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Hello everyone, can anyone recommend a build without those fucked up legendary items, I very hate them .
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Is Ashe support viable?

so my interview is : Is Ashe confirm feasible and if not, are there any signs of her being viable support in season 11 ? I equitable got eminent Noon Ashe and I love this skin, but I do n’t play ADC, so I am wondering if I can play her as support. Thanks in …
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Hello everyone, I ` m an ASHE main but recently I can ` t seem to have such full couple ups ( largely because of retard teammates ). Can anyone recommend me a full build and runes for wrong and speed ? ( PLEASE I ` m GOING INSANE, I DON ` metric ton KNOW WHAT TO …
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Crits on wierd ADC’s

so, for these champions how do crits work ? How do Infinity Edge Crits work ? I figure for something like a Jinx Rocket Launcher or Senna Relic Cannon Crit, It would take the AD ratio ( 110 or 120 ) and just double it ( 220 or 240 ). I do n’t know tho ….
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I need to get better.

I have recently started to get smashed by everyone in every function I play as I have started to reach my placement phase, I use to play Aphelios mid ( I know he ‘s a bot laner ) and ashe bot, but now i ‘ve started to play aatrox to see if he ‘s any …
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Any tip to be a better ADC with Ashe?

Hello, im modern to this forum. I ‘m playing Ashe as ADC and im making this build every time i can make it : 1.-Berserker ‘s Greaves. 2.-Blade of the ruin baron. 3.- Stormazor. 4.- Phantom dancer. 5.- The bloodthirster ( if one can make it ) …
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Thinking of making a useful Guide

Hey, So one am about to make a modern guide for Ashe, now i know the champion is used a lot and is very easy to play, but one think that by and large it is a great champion that has a short ton of damage both in early game and in late game. So my question is : …
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Hello everyone I`ve seen the Glacial Augment and I`ve been wondering if it

Hello everyone, I keep see glacial augment, do you know if it ` s any commodity on Ashe ?
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Any rune recommendations for ADCs for this new season ? Thanks in advance !
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Flat HP and attack spped marks on Ashe?

Hey I good saw Phreaks recommendations for runes. He said attack accelerate quints, attack accelerate marks, attack speed glyph and flat HP seals are the best on her statistically. Assuming that the enemy is n’t in truth troublesome like [ [ zyra ] ], do you think …
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Have you ever tried to build a squishy champion tank items?

needed a new spin … I wan sodium explore the capabilities of this characters …
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Who is the most OP champion in the game?

I am wondering who is the most OP champion to play. I wan na see how well I can do .
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What are some fun or brainless champions?

I have no theme who I should buy ; any suggestions ?
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Ashe build

I wonder what is the best detail human body path for Ashe as of now. I ‘ve had a bunch of succes with both Berserker ‘s Greaves — > Infinity Edge — > Vampiric Scepter — > Phantom Dancer, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well with Berserker ‘s Greaves — > Blade of the Ruined …

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Which ADC is the best in the game?

sol my acquaintance said that Vayne is the best ADC in the game, I look some forums up and saw that Ezreal is the best. I think its Quinn and Caitlyn. I want to see what you guys think .
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