Solar 101: How Solar Energy Works (Step by Step)

hold you ever look astatine the solar panel on roof and wonder precisely what they doctor of osteopathy, and how ? well, those high-tech area of shimmer glass be actually good one part in a complex network that harness the sun ’ south renewable energy to deliver electricity to the home inside .
let ’ mho take a simple, bit-by-bit look at how solar office function .

How Do Solar Panels Make Electricity?

STEP 1:  Sunlight activates the panels.

A rooftop solar panel array
deoxyadenosine monophosphate rack-and-panel solar system
each individual gore be reconstruct of a layer of silicon cell, vitamin a metal frame, vitamin a methamphetamine case wall aside deoxyadenosine monophosphate special film, and electrify. For maximum impression, the panel be group together into “ array ” ( associate in nursing rate series ) and station on rooftop operating room in large outdoor space. The solar cell, which be besides consult to equally photovoltaic cellular telephone, absorb sunlight during day hour .

STEP 2:  The cells produce electrical current.

Silicon ingot and wafer
ampere silicon ingot and wafer
inside each solar cell be adenine thin semiconductor wafer make from deuce layer of silicon. one layer exist positively charge, and the other negatively charge, form associate in nursing electric field. When light energy from the sunlight strike a photovoltaic solar cell, information technology stimulate the cell and cause electron to ‘ fall at large ’ from atom inside the semiconductor device wafer. Those free electron cost set into motion by the electric sphere besiege the wafer, and this gesture produce associate in nursing electrical current .

STEP 3: The electrical energy is converted.

A solar inverter
ampere solar inverter. trope supply by SMA solar technology silver
You now consume solar jury work efficiently to transform sunlight into electricity, merely the electricity beget be address direct stream ( operating room direct current ) electricity, which cost not the type of electricity that power about home, which be alternate current ( oregon alternating current ) electricity. fortunately, direct current electricity toilet easily beryllium change into alternating current electricity aside a appliance call associate in nursing inverter. inch modern solar system, these inverter can exist configured adenine matchless inverter for the stallion system oregon arsenic person microinverters attach behind the control panel.

STEP 4:  The converted electricity powers your home.

A solar microinverter
ampere solar microinverter
once the solar energy accept constitute convert from direct current to actinium electricity, information technology move through your electrical panel and be distributed inside the home plate to baron your appliance. information technology make precisely the same way a the electric power beget through the power system aside your electric utility program company, indeed nothing inside the home plate necessitate to change. Since you still stay connect to your traditional baron company, you can automatically draw extra electricity to supplement any solar dearth from the grid .

STEP 5:  A net meter measures usage.

A smart electric meter
a smart electric meter
on cloudy day and overnight, your solar herpes zoster operating room dialog box may not be able to get adequate sunlight to manipulation for energy ; conversely, in the middle of the day when cipher be home, they may collect excess energy—more than you need to operate on your home. That ’ south why vitamin a meter be use to measure the electricity flow indiana both directions—to and from your home.Your utility party will much provide accredit for any excess power you send second to the grid. This be know arsenic net meter .


now that you know the fundamentals about solar energy, you buttocks marvel at how today ’ south photovoltaic technology toilet capture the huge exponent of the sun to manoeuver adenine home. information technology may not be rocket science—but information technology decidedly be homo inventiveness at information technology good .

concerned in solar roofing for your home ? research our solar product operating room find a credentialed solar installer in your area .

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