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Enter the Exciting Field of Gaming Design with Liberty’s Video Game Designer Degree

You want more than the typical 9 to 5 job. You want to spend every day doing what you love. Imagine doing just that while using your passion for gaming to create fun for others in a field you thrive in. By pursuing a game design degree, you can develop the technical skills you need to achieve all of this and more.

The evolution of gaming has changed the world. Gaming is used to teach people of all ages new ways to socialize, strategize, complete tasks, and work as a team. Parents use online games as learning platforms for their children, while teens and young adults can develop motor and social skills while having fun. There are even games that can serve as therapy for the elderly. 

From classic video game systems to games on your phone, the gaming industry plays a big part in our society today. If you are looking for a career with high impact and unlimited room for creativity, then a video game designer degree is the degree for you. 

Liberty’s information technology – gaming design degree can give you the programming and design skills you need to join the exciting and evolving game design industry. These skills can also be applied to a variety of other creative and technical professionals, as well. With so many new opportunities in this rapidly growing job market, now is the time to jump in. Turn your passion into a career with Liberty’s online game design degree!

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