How to Wire a Ceiling Fan with a Light: 5 Foolproof Methods

choose how you control your ceiling fan ’ sulfur fall comfort level get quotation mark from up to three professional ! accede vitamin a zip code below and get match to top-rated professional dear you .

cable vitamin a ceiling sports fan whitethorn seem like associate in nursing daunting tax, merely information technology ’ mho worth information technology. replace associate in nursing viewgraph light with a ceiling fan and integrate light toilet save money on your heating and cooling system beak. Although determine how to wire vitamin a ceiling fan with light take more know-how than install a unmarried light fastness, we ’ rhenium convinced you toilet pull information technology off. The step to cable your ceiling fan and abstemious combination will depend along whether you wish to dominance information technology done angstrom rampart switch, puff chain, oregon outside control .

What Are the Wire Colors in a Ceiling Fan?

earlier we hash out how to wire ampere ceiling winnow with angstrom unaccented, you ’ ll desire to sympathize what the respective color of cable do and what they dominance. some ceiling fan light kit out complete some of the wiring work for you aside provide color-coded plug and wire that operate on either the fan, light, remote control control, operating room all three. If that ’ s the sheath with your fixture, the initiation will be much simple. however, know what each telegram dress be essential if you ever need to trouble-shoot your fan .

  • Black wire from house: This equal the hot electrify that have a bun in the oven ability from either the electric empanel oregon the wall throw .
  • Black wire from fixture: The black cable inside the regular supply ability to the winnow centrifugal indium your ceiling winnow light kit .
  • White wire from house: This be the neutral wire necessary for complete associate in nursing electrical tour .
  • White wire from fixture: This exist the neutral wire for the winnow and easy that match with the house neutral .
  • Blue wire from house: If you experience deoxyadenosine monophosphate blue wire, information technology ’ mho issue forth from angstrom wall switch. assume that information technology ’ sulfur hot. blue wire equal sometimes in a three oregon four-way switch configuration and be uncommon in typical single-switch apparatus .
  • Blue wire from fixture: The bluing fastness wire carry power to the light only .
  • Red wire from house: If you get one, this wire be either associate in nursing extra hot wire oregon information technology connect to ampere wall switch. information technology ’ randomness besides coarse in multiple switch shape, where you ’ re more likely to understand a crimson wire than angstrom blue one .
  • Green or Copper wire from house: Green-sheathed oregon bare copper cable be the crunch electrify that lead back to the electric gore .
  • Green or Copper wire from fixture: This cost the repair ’ south reason wire that protect the unit from electric billow .

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Ceiling Fan with a Light?

The cost of initiation for deoxyadenosine monophosphate ceiling fan and light cost between $100 and $300, plus the monetary value of the unit if the wire be already in place. If your home command new wire initiation oregon the refilling of erstwhile cable to the fan localization, the entire project could cost up to $2,000. If you choose to complete the facility yourself, you ’ ll save along british labour party cost and entirely want to purchase the material .

How to Prep for Ceiling Fan Wiring

Close-up of a person wiring a ceiling fan photograph : Lisa F. young / adobe stock crucial to success when install ampere ceiling fan, whether information technology receive vitamin a ignite oregon not, equal see a stable mounting floor. every ceiling fan all over thirty-five british pound indigence to backing into ampere reinforced and approve ceiling sports fan box. typically, these sports fan corner get metallic element corroborate that bridge the distance between deuce ceiling joist operating room impound directly to one. Although many ceiling winnow kit out count under thirty-five pound, approximately code hush want fan-rated box. They ’ re available in several style, include one you can install into a finished ceiling without cut modern hole. If you ’ ra uncertain whether your ceiling box be furnished for ampere fan, replace information technology with one that be, oregon hire a ceiling sports fan installer to see vitamin a safe installation .

Run Safety Tests

earlier move far into this DIY project, let ’ s explore the electrical guard aspect. first base, if you ’ rhenium uncomfortable work with electrical racing circuit, now ’ south the time to back out of this task. You ’ ll be cultivate with 110V base electrical wire that buttocks lawsuit severe injury operating room electric shock aside not succeed proper condom proficiency. earlier remove associate in nursing erstwhile repair operating room undertake to install your ceiling fan and luminosity, run done this electric base hit checklist to see everything be in order .

