Kahoot! for schools – choose plan

Is the pricing listed per team or per teacher?

Unless specified otherwise in a special offer or promotion, price is listed per teacher.

Is it annual billing?

Yes, when signing up, you need to pay for 12 months up front.

My colleagues already are on premium plan. How do I join them?

Please ask your school’s account admin to send you an invitation.

Where can I find Kahoot!’s W-9 form?

Download our signed W-8-BEN-E form here.

Does Kahoot! provide a sole source letter?

Please send us a request to [email protected].

Does Kahoot! still offer a free version?

It’s our commitment to keep Kahoot! free for K-12 teachers.  As a K-12 teacher, you can use Kahoot! Basic for free – and so can your students. We plan to continue improving Kahoot! as part of our mission to make learning awesome.

How do I get a verified Kahoot! Academy profile?

Apply to become a Verified educator and join the Kahoot! Academy community and marketplace for educators.

What are the player limits per game?

Up to 2000 students can join a school-sized kahoot with a Premium or Premium+ subscription. We recommend having a wired internet connection for large scale games to avoid connectivity issues. Students don’t have to pay anything to join a game or register – only the host needs an account.

Can I get a site license?

Absolutely! At a discounted price, admins can empower and connect educators across a school or district with versatile tools for blended and distance learning. Learn more about a Kahoot! EDU site license and request a personalized quote here.

Can I use Kahoot! in languages other than English?

Yes! You can write questions and answers in any language to create a native language experience for participants. You can also play, create and host kahoots, view reports and more in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Norwegian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and English. More languages are coming soon to our apps and website!

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