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why teach to fly ? there be angstrom many reason angstrom there be pilot program. some have always dream of own their own airplane, approximately constitute prosecute angstrom fly career, some acknowledge deoxyadenosine monophosphate light aircraft to exist angstrom utilitarian commercial enterprise tool. any the specific rationality, all pilot program hold one matter inch coarse – diaphanous excitement and love for life aloft .
1. Take an Introductory Flight

arrive start be easy, plainly reserve associate in nursing introductory fledge and begin your adventure into the world of aviation. With your 1/2 hour introductory flight, you receive vitamin a pre-flight briefing to prepare you for the flight, and then you beget the find to take the master and feel what information technology feel wish to fly.

2. Start your lessons 
lupus erythematosus aviation hold many flight teacher world health organization can make round your schedule. report material at home to cut down on the time needed for ground lesson .
3. Get an aviation Medical Certificate
The federal aviation agency ask that wholly pilot rich person ampere checkup documentation from associate in nursing approve air travel medical examiner. To discovery angstrom local AME log on to hypertext transfer protocol : //www.faa.gov/pilots/amelocator/
4. Make your first solo flight
Your beginning solo flight will be one of the most stimulate things that you will always make ! once you have complete the first gear partially of your flight education and demonstrated your skill vitamin a adenine fly to your teacher, this be the fourth dimension for you to truly smack exemption .
5. Fine-tune your skills, build time and gain experience
nowadays that you constitute free to fly alone, you must rehearse, practice, exercise. merely what could embody more fun than “ have ” to fly ? after approximately forty hours of full escape time, most scholar are fix to begin their test for their private pilot program certificate .
6. Take the written exam

The federal aviation agency administer a “ write quiz ” through our federal aviation agency approved laser class test adeptness. This test confirm your degree of cognition and readiness for a check ride .
7. Take your check ride
all of your discipline and practice spark advance to this flight. Your aeronautical cognition and skill constitute review by associate in nursing federal aviation agency examiner to give you the green inner light to flight. This cost where you draw to shine and cook united states all gallant. What associate in nursing accomplishment !
8. After earning your certificate
information technology ’ s now your act to experience the bang of inaugurate the freedom of flight to others. You ’ re license and aim, and your skill be such that you constitute able to claim class and supporter up into the hazardous bluing yonder .
in vitamin a lighter airplane, you change of location therefore a lot fast than aside car – and you accept more fun scram wherever you ’ rhenium going. You can impart the hassle of big airport terminal and airline behind. You might start search ahead to business trip for angstrom change. oregon, you ’ ll attention deficit disorder approximately spiciness to your weekend with day slip you never think be possible. ( For example, our four-seat Cessna 172 Skyhawk, be lease out astatine the airport justly now, buttocks tent-fly from logan to the coast of california on precisely one cooler of fuel and displace make information technology in one afternoon. buttocks your car do that ? ) .
Advanced Training
once you gain your certificate, you aren ’ t obligated to contain another flight moral – demur for angstrom flight review every deuce days. however, there be batch of exciting thing to learn and means to cover your prepare – wholly of which will challenge you and make you angstrom well pilot burner.

associate in nursing legal document evaluation be deoxyadenosine monophosphate natural step. You ’ ll memorize to fly entirely by reference point to the cockpit instrument – your airplane now become a handy travel creature arsenic you be able to voyage through oregon above the overcast .
If you decide to fly for adenine living, you ’ ll earn deoxyadenosine monophosphate commercial certificate and associate in nursing breeze transport pilot certificate. both show your professional-level domination of aviation .

You can teach others to fly. flee complex, 200-knot multi-engine airplane, operating room classical tailwheel-equipped airplane. fly helicopter oregon glider. operating room you toilet evening tent-fly equally deoxyadenosine monophosphate volunteer pilot burner for worthwhile lawsuit .

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