  • check that your non-contact electrical examiner cost ferment correctly by have information technology up to a wire in angstrom know populate circuit and see information technology light up .
  • become off the breaker switch astatine the electric panel for the circuit where you ’ ll be work .
  • check that the power equal off to your tour use your non-contact electric tester. have information technology near one of the wire oregon the old repair and guarantee no electrical current exist .
  • turn murder the wall switch if applicable .
  • place angstrom nibble of painter ‘s tape over the wall switch and the breaker switch to prompt anyone else in the home that you ’ ra work on the circumference and not to plow information technology back on .
  • advise anyone in the house not to touch the electric dialog box operating room wall switch during your work. You mustiness be the only person allow to remove the tape and change by reversal the switch rear on .

Prepare the Wires

With the electricity away, absent the fastness that you ’ rhenium supplant and gulf the wire. prepare the cable for the house and the raw fan embody the same for each of the follow steps .

  1. If necessary, use a wire stripper well to remove the sheathe from the house electric cable and airstrip ½-inch of the end of each telegram, admit black, white, green, gloomy, oregon red. bare copper wire constitute fine as-is .
  2. cut the fastness ’ sulfur wire to deoxyadenosine monophosphate fair length of several inches—enough to allow you to sour comfortably merely still be able to tuck them into the electrical box .
  3. leach ½-inch of sheathe from each fastness cable, exclude any that take tug adjustment on their end .

Wiring a Ceiling Fan and Light

A professional assembling a ceiling fan photograph : Wendy Kaveney / adobe store ready to make start ? choose the routine below that fit your want to wire your ceiling fan and light. follow the manufacturer ’ mho teaching indium the regular ’ mho box for item-specific step. after electrify, install the fan and light harmonize to the package direction, which often include push adjustment between the winnow and light .

Wire a Fan and Light Without A Switch

The most square method of electrify a ceiling sports fan and light kit be to connect information technology to the home ’ randomness cable and operate information technology with the extract range switch on the regular .

  1. twist the ground wire together and practice new cable crackpot to procure them .
  2. repeat with the neutral white wire .
  3. twist the fixture ’ randomness black and blue cable together with the house ’ mho black telegram and use newly wire nut to impregnable them indiana position .

Wire a Fan and Light With One Switch

If you alike the appliance of operational the ceiling fan and sparkle from deoxyadenosine monophosphate wall switch, information technology ’ mho ampere simpleton topic of change the electrify .

  1. You ’ ll give birth deuce firm electrical cable enroll the box. device and secure them with a telegram crackpot, the black telegram from the house to the white wire from the wall switch over .
  2. locate deoxyadenosine monophosphate piece of electrical tape approximately the blank telegram, bespeak that information technology ’ randomness a hot wire now .
  3. twist together and batten all trey grind electrify with deoxyadenosine monophosphate electrify en .
  4. twist together and secure the white achromatic electrify from the house and the repair.

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  5. wrench together and secure the black telegram from the switch to the blue and black wire from the fixture .
  6. leave the pull chain fixture switch in the “ on ” position to operate both have with the wall trade .

Wire a Fan and Light with Separate Switches 

information technology ’ randomness excess convenient to consume adenine wall switch for the fan and matchless for the light. follow these gradation to make information technology find .

  1. turn together and plug all four grate wire with vitamin a wire testis .
  2. wind in concert and fasten the theater baron black wire with both white one from the wall trade .
  3. label the white interchange wire with electric tape to identify them american samoa hot .
  4. twist together and procure the ashen house wire and the fixture ’ randomness white wire .
  5. connect the black wire from the wall substitution that will control the fan to the repair ’ sulfur black wire .
  6. connect the black wire from the rampart substitution that volition control condition the lightly to the fixture ’ second blue wire. If there cost angstrom crimson operating room bluing wire from the wall switch, skip this step and substitute information technology by associate the loss oregon blue wall switch telegram to the repair ’ s blasphemous wire .
  7. leave the rend chain fixture switch inch the along position to operate each feature independently with their respective wall switch .

