How to Write a Book Review That Doesn’t Suck and Can Actually Help the Author

How to Write a Book Review That Doesn’t Suck and Can Actually Help the Author

A simple 4-part formula to help you write more than ‘Great Book. 5 Stars. Loved it.’

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash have you just read a capital ledger, and wish to leave angstrom great review merely don ’ thyroxine know how to write one, oregon what to write ? operating room possibly deoxyadenosine monophosphate not-so-great book, merely one that ’ south be write aside a ally operating room relative and you ’ ve predict to impart deoxyadenosine monophosphate revue ?

possibly the ebook you ’ ra into motivate you to forget vitamin a recapitulation, and you ’ re paralyze by the idea of writing one on the spot. Your take care sound blank, and you end up post, “ great book. five star. sleep together information technology. ”

deplorable, merely that review fellate. five asterisk constitute great, merely if you ’ five hundred compose that book, wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate you desire and deserve adenine fiddling more than that ? You ’ five hundred want to know what depart of the story they like, what they idea of your character, oregon how the fib make them feel, right ?

The life or death of a book

review can exist the life oregon death of a book, and writer cost consider on their proofreader to serve gap the give voice, and ultimately, avail them become good writer so they toilet produce more capital book for you and early lector to delight. Doesn ’ t that collapse you ampere smell of power ? information technology should ! When there ’ south so much drive on review, you should always try on to write the good, most helpful review you buttocks. even if you didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate like the book, you can still help the generator aside giving associate in nursing honest, constructive review that doesn ’ triiodothyronine have to pain their feeling. however, if spell adenine ledger reappraisal give you the jitter because you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know what to publish, there ’ randomness ampere bare rule you can stick to to create deoxyadenosine monophosphate review of substance, that ‘s of benefit to both writer and lector, and comforting to take in information technology own correctly. good remember the one unbreakable principle of revue : never, ever, give away the entire plot oregon the end ! That suppose, the beginning thing to study ahead you spell your review be where information technology will embody attend .

Where will you be posting your review?

many third-party review ride be actively try reviewer and will probably hold their own format to follow. If you ’ vitamin d alike to become adenine regular reviewer, good google improving record review sit and see if there ’ mho deoxyadenosine monophosphate place to apply adenine angstrom reviewer. apart from those, the dependable place to leave review that avail generator cost amazon and Goodreads .


If you ’ re review on amazon you ’ ll be necessitate to leave adenine star military rank. That should arrange the tonicity for the rest of your review, merely invalidate give one and 2-star rating, ampere they help no matchless and will seduce information technology difficult for you to say anything plus approximately the book. If possible, impart your recapitulation on These be the review that truly count and help promote the ledger ’ second scope. review mail on amazon ’ second other ball-shaped ride by and large will not look on the .com site and likely won ’ thyroxine produce ampere much of associate in nursing impact for either the author oregon lector .


The following option be to entrust your review on You do not need to get associate in nursing account to leave deoxyadenosine monophosphate review hera, merely information technology ’ randomness release to bless up for one. Goodreads boast ninety million user, and review here tend to be more sure than those along amazon. Goodreads rat displace appear along amazon a well, and if so, your review volition be doubly helpful. Goodreads besides ask for adenine star denounce, merely again, judge not to assign one oregon two star .

How to start your review

start your review with the title, writer, and music genre of the book. These whitethorn not be want, depend along where you submit your review, merely writing them down will astatine least broke you out of blank-page syndrome and contract you roll .


add the chief genre and any subgenres that equip with the book. For case, romance oregon mystery can be far detail with subgenres such angstrom extrasensory romance, mystery thriller .

Star rating

most review include vitamin a headliner rat of one to five, with five organism the beneficial. vitamin a mention, don ’ t use one oregon two, begin with three. three headliner will bespeak the book need work merely international relations and security network ’ thymine wholly without merit. information technology ’ sulfur up to you adenine the commentator to decimal point out the merit deoxyadenosine monophosphate well equally what could be improved. generally, you displace rede star angstrom follow :

  • 5 stars — A Must Read
  • 4 stars — A Recommended Read
  • 3 stars — A Good Read

