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“Instead of complaining about just the negatives of this school, I will give a review from a person who actually finished a degree at this school. First, the good. I learned a lot from the teachers here, who ALL came from the field in which they were teaching. The teachers do care about the students who put forth effort in their education. It is not difficult school if you read your text, do your homework, and do the extra work in the classes. The large number of people who dropped out of class, as mentioned in other reviews, were people who did not really try. They would skip class, not ask questions, and complain about everything like the one star reviews here. I did not get a job in the specific field I was looking into from this degree, but my education here did lead me into a very well paying job that is taking care of me and my family, so I am very appreciative of the education I received at this school. Now the bad. Yes they are accredited, but they never tell you that if you tried to transfer your credits to another school that 99% of the schools out there won’t take them. Granted they are very specific field classes that no other school has, so it should have been a little more obvious. They are expensive. I finished after less than two years with $31K in loans, and that was with a quarter and a half of credits transferred from community college (they at least take other schools credits). I am still paying them off now in 2016. The “career center” was not helpful in the electronics field. The head of that part of the school changed probably three or four times while I was there and the only electronics jobs they ever posted was for soldering circuit boards for $12/hr. Sorry but I would never pay of $31k in loans with that job. For what is out there, in my area, for electronics, they were probably the best I could get. Like I said earlier, I learned a lot, graduated with high honors, and wouldn’t change that experience. The staff was helpful in every way, and you can’t fault them for doing the best with what they have to work with. I think the system of the school is flawed though because I even heard the teachers complain about how they were scheduled. It must be bad when teachers complain to their students about their working conditions. But what job is truly perfect in every way.”

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