delightful but if you are looking for the best way ( the real room ) to truly taste and appreciate an oyster for what it is, raw, cold and in the shell is the way to go. You are now ready to grab that huitre by the hinge and feed !

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