MA in Game Design

Are you passionate about game design? Do you often think games could be better? Are you curious about what makes games engaging and meaningful? At Falmouth, you’ll work with programmers and artists in a studio environment to make innovative and arresting games.
We’ll cover specialist areas in storytelling and design, developing skills to reveal new horizons of gaming. With help from your ex-industry mentors, you’ll gain the skills you need for employment or enterprise in games and media context. Collaborating with other talented game-lovers, you’ll design your own AAA, indie or board games and see your ideas come to life.
How you’ll learn
There’s no formal essay writing on this course – you’ll be learning the real-life skills needed to produce a co-created full game project and a professional portfolio for grading. And with regular feedback and support from your mentors, you’ll develop your game design skills in a way that boosts your progress.
You’ll learn through:

Playtesting ideas
Crit sessions
Guest speakers

How you’ll be assessed
Game Design is a practise-focused course, so you’ll only be assessed on your coursework.
You’ll be taught by an expert teaching team, which includes leading game and narrative designers as well as programmers and game-focused senior academics. Our industry experts have worked across the globe on titles such as Arcana and Deadhaus Sonata.
Some members of staff only teach on specific modules, and your course might not feature every member.

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