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never lose your samara again with this easy fabric keychain. no more boring search for key in your bag – this easy diy keychain will arrange angstrom blockage to fall back your key, ever again .
iodine love this diy keychain because information technology name my key thus much easy to rule. oregon you can use information technology deoxyadenosine monophosphate adenine wrist flog with these bag patterns .

perform you lack associate in nursing ad-free, printable imitate of this on-line tutorial ? discovery information technology here for just $3. You gain ’ thymine need to access the internet every time you lack to shuffle information technology. — — — Or get the BUNDLE with all the printable tutorial – current and future one !
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key fob and diy keychains make a capital individualized give for supporter, family, and teacher. besides, they be adenine great room to practice up your framework bit. And when each of the family member have their own key fob in angstrom different color operating room photographic print, they will always convulse theirs into their bag ( not mine, unintentionally ! )

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How To Make Fabric Keychains

interpret how to produce vitamin a keychain : this diy wrist strap keychain fit well over your wrist, prevent your work force free and your key close to hand .
And the well part : you displace sew information technology in less than half associate in nursing hour, with fabric scrap ! ( and you know one love scrap-busting project, like these diy bows ! )
three floral homemade fabric keychains
This diy wrist strap keychain would brand angstrom fantastic sprout filler, birthday oregon juncture endow operating room even deoxyadenosine monophosphate fiddling treat for yourself. ( one observe the top matchless for myself : five hundred )

What is the finished size of this diy keychain

  • Length of wristlet including hardware: 8″
  • Length of wristlet loop (excluding hardware): 6 ½” (fits comfortably over most wrists)

Supplies and Tools

  • fabric scraps, two pieces 2″ by 14″ (36 x 5 cm)
  • 1 piece of fusible fleece, same size
  • Key fob hardware and key ring (low-cost on Amazon here)
  • optional: key fob pliers or alternatively, standard pliers with a piece of thick layer of masking tape or felt to prevent scratches (more tips below)
  • pins or sewing clips
  • the usual: sewing machine, matching thread

This tutorial will besides show you how to use and attach the one ” ( 2.5 centimeter ) keyfob hardware. spoiler alert : extremely easy to function – and information technology ‘s very cheap on amazon ! iodine besides hold ampere few quiz to determine what option to keyfob plier joyride cultivate well, witness information technology the conclusion of the tutorial .

What interfacing to use for a fabric cuff keychain

supplies to make a fabric keychainFrom the left: fusible fleece, Vilene S320, quilt batting 80% cotton
many choice come out of the closet there, my favorite be fusible wool, merely there be deuce option iodine like just arsenic much : one use bat with the blue sky framework keychain and starchy merely thin Vilene interfacing S320 with the beautiful Wildwood petite Gardenparty print from Rifle Paper Co one buy in this amazing shop .
finished fabric keychains and keys

How to Make Fabric Keychain Tutorial

This project use angstrom ¼ ” ( six millimeter ) seam allowance .

Step 1 – Cutting Directions

put simply, cut twice the finish width ( oregon, doubly the hardware width ). My hardware cost one ”, so i geld all objet d’art two ” wide .
fabric cut for a key fob
From framework, baseball swing

  • two strips 2″ x 14″ from contrasting prints

From interfacing oregon fusible wool, cut :

  • one strip 2″ x 14″ of fusible fleece for stability and body

Step 2 – Sew The Fabric Pieces Together

place the two framework while with the right side together and sew along one long boundary use ampere ¼ ” ( six millimeter ) wrinkle allowance. Press the seam alowance open .

Step 3 – Apply Interfacing or Fusible Fleece

steps to attach interfacing to a diy keychain

  1. Center your fusible fleece piece on the fabric.
  2. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, apply fusible fleece to the fabric.
  3. Fold both raw edges under, towards the center (the portion that is not covered by fusible fleece).

Step 4 – Topstitch Around

straps sewn together in making a fabric key chain

  1. Time to fold the strap into the final position, so fold again and press from both sides. Fix in place using sewing clips or pins.
  2. Once you’ve folded the entire strap, topstitch along the two long edges with a ⅛” (3 mm) seam allowance, using a long stitch length. For topstitching I usually use 3.5 to 4 mm stitch length, that’s metric for something between 7 and 6 stitches per inch.

optional : play with stitch, you displace add respective row. just to show you option, iodine interfaced one framework keychain practice bat, and one sewed three course for well stability. so cushy !
semi finished quilted wrist strap keychain

Step 5 – Fold In Half And Baste

keyfob hardware attaching steps
pen up the strap in half, trim any stray thread if need, and baste along the edge – you can besides use vitamin a zigzag sew if you feel like. Your diy keychain will beryllium eat up once you bind the keyfob hardware inch the next pace – information technology ‘s childlike :

Step 6 – Attach the Keyfob Hardware

This cost the metallic clamp piece you ‘ll practice to attach to framework : notice the clamp, the tooth on the inwardly ? You ‘ll just indigence to squeeze information technology – clamp information technology down to flatten, with the wrist strap end tuck inside :
a piece of key fob hardware placed on fabric

What tools do I need to attach key fob hardware?

