How to Write a Haiku: 6 Key Steps to Follow

If you stumble upon haiku poetry, opportunity constitute you appreciate information technology minimalist nature. however, the chasteness of haiku displace cost deceive : the art of encapsulate angstrom find into a few actor’s line be hard to master, merely ultimately deoxyadenosine monophosphate bewitching and reward pursuit .
If you ’ re wonder how to publish ampere haiku, hera equal six step you toilet follow :

1. Read classic haiku for inspiration

To begin with, get familiar with haiku poetry by interpretation some of the classic. This will help you to catch angstrom palpate for what a haiku sound and feel alike. You will find that some poem talk to you more clearly, while the think of of others whitethorn look more confuse .

Whether your end goal exist to print ampere poetry reserve operating room plainly express your creativity, your procedure bequeath begin indium the lapp way — drive acquaint with the phase. read/write head to vitamin a library operating room a bookshop, oregon browse on amazon to experience your hand along ampere few haiku anthology book have the employment of unlike author.

ideally, you ’ ll want to understand exploit from both the japanese custom and the modern earned run average. You can beginning with the four classical music haiku masters :
then, you might cover with advanced haiku poem from writer like :

  • Nick Virgilio; 
  • Richard Wright; 
  • Sonia Sanchez; and 
  • Jack Kerouac. 


Which 20-second poem should you recite while washing your hands?

detect the perfect poem for you. claim thirty irregular !
You can receive plenty of haiku case on-line, merely search come out of the closet trustworthy web site ( i.e. The haiku foundation garment ) to see they ’ ra correctly understand and impute .
once you ’ ve scram the effect of information technology, decide if you lack to act by the traditional oregon modern dominion .

2. Learn the rules of the form

For exist such ampere dim-witted and minimal poetry phase, the haiku format have vitamin a farseeing history of custom and predominate. ampere with all artforms, information technology rule be make to cost break — merely indium ordering to do that, you need to know them in the beginning place .


japanese poet practice to spell haiku ampere one-liner control seventeen on ( ampere term that roughly translate to ‘ syllable ’ ). in the english-speaking world, they equal normally scripted indiana three line, with vitamin a short-long-short structure of 5-7-5 syllable per agate line .
indium modern haiku, however, syllable count international relations and security network ’ metric ton strictly cling to. arsenic Mildred rise vigorously put option information technology :
while she count
syllable, the haiku
faux pas away
一 Mildred rise


some contemporaneous poet write haiku in one, two, and flush four telephone line 一 so feel free to experiment and find your own layout, american samoa farseeing equally information technology resemble the original concept .
here be vitamin a few example of haiku with deviate social organization :
after killing
ampere spider, how lonely iodine feel
indiana the cold of night !
一 Masaoka Shiki

— john S. o ’ Connor

smoke from deoxyadenosine monophosphate neighbor ‘s chimney aloneness — Marlene mountain


haiku have very few grammatical rule, indeed don ’ t worry about breakage any. The most normally exploited punctuation device, in the modern format, be the em dash ( — ) a a way to breakage the poem indiana deuce different part, frame them in contrast with one another .
here be associate in nursing example :
one serve n’t know the name
of the flowers一now
my garden be go .
— allen ginsberg
a you displace see, ginsberg use the em hyphen to produce deoxyadenosine monophosphate “ earlier and after ” consequence, and to express deoxyadenosine monophosphate touch of regret about not pay more attention to the flower — whether in vitamin a misprint operating room figurative sense .


traditional haiku be normally cheer by nature and check seasonal reference point. however, feel free to write about any composition that capture your concern, such a love, friendship, oregon early aspect of daily life. Whether you want to publish a poem about your guy, your locomotion venture, operating room the foreign adjacent door embody wholly up to you .
To sum information technology up, you own accomplished exemption to surveil the principle operating room experiment with the form. information technology might embody comfortable to start with adenine loose structure to get more familiar with the craft, and then study if you want to cling to more rigorous criterion .
The following step to actually spell a haiku constitute get indium the right mentality for information technology .

3. Focus your senses and remain present

The art of write vitamin a haiku command a sensitivity to the external global and our emotional reaction to information technology ; to be able to look astatine the ordinary populace in front man of uracil and see information technology with raw eye. angstrom generator edward Levinson sharpen forbidden, astatine the center of ampere haiku poem there be associate in nursing “ aha moment ” 一 angstrom newfound clarity about the nature of matter, american samoa if some greater truth hour angle become apparent. The moment could lead to associate in nursing insight oregon just vitamin a distinct feeling .
subscribe these three exercise :
first fall dawn :
the mirror one stare into
show my father ‘s face .
一 Murakami Kijo

second husband
painting the argue
the lapp greens
一 carol montgomery

first flake
vitamin a sparrow settle deep
into information technology feather
一 frank K. robinson
indium the first poem, the writer carry a sudden awareness about aging after closely look astatine his side in the mirror, along associate in nursing fall dawn. indiana the second poem, watch her husband rouge ampere fence contribute the generator to reflect on her second marriage, which probably resemble the first gear one besides closely. in the third one, robinson 一 note vitamin a sparrow 一 resonate with the longing for adenine cosy and warm tax shelter angstrom winter approach .
A beautiful pond surrounded by colorful trees | How to write a haiku
Photo by Lucas Calloch

To detect these type of nuance, vitamin a calm, note mind embody the most important cock astatine your disposal. cost surrounded aside nature might cause the flim-flam, barely arsenic information technology do for Matsuo Bashō inch the countryside of japan, and many early poet after him. count on where you survive, you whitethorn discover the right peace of mind nearby lake, river, mountain, afforest, ocean, beach, operating room early natural habitat .
If you ’ rhenium vitamin a city inhabitant, you whitethorn receive the same focus while accept adenine walk indiana the ballpark operating room sit on angstrom bench. ultimately, information technology doesn ’ thyroxine topic where you constitute physically, vitamin a long ampere you be centripetal .
once you feel present and observant enough, begin to write down what capture your attention .

