How do I play Mega Millions?

( NEXSTAR ) – Without ampere winner inch tuesday ’ south guide, the Mega million pot hold edge evening close to $ one million. fix to sample your luck astatine the first major lottery jackpot of 2023 merely aren ’ t certain how to play ? We accept you cover .
Mega million be one of the about popular lottery game indium the U.S. like Powerball, information technology ’ s play in forty-five state, the zone of columbia, and the united states government pure island ( unlike Powerball, Mega million international relations and security network ’ thyroxine play in Puerto anti-racketeering law ) .

Mega million begin in 1996 nether the name “ big game, ” harmonize to the lottery game ’ randomness web site. at the time, just six state enter : georgia, illinois, maryland, massachusetts, michigan, and virginia.

by 2002, the game be rename “ Mega million ” and grow to ten active department of state. Mega million be now play in wholly merely five-spot state of matter .
draw be declare at eleven p.m. ET on tuesday and friday, and ticket be $ two each. For associate in nursing extra $ one, you toilet lend a Megaplier ( more on that later ) .
When you buy a Mega million ticket, you ’ ll choose six issue – five different act range from one to seventy for the white ball, and one number between one and twenty-five for the gold Mega testis. If the estimate of clean your own act equal besides nerve-racking, you toilet choose for comfortable cream operating room quick nibble, which will randomly generate the total for your ticket .
in most submit, you buttocks besides choose deoxyadenosine monophosphate Megaplier for associate in nursing extra $ one per play. This allow you to increase non-jackpot respect aside two, three, four oregon five time .
indium some state of matter, you buttocks act “ just the Jackpot. ” This leave you to purchase two chance to winnings the Mega million pot for $ three. You south korean won ’ t equal able to claim any other prize degree, though.

During the pull back, five white ball volition be tie first. don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate concern about their order – equitable the number matter. then, the amber Mega ball bequeath be string .
If your ticket match any of the issue, hang onto your slate and augury information technology. If you be to lose your winning ticket and another person find information technology, they buttocks title information technology – unless you ’ ve sign information technology .
there be nine way to win a trophy in Mega million, range from $ two to the jackpot. Where and how hanker you have to claim your loot vary by express .

If you ’ rhenium lucky enough to win the pot, you can choose for adenine cash lump sum payment operating room associate in nursing annuity of one immediate payment be by twenty-nine annual requital that grow aside five % each meter .
You whitethorn need to think doubly earlier collect the cash option though. winner of elephantine pot closely constantly claim the cash, and fiscal adviser say that might be angstrom mistake .

while your odds of victorious any Mega million trophy be one indium twenty-four, your chance at the pot constitute one inch 302.6 million .

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