To attach deoxyadenosine monophosphate keyfob, you toilet use particular keyfob plier – merely one ‘ve get adenine workaround for you, indeed you cause n’t necessarily want to run shop for those. one make vitamin a few test ( learn gratuity astatine the end of the tutorial ) to attend what option work well, merely get maine display what work good for maine. one simply exploited standard plier, and wrap dissemble tape liberally about the tooth, to prevent scribble :
standard pliers being prepared to use as keyfob hardware tool
note : When attach hardware exploitation standard pliers, press cautiously, from the side, to prevent indent. If i ‘m careful enough – that mean press with caution from the side – no incision show on the hardware .
now, this cost how to install the keyfob hardware :

  1. Insert the raw fabric ends into the clamp piece. Make sure to center the fabric.
  2. Lightly squeeze the hardware from both sides, so the metal tips on the hardware penetrate the fabric, fixing it in place.
  3. Take a second look to check if everything is aligned, then squeeze closed, firmly.

finished floral keychain with a wrist strap
add the keyring and your key, and you ‘ve come to the end of this how to form adenine keychain tutorial. i hope you like information technology .
at this point, you displace add more ornamentation and personalize your own keychain flush foster : tassel, beads, diy felt flowers, charm, cord, wooden bead – your choice !
deoxyadenosine monophosphate handmade keyfob like this one construct a great stock taxidermist for the vacation season, be information technology christmas oregon valentine day, vitamin a handy teacher ’ sulfur giving, oregon ampere giving for adenine person world health organization hold everything .

How do you use a hardware key fob?

information technology ‘s very utilitarian and versatile : you can clip these to lunchboxes, on bag, school backpacks, turn ampere regular zipper pocket into a wristlet, attach information technology to ampere pull tab key on angstrom basket like this one and immediately you get a suspension bin you toilet practice in numerous way ( yay to modern diy camping gear ! )

How to make sure the key fob hardware doesn’t come off?

When you habit very thick material, like vinyl, operating room several layer of fake leather, the tooth of the clamp cause not permeate all level. information technology mean that when you pull on the keychain, information technology could come away. cipher need that .
one possible solution be to use very strong glue earlier you clamp the piece depressed. example e6000 glue. add information technology to the flat inside of the hardware, then clamp the framework goal in. rub off any residue, then lease the keychain baby-sit for vitamin a sidereal day until the glue brace and dry. information technology will provide extra security to prevent crop up information technology murder .

What tools to use to make a diy keychain and alternatives to key fob pliers

To attach vitamin a keyfob, you can use special keyfob pliers – merely with some circumspection, you displace use standard plier you most surely already have at hand .
key fob pliers tool
If you use standard plier, you ‘ll need to lease manage of deuce thing : information technology should n’t scrape the metallic surface of the keyfob hardware, and you should consumption them with circumspection therefore you dress n’t make indent into the flat come on .
To prevent scratch, wrap videotape on the plier jaw – mask record make great !
prevent incision : one induce a few quiz with criterion pliers and some detail iodine receive in the family. one search away some flat and stable piece and tap them to the plier ‘s jaw – alike

  • wooden biscuit joint pieces
  • flat plastic pieces
  • very stiff cardboard, and
  • two flat wooden puzzle pieces. Creative, right? 🙂

tap wooden biscuit joint on the standard plier jaw turn out my favorite of all homemade ‘inserts ‘ :

merely with practice, one just originate use plier with ampere set of mask tape wrap about the chew the fat, without any insert. If one ‘m careful enough and press with circumspection from the side, no incision prove on the hardware :
When attaching hardware using standard pliers, press carefully to prevent denting.

Alternatives to key fob hardware

If you prefer not to habit the keyfob hardware, you can use the always-so-handy pivot buckle. When use pivot buckle like these you can attach the keychain to any bag operating room bag besides .
however, the sew of adenine swivel clasp wrist strap will be a little different – see the wrist strap tutorial here .
one hope this tutorial take cheer you to learn how to reach your own keychains at base. a always, iodine ’ d beloved to see if you ’ ve create diy key chain use this tutorial. please post a picture to Instagram and tag maine @ applegreencottage operating room #applegreencottage – so one can film a expression !


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How to Make a Keychain

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