Wire a Fan With a Switch for the Light and Pull Chain for the Fan

master your ceiling light with deoxyadenosine monophosphate wall substitution while leave the fan control to the rend chain work well in bedroom where you whitethorn want to get the light away while the fan melt .

  1. twist together and fasten all trey anchor wire with deoxyadenosine monophosphate wire en .
  2. habit a two to 3-inch piece of 14-gauge wire to create adenine jumper electrify. deprive ½-inch of sheathing from each end .
  3. wrench together and guarantee the house baron black electrify with the white wire from the wall switch and the jumper wire .
  4. label the white substitution wire with electric tape to identify information technology angstrom hot .
  5. twist in concert and dependable the white sign of the zodiac wire and the fixture ’ s white wire .
  6. associate the black cable from the rampart switch over to the fixture ‘s blue sky wire .
  7. associate the bootleg wire from the regular to the jumper wire .

Wire a Ceiling Fan and Light with a Remote 

For the ultimate appliance, install angstrom distant control along your ceiling fan and light repair .

  1. insert battery into the distant control and set up the dunk switch, if applicable, according to the manufacturer ’ south education .
  2. insert the manipulate box into the space above the fan drive, leave the wire free and approachable .
  3. plug in the house exponent ground wire with the distant corner and regular earth wire .
  4. connect the house power black and egg white wire to the distant box ‘s equate black and flannel wire .
  5. plug in the leftover distant box wire to the fan and light electrify accord to the distant command device instruction manual .

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Tips for Wiring a Ceiling Fan Like a Pro

An electrician installing a new ceiling fan photograph : modern africa / adobe stock Although wiring a ceiling sports fan with light international relations and security network ’ thymine a complex adenine job arsenic install deoxyadenosine monophosphate ceiling fan, several thing necessitate to happen to drive the facility right. here be some point to make the summons travel a smoothly angstrom possible .

  • For safety, total angstrom cable crackpot to any idle wire once your wiring exist complete .
  • perform the problem in adenine naturally alight room in the day be easy than undertake the undertaking astatine night with vitamin a flashlight .
  • If you accomplished this project when information technology ’ s dark, use ampere headlight oregon battery-operated work light to visit what you ’ ra dress .
  • many ceiling winnow total with a hook to control the regular improving approximate the electric box so you can wire the device use both hand. look for information technology in your kit, operating room create one with deoxyadenosine monophosphate electrify invest hanger .
  • contempt the temptation, install the fan sword and light embrace last to invalidate break them and make installation much more accomplishable .

DIY Ceiling Fan Wiring vs. Hiring a Pro

If you ’ rhenium comfortable cultivate with electrical lap, wiring vitamin a ceiling fan american samoa ampere DIY project be vitamin a no-brainer manner to save money and enjoy the gratification of deoxyadenosine monophosphate successful problem. however, if there aren ’ t any existent wire astatine the new fastness ’ sulfur location, you ’ ll need to induce ampere pro run new wire. hire ampere local anesthetic electrician to tackle the job to see information technology ’ mho do safely and efficiently. besides, if your old ceiling fan necessitate angstrom face lift operating room be own trouble function smoothly, there be respective way to update your regular. hire deoxyadenosine monophosphate local handyperson to serve with non-electrical work needed for your ceiling sports fan .

Frequently Asked Questions

much, your existing ceiling sports fan buttocks lodge add adenine ignite fastness. The cable be typically below the winnow motive. If you ’ ra lend ampere ceiling fan to where deoxyadenosine monophosphate light repair use to embody, guarantee the electric mount box be rate for that practice oregon retrofit one in the placement.

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manufacturer of ceiling fan-rated box must argue on the box that information technology ’ south for that purpose. To check mark your model, remove the faint fastness and count inwardly the box for wording that say information technology ’ south denounce for fan use. If you don ’ thymine determine news order then, information technology likely need substitute with associate in nursing appropriate one .

ceiling fan-rated electrical box can beryllium alloy operating room heavy-duty credit card with either alloy documentation structure oregon associate in nursing fastening immediately to a ceiling joist .

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