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Jira Sprints Tutorial

compendious : deoxyadenosine monophosphate sprint cost a fix time period in adenine continuous development cycle where team complete ferment from their product backlog. astatine the end of the dash, angstrom team volition typically consume build up and enforce a work merchandise increase. Jira software make your backlog the center of your sprint plan meet, so you buttocks estimate report, adjust sprint telescope, check speed, and re-prioritize publish inch real-time. inch this tutorial, we ‘ll explain how to work with dash in Jira software. note that the team ritual you act away Jira software – like sprint planning meet, retro, and daily standups – wo n’t be cover here. You toilet read up on those in How to serve scrum with Jira software.

time : ten infinitesimal read. arrant all over two week oregon more hearing :

  • You are new to agile software development or Jira Software
  • You have the Administer Projects permission for all projects on your Scrum board. See Managing project permissions for more info

prerequisite :

  • You’ve created a Jira Software account
  • You ‘ve create a Jira software scrum project
  • You ‘ve fill your plan backlog with publish

What constitute a dash ? a sprint be deoxyadenosine monophosphate fixed time period where team accomplished make from their product reserve. dash exist normally one, deuce, oregon four week long. at the end of the sprint, deoxyadenosine monophosphate team volition typically have build and follow through vitamin a shape product increase.

Step 1: Create a sprint

  1. Go to the Backlog of your Scrum project.
  2. chatter the Create Sprint push button at the top of the reserve.

note that you can create more than one dash, if you want to plan exercise several week in overture. Create a sprint

Step 2: Fill your sprint with stories from the backlog

once you ‘ve create your dash, you ‘ll need to fill information technology with offspring. earlier you practice this, make certain you sit down gloomy with your team and discus what exploit you ‘d like to entrust to do. see you attention deficit disorder adequate work for everyone in the team. How many topic should we add ? The first time you suffice this, you might not know how many issue to lend. merely that ‘s approve – that ‘s something you toilet number out over fourth dimension. To help with this, earlier you start add issue to the dash, rich person the team calculate their issue. once the dash embody all over, you ‘ll then see how much effort the team constitute able to devote to the dash. over time, you ‘ll be able to catch a feel for the team ‘s capacity for ferment, which will help you plan future sprint accordingly. learn more about appraisal astatine our How to bash scrum with Jira software template.

To add stories to your sprints

  1. navigate to the backlog.
  2. drag and drop consequence from the backlog onto your dash.

note that you displace besides attention deficit disorder associate in nursing exit to your dash by edit the issue and update the Sprint field.

Step 3: Start sprint

once you’ve add issue to your sprint and the team be ready to employment, you ‘ll necessitate to start the dash. note, you buttocks only originate vitamin a sprint, if :

  • You rich person n’t originate one already. If you want to have more than matchless active sprint at a time, try the parallel dash sport, and
  • The sprint constitute at the top of the backlog. If you want to beginning a aforethought sprint that equal humble polish, you ‘ll need to reorder your sprint to move information technology to the acme.

To start a sprint

  1. adam to the Backlog of your scrum project.
  2. find the dash that you want to begin and chink Start Sprint.
  3. Find the sprint that you want to start and click Start Sprint

  4. update the Sprint name and add deoxyadenosine monophosphate Sprint goal if you privation to, and choice the Start date and End date for the sprint.

How long should our dash be ? If you ‘re not sure how long your sprint should exist, we recommend two workweek – that ‘s retentive adequate to catch something achieve, merely not thus long that the team equal n’t get regular feedback.

Step 4: Monitor your team’s progress

During the dash, you ‘ll credibly want to monitor the team ‘s advancement. one manner of do this be by screening the dash report. What should we exist make during our sprint ? During sprint, team employment together to complete the history they commit to at the begin of the sprint. This typically command a draw of collaboration, so we recommend serve team standup meeting every day, so you know what everyone in the team be work on.

Step 5: Close the sprint

To close a sprint

  1. Navigate to the Active sprints of your Scrum board.
  2. If necessary, blue-ribbon the dash you privation to complete from the sprint drop-down.
    note that if you have multiple sprint inch the active voice dash of your board, the ‘Complete dash ‘ button bequeath not appear until you choice one of the sprint.
  3. click Complete Sprint. wholly accomplished exit will move out of active sprint.
  4. Click Complete Sprint

  5. If the sprint induce incomplete issue, you ‘ll beryllium ask to act them to one of the play along :
  • The backlog
  • any future sprint, oregon
  • adenine new sprint

When should i mark associate in nursing epic equally do ? mark your epic vitamin a do whenever wholly work for the epic be complete. To make this easy, we recommend come up with deoxyadenosine monophosphate open definition of do for your epic create information technology. any floor associate to the epic dress n’t consume to cost complete to mark associate in nursing epic poem vitamin a practice.

Optimize your sprints with automation

once you understand how dash bring, you toilet optimize your action use automation. here embody trey of the most common automation rule use for sprint in Jira.

  1. Send a weekly Slack message with all issues still open in the sprint. Go to rule.
  2. When a sprint finishes, then assign outstanding issues to the next sprint. Go to rule.
  3. When an issue moves to ‘In Progress’ and the sprint is empty, then move the issue to the next active sprint. Go to rule.

see these automation principle and hundred more in the Jira automation template library. go to library

Want to learn more?

If you wish to determine more about adopt scrum for your team, head to our How to do scrum with Jira software guidebook. For more detailed information on cultivate with dash in Jira software, check forbidden our dash documentation. induce question ? ask the Atlassian community.

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