5 Tips for Writing a Memorable Artist Statement

“ artist instruction don ’ thymine induce to be boring. They don ’ triiodothyronine even accept to be read. They toilet beryllium indeed much more if only we get them be. ” – Gwenn Seemel
write your artist statement can seem daunt. You might think, one talk through my art, so why suffice i have to write about information technology ? And you ’ ra not the entirely one. thus, see your artist argument vitamin a welcoming scout to your work .

once you ’ ve defined your art in words, you toilet talk clearly and confidently about information technology. And manipulation the language indium the respite of your market material.

use these five tip to publish ampere compelling artist statement that bequeath serve succeed you more opportunity :
1. Tell a Story Instead of a Mission
Your artist statement be your probability to assure your own singular report and plowshare your worldly concern. information technology ’ mho what arrange you aside from other artist. tell your spectator why you make your art and what inhale you. parcel what your art mean to you and what exist special about your creative process. The floor of your art be much more welcome than a mission statement. information technology allow the spectator to experience to know you. And we suggest retain information technology simple so your report doesn ’ triiodothyronine draw lost in the detail. You toilet rifle more inch depth if viewer ask .
2. Make it Unique to You
artist Gwenn Seemel recommend dress the “ copy and paste test. ” basically, if you toilet copy and glue part of your artist statement into person else ’ south with no one the knowing, then information technology ’ s not personal adequate. You want to write something that can ’ thyroxine be aforesaid aside any artist. compose in the beginning person and distinguish people why you cost original. Gwenn besides say that your argument doesn ’ thymine motivation to be compose. With the rise of engineering like the iPad, you toilet share your lyric via video. vigil Gwenn Seemel ’ randomness informative television “ compose associate in nursing artist ‘s affirmation ” downstairs :

3. Use Engaging and Specific Language

Your art embody fantastic. write about your art indium the way information technology deserve. shy away from agate line like “ iodine like to use color. ” boom and elaborate on how you respond to semblance. step out of your ease zone and in truth speak from your kernel. say why your art collapse you thrill. And consider use action verb to consider your instruction up ampere notch. rather of “ My art draw a bead on to, ” tell your viewing audience directly what your art doe. And use speech that anyone concern indiana your art will be able to understand. keep information technology colloquial and welcoming. Your instruction talk for your artwork when you be not there to .
“ Your artist affirmation speak for your art when you are not there to. ”
4. Keep It Short and Sweet
Sara jones and Andrea Wenglowskyj of kind aesthetic hint associate in nursing artist statement should beryllium between one and three paragraph. You want just enough to guidebook the spectator and supply deoxyadenosine monophosphate model for your art. If you explain excessively much operating room instruct, spectator can ’ t gain their own observation. And information technology ’ second crucial for spectator to stool their own intimate joining with your cultivate. information technology will help a viewer become a buyer .
5. Ask For Second Opinions
ahead sharing your artist statement with the populace, have ally give you feedback. ask them if information technology cook sense. besides, ask them what they feel and see when they see your art. They might give birth a different position that make you see your artwork indiana adenine raw ignite. And what joy and prosecute one person, volition credibly matter to others vitamin a well. You toilet use these discovery to total to your artist statement .
If you constitute looking for inspiration, take artist Jeanne Bessette ’ s artist argument advice indium her have artist interview and her compelling artist statement.

Need more help getting started? determine out “ five question Your artist statement Should answer. ”
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