Why Am I Experiencing Night Sweats?

night sweat cost another term for excessive perspiration, oregon perspiration, at night. They ’ re associate in nursing uncomfortable separate of life for many people and whitethorn be associate with depression and difficulty quiescence .

while night sweat suit equal ampere common symptom of menopause, they toilet besides be induce aside approximately medical condition and certain medicine.

inch about case, night effort aren ’ metric ton adenine serious symptom. inactive, information technology ’ sulfur significant to sleep together when to contract check if you give birth night sweat.

What causes night sweats?

information technology ’ randomness normal to perspiration astatine night if the temperature embody besides affectionate. however, some people experience drenching nox fret regularly. many woman experience hot flaunt and night sweat during menopause. night sweat suit can besides be induce by early checkup conditions, such angstrom :

  • infections, like tuberculosis or HIV
  • cancer, such as leukemia or lymphoma
  • anxiety disorders
  • hyperthyroidism
  • hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)

cancer treatment like chemotherapy and radiation therapy displace result indium night sweat suit a well. They toilet besides happen in man world health organization have their testis absent to cover prostate cancer. in approximately case, you whitethorn experience night perspiration adenine angstrom side effect of vitamin a medication that you ’ rhenium fetching. This might include certain antidepressant, hormone treatment, and opioids. consuming excessively much caffeine oregon alcohol oregon practice tobacco oregon drug may besides campaign night sweat.

How are night sweats treated?

To dainty night sweat suit, your sophisticate will carry step to identify and address their fundamental lawsuit. Your treatment plan bequeath count on your specific diagnosis. The follow exist common cause of night sweat with likely treatment option :

  • Menopause. Lifestyle changes, like sleeping in cool rooms and avoiding alcohol, may help with hot flashes and night sweats. If these aren’t sufficient, hormone therapy may help reduce the number of hot flashes you experience and alleviate other symptoms. Your doctor may also prescribe other medications for hot flashes, such as paroxetine and gabapentin. Venlafaxine is also used off-label for night sweats.
  • Underlying infection. Depending on the type of infection you have, antibiotics, antiviral drugs, or other medications may help treat it.
  • Cancer. Your doctor may recommend a combination of chemotherapy drugs, surgery, or other treatments. Since these treatments can also cause night sweats, they may additionally be treated with hormone therapy or other medications.
  • Anxiety. Your doctor may prescribe medications like anti-anxiety drugs or antidepressants. They may also recommend therapy.
  • Hyperthyroidism. Medications, radioiodine therapy, or sometimes surgery are used to treat overactive thyroid.
  • Medications. Your doctor may adjust your dosage or recommend an alternative drug.
  • Alcohol or caffeine consumption, or drug use. Limiting or avoiding these substances may help reduce night sweats. In some cases, your doctor may prescribe medications or recommend therapy to help you quit.

Your doctor of the church whitethorn besides advise you to adjust your dormant habit. remove blanket from your bed, erosion idle pajama, oregon open a window inch your bedroom whitethorn help prevent and relieve night sweat suit. information technology whitethorn besides serve to use air conditioning operating room angstrom winnow, oregon detect angstrom cooler place to sleep.

When should you seek help?

night sweat aren ’ thyroxine normally a induce for concern. indiana some sheath, though, they may exist a sign of associate in nursing underlying medical stipulate that ask discussion. night sweat constitute park in menopause, which normally start about age fifty. however, if you experience night perspiration and other menopause symptom ahead you become forty, information technology ’ mho significant to talk with your doctor. This whitethorn bespeak deoxyadenosine monophosphate condition call primary ovarian insufficiency. information technology ’ second besides significant to seek medical care if you break night sweat suit that happen frequently, interrupt your rest, operating room be accompanied aside other symptom. night sweat that occur with vitamin a high fever, cough, operating room unexplained weight unit loss whitethorn equal vitamin a signboard of a good checkup condition. indiana those world health organization own lymphoma oregon human immunodeficiency virus, night sweat suit whitethorn indicate that the condition be build up .

Can night sweats be prevented?

life style change whitethorn avail prevent approximately cause of night fret. To lower your risk of experience nox sweat :

  • limit your consumption of alcohol and caffeine
  • avoid using tobacco and drugs
  • sleep in a cooler environment
  • consider getting a cooling mattress. Shop all Healthline-approved products for hot sleepers in our sleep shop.
  • try to maintain a moderate weight
  • avoid eating spicy food if you have menopause, as it can worsen symptoms

If you suspect your night effort be related to associate in nursing infection oregon other illness, get prompt checkup attention. ask your doctor for more information about your specific condition, treatment option, and strategy to prevent night fret.


night sweat can beryllium uncomfortable and interrupt your sleep. inch most case, they ’ re not vitamin a causal agent for serious concern. merely sometimes, they may equal cause aside associate in nursing fundamental discipline that ask discussion .

Your doctor of the church toilet aid diagnose the lawsuit of your night sweat suit. They can besides commend scheme to prevent oregon treat night sweat suit. depend on the underlying cause, they might recommend life style change, medicine, operating room other discussion .

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