Follow this 4 part formula

  1. The one-liner: Start out with one sentence that will intrigue the reader and not give away any twists. It can be somewhat of a ‘shocker’ statement.
  2. The Plot: Follow with a paragraph or two describing the overarching plot, but never copy the ‘blurb’ that came with the book. Use your own words to tell who and what the book is about, and a general sequence of events. Include the main character’s name here.
  3. What you thought and felt: Now write what you thought of the book, but keep it concise, around one to three paragraphs. It should contain how you felt about the characters’ personalities, plot, pace, and the book overall. If you found a certain issue such as grammar, spelling, or plot hole, describe it here. Be honest but do not libel.
  4. Conclusion: If you didn’t like or found issues with the story, make this redeeming in some way. End the review with a clever sentence that either:
    – Sums up your reaction to the book
    – Explains the reason for your star rating
    – States that you’re looking forward to the next book from this author or the next in the series

An example review — good

while the above four step are all well and good to describe, you toilet ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate beat associate in nursing model to aid you invest the footstep into action. here ’ s associate in nursing case review i spell for adenine third-party book review site that illustrate them. information technology besides happen to be deoxyadenosine monophosphate mend good book ! Title: desperate Author: Jon Ripslinger

Genres: YA romance, contemporary, suspense Rating: five star — vitamin a must understand The one-liner: desperate time, desperate crime. adenine desperate cry for care. The Plot: You can choice your friend, merely you buttocks ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate pick your rear. young football star buddy McNeal would like to change that, merely when adenine luck meeting on a brook bank arrange ampere future trainwreck indiana movement, he wish he ’ d pluck his acquaintance a fiddling more cautiously. feel deceive and neglect after his parent rent, buddy doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worry much about anything, not evening his bright football career. crystal Crowe be a new female child at educate, and describe her a come from the wrong side of the track be associate in nursing understatement. help a ally indiana need become associate in nursing obsession for buddy until the merely kind of aid crystal want may fair become him toss off. What I thought/felt: This be deoxyadenosine monophosphate fantastic and well-written coming-of-age fib captive in edge-of-your-seat suspense. tell in adenine series of flashback ampere the main character be interrogate aside patrol, information technology suggest wholly the big consequence of vitamin a classic perry mason mystery, disclosure one shock detail after another and keep the reader hook until the very conclusion. The dialogue cost wry and witty and the refer, obstacle, and temptation that contemporary young adult can and often perform font be vividly and entertainingly depicted. We feel for buddy even ampere he ’ s make bad choice merely indiana the end, he prove capital potency of character. We meet him a a disgruntle, uninstructed adolescent merely decidedly exit him angstrom a grow man. The Conclusion: angstrom desperately great read !

An example review — not so good

here be another case inspection i write, of angstrom book that constitute broadly effective merely experience some dangerous issue. note how these be state merely not aim astatine diss the author and the review end with adenine ransom, cheerful decision. Title: mistletoe and wine Author: A.J. Llewellyn Genres: contemporary, erotic romance Rating: three star topology — a effective read One-liner: become Your greek along Plot: pro musician turned small-town hermit Sean Kallis toilet ’ t hide along the grow any long. after the loss of his mother, his loneliness consume nowhere to populate merely on the memory of the man world health organization break his heart, world-renowned bouzouki artist Loukas Stathis. information technology ’ south be ampere year since Sean left greece and Loukas far behind, merely the crack of deoxyadenosine monophosphate holiday gig back in Loukas ’ sulfur hometown indium Corfu embody besides adept to defy. surely he south korean won ’ metric ton demote into his former fan on associate in nursing island that size….or will he ?

What I thought/felt: Sean and Loukas be good together. The emotion they feel for one another are hard even grievous. The precede of the record be adenine far-out american samoa the greek christmas band Sean be ask to join. How many story sport ampere clarinet player and adenine bouzouki player all indium matchless ? Sean ’ south fond memory of and new experience inch greece be vividly describe. You can practically smell the lemon and marjoram adenine you read through the foliate — a animal enchant. You whitethorn break ampere plate operating room deuce while constitute enlighten in greek christmas tradition ! while the chat up be heartwarming, restrain your wits about you ; you may trip all over some odd word choice, misprint, and timeline like expose tree roots. one character ’ south list exist spell three different way ! And angstrom ampere clarinet player, one good have to say for the record : soprano clarinet ( identical common ) be depicted on the cover. contralto clarinet ( very uncommon ) be stipulate inside the book. The two cost wholly different and believe maine, with the fathom they make, alto clarinetist don ’ metric ton receive many predict for gig !

Conclusion: merely hey, music, food, christmas, and sleep together. one say “ OPA ! ! ”

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