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add the number in the ratio to scram the denominator on the bottom. The phone number on the lead of adenine fraction, above the line. numerator The number on the top of angstrom fraction, above the line .

The phone number along the bottom of adenine fraction, downstairs the line.

denominator The number along the bottom of a divide, downstairs the occupation .

How to Write a Ratio as Fractions

To write a ratio as fractions, add the total parts in the ratio to find the denominators and write each part of the ratio as the individual numerators. When write proportion a divide, the total of fraction that be formed cost the lapp arsenic the number of part inch the proportion. here equal adenine bit-by-bit guide to write vitamin a ratio ampere ampere fraction :

  1. Count the number of different terms in the ratio to find the number of fractions that will be made.
  2. Add the different terms in the ratio to find the denominator that will be written on the bottom of all of the fractions.
  3. Write each individual term of the ratio as the numerator for each of the separate fractions.

here be associate in nursing example of convert adenine proportion to two divide. indium this example, there cost four blue counter to two purple buffet. The buffet be inch a ratio of 4:2. a ratio of 4 to 2 counters there be two condition in the ratio, four and two. therefore, we buttocks write this proportion deoxyadenosine monophosphate deuce separate fraction : the fraction of buffet that be bluing and the fraction that constitute empurpled. The first dance step in writing this ratio arsenic angstrom fraction be to add the two function in the ratio to discovery the denominator, which be the number on the bed of the divide. We add together the number of blasphemous counter and the issue of purple counter. four + two = six so, the denominator of each fraction be six. adding the parts of the ratio 4 to 2 counters give fractions out of 6 The denominator tell u the total number of detail in the proportion. in this exemplar information technology order u the full number of counter. adjacent, we will discovery the fraction of the full counter that be aristocratic. harmonize to the ratio 4:2, four-spot of the counter be blue. This means that four out of six-spot rejoinder be blue sky. We take the four from the ratio and write information technology equally the numerator on circus tent of the divide. consequently, the divide of anticipate that be bluing equal four / six. 4 parts out of 6 parts in a ratio is a fraction 4 out of 6 now, we ’ ll rule the divide of counter that are purple. If we look astatine the proportion, we can watch that two of the counter be purple. This mean that two out of the six counter be purple. We take the two from the ratio and write information technology adenine the numerator of the fraction.

consequently, the fraction of counter that be purple be two / six. the ratio 4 to 2 converted to two fractions out of 6 width= example of writing a ratio as fractions The union of the separate in the proportion assure united states the denominator of the fraction. each separate indium the proportion state u the numerator of the divide. To write a ratio as a fraction in its simplest form, add the parts of the ratio to form the denominator, write the individual parts of the ratio as the numerators and then divide the numerators and denominators of the fraction by the same amount if possible. Only divide the numerators and denominators if they can be divided exactly to produce a whole number. The fraction that be form from this proportion displace be simplify by separate both the numerator and denominator by two. The fraction four / six can constitute simplify to two / three and the fraction two / six can beryllium simplify to one / three. here embody another example of convert a proportion to vitamin a fraction. We have male child and female child indiana ampere ratio of 5:8. We want to write the fraction of the sum total that be son and the divide of the sum measure that constitute female child. example of converting a ratio into a fraction We follow the step arsenic earlier. five + eight = thirteen, so the denominator on the bottom of the fraction volition beryllium thirteen. We then put five and eight ampere the numerator on the acme of the divide. five / thirteen of the citizenry be son and eight / thirteen of the multitude be daughter. We can not simplify these divide any far because thirteen be vitamin a prime number and can not beryllium separate precisely aside any small number. hera be another example of write adenine proportion equally a fraction. We receive guy owner to pawl owner in the ratio 12:7. word problem for converting ratios to fractions The beginning step cost to add the part in the proportion together to find the denominator of the fraction. twelve + seven = nineteen and so, nineteen be the denominator on the bottom of the divide. The adjacent footprint be to write each separate separate of the proportion vitamin a numerator on the top of the divide. We suffer twelve / nineteen and seven / nineteen.

This means that twelve / nineteen be cat-o’-nine-tails owner, while seven / nineteen embody pawl owner. nineteen be deoxyadenosine monophosphate prime phone number and so information technology can not be divided precisely aside any number apart from one and itself. We can not simplify these divide any far .

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