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How to Convert Between Decimals and Fractions

In the last moral, you learned about decimals .

Decimals Review ⚡️

Key Point: Decimals are numbers with whole act and divide parts .
Key Point: A decimal point goes between the unharmed numbers and fraction separate.


Let ‘s put the decimal 0.25 in a place value chart .
place value chart The value of this decimal is less than 1.
Key Point: You can write any decimal as a fraction, and any fraction as a decimal. They ‘re two ways of writing the same thing .

0.25 = 25/100

Digits to the right of the decimal item have values less than 1 .

0.1 has a value of 1/10

Key Point: Digits to the good ( 👉 ) of the decimal point are in the Tenths place .
Tip: The Ten ths seat is unlike from the Tens home, no thorium .

0.01 has a value of 1/100

Key Point: Digits to the justly ( 👉 ) of the Tenths target are in the Hundredths place .
Key Point: The further right ( 👉 ) a digit is away from the decimal fraction, the smaller is its space value .

0.001 has a value of 1/1,000

How to Turn Decimals to Fractions

Let ‘s try convert, or turning, this decimal into a divide :


We follow 2 steps .
Step 1. Figure out the value of each digit.
2 is in the Tenths place. Its prize is 2 / 10.
5 is in the Hundredths home. Its respect is 5 / 100 .
Step 2. Add the fractions .
adding the fractions We need to have the same denominators ( the numbers at the bottom ) when adding fractions .
👉 We do this by finding the greatest denominator.
Of the two denominators, which is the greatest, or biggest ?
✅ It ‘s 100 !
👉 so, we have to convert 2 / 10 by multiplying it by 10 / 10.
This creates an equivalent fraction that ‘s easier to work with, but has the like value !
multiply fractionsmultiply fractions now, we can add because our denominators are the lapp .
👉 We add the numerators ( the numbers at the exceed ) .
👉 then, we barely write our common denominator.
add the fractionsadd the fractions big job ! We ‘ve converted our decimal into a fraction. 🎉
convert decimal to fractionconvert decimal to fraction Did you notice something ? 🤔
😉 The numerator is the lapp as the digits after the decimal fraction point .
0. 25 is 25 / 100 or 25 hundredths.

A Faster Way to Convert

here ‘s a quick way to convert decimals into fractions .
1️⃣ First, figure out the place value of the last digit. That ‘s your denominator .
The last digit in 0.25 is 5. It ‘s in the Hundredths place .
A Hundredth is 1/100 .
✅ so our denominator is 100 .
denominatordenominator 2️⃣ Then, find the digits after the decimal point. That ‘s your numerator .
numeratornumerator The number after the decimal point is 25 .
Our numerator is 25. ✅

so, we see that 0.25 is peer to 25/100 .
Key Point: Fractions and decimals are the same thing !

Another Example

Let ‘s use the promptly way to convert this decimal fraction into a fraction .


First, figure out the place value of the last digit.
4 is the last digit. It ‘s in the Tenths place .
A Tenth is 1/10 .
✅ That means our denominator is 10 .
Then, find the number after the decimal point.
It ‘s your numerator!
sol ,

0.4 = 4/10 ✅

Tip: You can simplify 4/10 down to 2 / 5.
If you do n’t remember how to simplify fractions, try the lesson on simplifying fractions to their lowest terms .
here ‘s another case .


What ‘s 0.75 as a fraction ?
That ‘s justly !
fraction formfraction form 0. 75 in fraction phase is 75 / 100.
Tip: You can simplify 75/100 down to 3 / 4!
How about this decimal fraction ? 👇


0. 03 in fraction form is 3 / 100. ✅

Turning Fractions into Decimals

now, let ‘s convert fractions to decimals .
look at this exercise :
55 over 10055 over 100 We can use a place value chart to help us .
place value chartplace value chart The measure of this fraction is less than 1 .
So we write 0 in the Ones place.
After the decimal fraction point, we write 55 for 55 Hundredths.
place value chartplace value chart Our answer is 0. 55.
Let ‘s try another exercise .
fractionfraction Since there are no whole numbers in this decimal fraction, you write 0 in the Ones place. then, put a decimal point after it.
decimal pointdecimal point next, write the numerator, 68 , after the decimal bespeak .
This is the fractions part of the decimal fraction .
decimal pointdecimal point then, our answer is 0. 68.
immediately let ‘s try converting this fraction into a decimal :
7 over 1007 over 100 There ‘s no whole number, so we write 0 in the Ones place.
place value chartplace value chart Our numerator shows that there are 7 Hundredths, but no Tenths .
thus, we write 0 in the Tenths place, and 7 in the Hundredths .
place value chartplace value chart

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7 / 100 in decimal is 0. 07. ✅

Good job! 🎉

now, complete the practice to understand more and remember for longer. 😺 You ‘ll use decimals and fractions your whole life !

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