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Babies are adorable. But who knew babies had gunk in every bodily orifice ? Your newborn baby may be the sweetest baby around, with those twinkling eyes and chubby cheek, but babies do come with some surprises, like snotty noses .
The tagline on the Frida baby web site says it all : rear essentials for the moments you won ’ thymine be sharing on the ‘ gram. thus, while sucking your baby ’ s snot out might not be a ‘ grammable moment, the Frida baby nose sucker didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have to be the # 1 selling pamper product on Amazon on accident. And in fact, the NoseFrida was invented by a swedish pediatric ear, nose, and throat doctor, so there is some definite skill behind the product .

Why Should You Clean Your Baby’s Nose?

Before we get into the specifics on how the Frida pamper intrude suction works, let ’ s chat about why you should even clean your baby ’ sulfur intrude. It ’ s not merely for hygiene—according to the american Academy of Pediatrics ( AAP ), if your child ’ mho scent is blocked up with mucus, they may struggle to eat .
Newborns breathe through their intrude, not through their mouths like adults can, so it makes it unmanageable for them to eat and breathe when they ’ rhenium blocked up. additionally, and probably obviously, babies can ’ thymine blow their noses or pass mucus on their own, so they rely on us to do it for them.

But don ’ t just take it from me. I think what actually convinced me to want to use the Frida baby nose intersection was how one mama described it on Amazon as her “ holy grail ” mama must-have item for children who aren ’ metric ton old enough however to blow their own noses .

How Does the Nose Frida Work?

The NoseFrida is comprised of a mouth slice, a long, reduce metro, and a suction bulb with an attached, disposable mucus percolate. The tube itself is a well-defined, blue color, so you can see the thrilling results of a adept suction here and now ( yasss ! ).

here ’ s how it works :

  • Seal: First, you insert the tube against the baby’s nostril to create a seal. (Pro tip: if your baby is a mover, you may want to enlist a partner to help you the first time you do this, as getting the seal right can be a bit tricky.)
  • Suck: Next, you use the red mouthpiece to suck out the snot with your mouth. Don’t forget to watch to make sure you got it all!
  • After suctioning, dispose of the disposable filter– the filter keeps the snot from your mouth, so you never interact directly with the transfer of mucus. It’s safe and effective, as well as easy and affordable.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, moms love how easy this joyride is to clean : the blue tube, red mouthpiece, and filter cap are all dishwasher-safe. You can besides use regular soap and water to clean, so it ’ s your preference.

Is the NoseFrida Safe for Babies?

The NoseFrida is decidedly dependable to use on your baby. Thanks to the disposable percolate, your mouth bacteria can ’ metric ton be transferred to your child, and vice versa .
additionally, there is never any damage to your baby ’ s home nose structures because of the sealing design : you don ’ triiodothyronine insert the tube into your baby ’ s nose—you precisely press it piano against baby ’ s nostril to create a navy seal that sucks the snot. Plus, it ’ randomness way more effective than those old-school bulb syringes that keep you guessing whether you ’ re on the right track ( and are virtually impossible to clean ) .

Other Frida Baby Nose Products to Consider

While the Frida Baby Nose Snotsucker is its most popular merchandise, there are besides a few BFF Frida products you should know about :

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