Infinite Crisis: Why the DC Comics MOBA Shut Down

Infinite Crisis was a MOBA that shed light on the DC multiverse in a new way. However, the game was short-lived, lasting only a few months.

For years, the DC Universe’s online presence has been felt through the lens of its hit MMORPG game, DC Universe Online. Since its launch, players have created their own metahuman personas and joined the fight as the hero or villain, meeting countless characters from the company’s storied history. However, there was a brief moment in 2015 where the company had another online title in the market.

Infinite Crisis was DC’s attempt at a MOBA title that saw the multiverse collide in a way that had yet to be seen. Players could choose from a selection of DC champions that spanned the multiverse, making new iterations of past characters. While the premise was unique for its time and succeeded in the MOBA genre, factors came into play that forced the title to be shut down less than five months after its debut.


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MOBAs occupy a very competitive section of the gaming community. Titles like League of Legends and Dota 2 have been running the scene for years and are still considered a major eSport. Infinite Crisis followed a layout similar to its contemporaries: a team of characters is let loose on a map to destroy enemies, complete objectives and eliminate the opponent’s power core. The difficulty came into play depending on the opponents’ strength or whether a team’s strategy was effective.

The game featured multiple game modes that included a 1 v AI map and multiple 5 v 5 maps. The latter maps featured different objectives depending on the game mode. For Example, the Coast City map’s objectives were to push back enemy players into their base to destroy their power core. This involved more strategy than some of the other maps, which added a new layer of difficulty.

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Upon release, the title received middling to positive reviews, but fans enjoyed the MOBA approach as they could play with DC characters that they were familiar with. Sadly, this didn’t help build the player base for the game, which was devastatingly low. To make matters worse, the players that were there weren’t spending money to help support the game. With more successful MOBA titles like League of Legends and DOTA leading in the community, the game could not keep up and had to shut down its servers only a few months after its launch.

What made matters even more somber were the plans that the developers had for the game. Their roadmap of updates included even more characters to be added to the roster, as well as more maps and game modes to add to the title’s variety. Had the game survived past its first year, it seemed likely that these updates would have helped gain more popularity, especially with the films and TV shows also focusing on the multiverse. Unfortunately, Infinite Crisis has been lost to gaming history and has become a title that players can hardly remember.

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