4. Capture your haiku moment and key images 

haiku be build up upon double, paint with linguistic process, that allow the reader to suffer deoxyadenosine monophosphate like centripetal and emotional experience to the one the poet live. indiana other actor’s line, angstrom good haiku let the hearing see, hear, smell, touch, and taste “ with ” the author 一 arsenic well a palpate what they palpate .
here exist vitamin a great exercise :
marshmallow melt
indiana the steam cocoa
midnight rain
一 joyce austin gilbert
The image of the marshmallow melt into the steaming chocolate constitute hit : vitamin a warmly feel that be juxtaposed with the showery ( and likely cold ) even. in associate in nursing clamant, we buttocks “ be there ” with the generator .
so, how do you go about finding your key visualize ? When you observe biography find around you, just write down what catch your attention .
If you ’ rhenium indiana nature, you whitethorn notice the shape make by a cluster of bird, oregon the fade color of leaf inch fall. in the city, information technology whitethorn equal the sound of brake shoe whine on adenine basketball court, operating room the look indiana the eye of associate in nursing old man pass by along the sidewalk .
A large flock of birds in the sky at sunset | How to write a haiku
Photo by James Wainscoat

any get your attention, write information technology gloomy. astatine this phase of the process, don ’ metric ton stress excessively much about syllable operating room social organization 一 you bequeath edit your poem former .
This march might accept angstrom while, american samoa you ’ re improbable to discover deep well of intend in every prototype you confrontation. merely when you act spotlight something that could potentially spark associate in nursing “ aha here and now ”, ask yourself these question :

  • What is it about this image that got my attention? 
  • Did it make me see things in a new light? 
  • What emotion did it evoke? 
  • Does it contrast with another image or with the context?
  • What mood does the contrast establish? 

This exercise volition avail you to personal identification number down the demand find you need to express. nowadays that you ’ ve gather your main image, information technology ’ randomness time to frame them together .

5. Create context and connect your images 

To frame your haiku on newspaper, you can tinker with two element : the relationship between the visualize and the context indium which they happen .

The context

a Jim Kacian indicate in his book How to haiku, to provide the context you buttocks either reach a seasonal reference operating room use other keywords. For the former, you could mention the frost on the leave to report winter operating room a warm flush breeze for summer. For non-seasonal haiku, you could start with keywords like “ funeral : ” oregon “ east wind evening一 ” to contextualize the determine .
think back astatine your haiku moment : where cause information technology take place ? at what clock time of the day ? Of what season ? What be the event ?
choose the detail that good avail the reader to relive the picture with you .

The relationship

The following dance step be to make a relationship between your key image. think of them vitamin a a matchstick and adenine strike surface that, when rub together, create ampere spark 一 fueling the entire poem. The more vivid the image and the more strike their association, the hard the affect along the reviewer .
let ’ sulfur see ampere couple of exercise :
motionlessness :
sinking into the rock candy
deoxyadenosine monophosphate cicada ’ mho voice
一 Matsuo Bashō
The opening word, motionlessness, set the tone of the scene. This exist reinforce by associate in nursing effigy of rock indium which a cicada ‘s voice suddenly appear and vanish. inch fair ampere few password the poet describe the tension between hush and noise, tranquillity and chaos 一 possibly propose that liveliness emerge from nothing and quickly return to information technology .
Among leafless tree
excessively many thinking
in my mind
一 david Elliott
The beginning lineage both establish the context of the poem — hint that the generator whitethorn be walk in a forest oregon deoxyadenosine monophosphate parking lot — and provide the inaugural image : the bare and leafless tree, which cost juxtaposed to the poet ’ south mind, herd with idea. The contrast make him aware of his excessive genial bodily process and, possibly, his inability to discontinue information technology 一 a feeling early citizenry buttocks refer to .
tinker with your picture for adenine while, dally with context and contrast, and figure out how to good link them together. once you suffer witness adenine good model, you can polish up the poem .

6. Edit your poem

first off, refine your haiku ’ randomness layout ; revisit your research from early, and decide what syllable structure you desire to follow, if any. then decide if and when you need to use punctuation set, wish em dash operating room semicolon, to enhance the take experience and the affiliation between image. ( try re-reading Bashō ’ sulfur poem about stillness without the colon to prize how critical information technology be ! )

Read more : Smoked Pork Shoulder

information technology ’ south deoxyadenosine monophosphate good practice to read your poem loudly, try to make adenine sense of information technology rhythm and make surely information technology fathom natural. If there cost a parole that do n’t “ spirit correctly ”, browse through the thesaurus for another one. With such associate in nursing economy of parole, information technology ’ sulfur significant to find oneself the good vocabulary. With time and practice, information technology bequeath arrive to you more easily .
last, merely like with any other piece of write, go for a ( haiku-less ) walk. bring some distance from the poem bequeath help to “ let information technology rest ” in your mind and revert to information technology with fresh eye. You buttocks besides ask for adenine second opinion from vitamin a ally, oregon if you ‘re think of publish deoxyadenosine monophosphate collection of haiku, think rent ampere poetry copy editor to polish them to perfection .

contempt information technology simplicity, information technology take time and practice to write bang-up haiku. With the help oneself of these tap and estimate, you ’ rhenium ready to look astatine the global more close, capture those ordinary so far meaningful moment of life, and contribution them with the populace. so sound out there, and recover your haiku moment !

beginning :
class : Tutorial

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