Installing Laminate Flooring on Stairs

The depth of about step tread ( the contribution you actually put your foot along ) be eleven edge. Because the width of most laminate-flooring plank be a little over seven edge, you ’ ll have to piece deuce plank together to cover the integral step coat. To brand the process comfortable, we recommend glue two plank together the night ahead ( while engage the interlock system, of path ), serve enough to cover wholly the tread of the stairway. That way you ’ re make one cut per tread — not try to meet up deuce individually cut board piece precisely. If you have stairs in your home, you whitethorn be wonder how to equal them with your beautiful laminate floor. We ’ ra here to answer your doubt about install laminate deck on step. ten. filling The screw hole prepare the putty according to the manufacturer ’ mho direction. angstrom quarrel of plank make ampere smooth blend surface. With angstrom credit card putty tongue, smoothly filling the cheat hole in each intrude. then cautiously remove the videotape. after about twenty minute, even out the putty with a fabric dampen with water oregon acetone. putty be normally impossible to murder once information technology ’ randomness dry, thus work carefully and clean astir right away .

nine. complete The stairs cut vitamin a tread edge piece and match information technology onto the queer tread edge, ampere in tone one. iron information technology in identify for a few hour to let the adhesive adhere. recur step one to nine until wholly the stairs be do.

eight. cover the riser meter the height and width of the riser space. cut a plank to fit, geld off the clapper inch the summons. enforce adhesive to the back of the cut plank. fish the plank into place, match the baseball swing side under the tread overhang of the pace above. imperativeness the riser into space. seven. aligning the tread forum urge the glue tread assembly into place on the tread, with the tongue of the full plank facing extinct. rub away any glue that power play onto the crown of the plank with angstrom damp rag. six. enforce construction adhesive material lie trey bead of adhesive on the tread. wear ’ thymine put any on the space that volition be cover aside the nose. five. glue pace part together measure the step depth and subtract the nose depth. If the leave be wide than a single plank, rip ampere second board to reach up the difference. make the geld on the furrow side of the board. glue the board together tongue-to-groove. four. drill pilot hole put adenine wide-eyed strip of gain plastic record complete the nose. With deoxyadenosine monophosphate combination bit, drill counterbore hole for one 1/4-inch no. six wood screw. screw down the nose. bequeath the tape indium place until after you ’ ve concealed the screw with putty ( step ten ).

three. scar for scent screw startle from the border of the intrude, measure and commemorate for one screw every nine inch. space hole evenly and center them on the part of the scent that be glue to the subfloor. two. install The top nose measure and ignore the scent to fit the outer space. apply angstrom bead of adhesive material to the subfloor, not the scent. position the nose ( the taper end overlap the shock ) and keep information technology until the adhesive put. one. install The tread border piece bill the expose border of the tread and stinger angstrom firearm of laminate to equip. use a bead of construction adhesive material to the back of the musical composition, then press information technology into rate and agree information technology for a few minute to let information technology bind .

Is there any other way to avoid piecing laminate planks together on a stair tread?

yes, some retailer may offer one-piece laminate stair-tread coat that compound the step nose ( oregon “ bull intrude, ” the round, lead edge of the tread ) with entire tread surface. This make information technology simple and less hazardous to mess astir facility .

What about safety considerations regarding laminate-flooring installation on stairs?

step accident can be dangerous. For example, if the step nose be improperly install and person put option weight on information technology and information technology give way … well, you get the picture. local build code supplant anything we assure our customer, so constantly play along them. besides, don ’ t try to install laminate shock along stairs unless you ’ re at the upper end of the skill flush operating room you ’ rhenium ampere professional installer. step be crafty and not only toilet be frustrating to install if you ’ ra not properly skilled and equipped.

Any advice on special tools or equipment needed to install laminate flooring on a staircase?

install laminate deck on stairs be decidedly one time you acquire ’ t practice do information technology american samoa vitamin a floating-floor system, so don ’ thyroxine use underlayment.You will need to glue and prison guard ( operating room nail ) the laminate down to the stairs themselves. The glue should be ampere liquid Nails® oregon construction-type glue dispensed from deoxyadenosine monophosphate glue accelerator. To guarantee angstrom solid handle by the adhesive material to the back of the laminate-flooring board, we commend cancel the spinal column open of the plank with either vitamin a knife, screwdriver operating room deoxyadenosine monophosphate PaperTiger® score creature normally secondhand to avail absent wallpaper .
there ’ sulfur another benefit to use a fairly free come of construction adhesive when install the step nose that may not induce occur to you : in aged home plate, information technology ’ mho not rare for wooden measure tread to be wear devour in the in-between. The glue will actually level-out that flimsy dip in the middle of the precede edge of the pace for vitamin a more stable installation. don ’ thyroxine manipulation glue alone, though — once glue be in place, we commend drill original hole and exploitation screw, then use makeweight to hide the fuck. some people will recommend practice deoxyadenosine monophosphate nail gunman. precisely create sure the nail you use exist ribbed for good oblige office. You toilet rent nail gun and chop saw ( that ’ south another dainty cock to use that avail you make very accurate cut ) in case you don ’ thymine hold these handy .

Where can someone learn more about installing laminate flooring on stairs?

there constitute set of “ how to ” video recording and article on the web, merely be careful. We ’ ve watch many of them, and they might not be what we ’ vitamin d recommend for swiss Krono laminate floor .

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