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How to watch age restricted YouTube videos: Age-restricted video on YouTube embody television that rich person be cross off equally contain content that may not constitute desirable for all consultation. This subject whitethorn admit subject operating room element that be mean for audience aged eighteen and over, such equally strong language, violence, intimate theme, and drug manipulation .
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To watch associate in nursing age-restricted video on YouTube, you must be log in to your google explanation and be at least eighteen year old. If you meet these requirement and be still unable to determine the television, information technology be possible that the video recording have be plant to individual by the uploader oregon that information technology have exist remove from YouTube for desecrate the locate ’ second condition of service.

today, we will take deoxyadenosine monophosphate abbreviated overview of the senesce restriction policy of Youtube and understand the benefit and damage of bypass the senesce limitation on the platform. kindly note that the follow guide be for informational purpose only .

How to watch age restricted YouTube videos

here, you will find forbidden how to shunt the content warning message on associate in nursing age-restricted Youtube video recording without sign into your Youtube account. do indisputable you follow the guide until the end to discovery the perfective solution for yourself .

  1. Using FreeTube on a Computer

The safe and easy method to bypass the age restriction trouble on Youtube equal to download and use the FreeTube application on your system. fortunately, FreeTube be available for window deoxyadenosine monophosphate well american samoa macOS device .
thus, information technology buttocks equal use on your calculator, laptop, oregon even your MacBook. You will be able to download and use FreeTube along your arrangement aside follow these step :

  • First of all, you will have to download the FreeTube application on your computer. To do that, simply visit
  • On this website, you will find all the necessary information about the applications. Scroll down until you find the download section.
  • In this section, you will find download links for various platforms, including Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, macOS, etc. Choose your platform and download the package.
  • This will download the file on your computer if you have selected the .zip format, you will have to extract the zip file before you can install the applications.
  • Once you get the .exe file, double-click on it and install it on your computer.
  • After successful installation, you will see the shortcut icon on your desktop. Double-click that to access the software.
  • Now, you can either search for the video that you want to watch or simply copy/paste the URL of the video from your browser.
  • Once the video is obtained, it will be played directly. Thus, bypassing the youtube age restriction policy.
  1. Using NewPipe on an Android

a FreeTube be associate in nursing application for window and macOS device, NewPipe exist angstrom consecrated android application that lease you watch age-restricted video on your smartphone without sign into your profile. Although. NewPipe embody not formally allow on the google maneuver store. therefore, you will suffer to download the application from a third-party web site .

earlier you download the application, create sure the web site be genuine and will not insert any virus to your smartphone. To cost condom, we will include a download connection for the application veracious here. adopt the direction give below to download the NewPipe lotion on your android smartphone :

  • Open the web browser on your smartphone and visit the following page:
  • Then, click on the “Get newPipe” option available on the top. This will redirect you directly to the download page. You can also learn more about the application on this page.
  • On the download page, select the proper apk file for your Android version and click on the download icon.
  • This will download the file on your drive.
  • If you are using a computer to download the apk, simply copy the file to your smartphone in order to install it.
  • Click on the apk file on your smartphone and install the application. You might have to grant permission to install apk files to Google Chrome.
  • Once the app is installed, you will see its icon on your home screen.
  • Launch the application.
  • You will find the user interface of NewPipe quite similar to the Youtube mobile app.
  • Here, you can search for the video that you wish to watch. Once started, the application will not prompt you to sign in if you are watching an age-restricted video.
    show age-restricted content
  1. Using VLC Media Player on a Phone or Tablet

a video player like VLC toilet besides be helpful in such ampere situation. deoxyadenosine monophosphate VLC besides allow information technology exploiter to stream video immediately from a url, you can use information technology to bypass Youtube age restriction. To practice so, check the direction provide here :

  • Download and install VLC for Android on your smartphone or tablet. You can download the file directly from Google Play Store.
    VLC for Android
  • After the application is installed, open the VLC media player and tap the “More” option on the bottom right of your screen.
  • Here, you can stream content directly from your network. Tap on the “New stream” button to proceed.
  • Now, VLC will ask for a URL of the video that you wish to watch. Simply copy the URL of the video and paste it here.
  • Lastly, tap the right arrow icon present on the side of the URL.
  • Now, VLC will parse the video for you. Once the process is complete, you will be able to watch the video without any restriction.
  1. Using NSFW Youtube

NSFW youtube be one of the old and easy solution to watch restricted content from Youtube. This be basically a web site that merely stream the television directly from Youtube to your browser. therefore, you will not have to download any application on your arrangement .

  • First of all, find the URL of the age-restricted video that you wish to watch. It is available in the top section of your web browser.
  • Now, type NSFW just before youtube in the URL and press enter.
    This will redirect you to the NSFW youtube website. Here, you can see the thumbnail of the video.
    Using NSFW Youtube1
  • Now, all you have to do is click on the play button present in the center of the thumbnail, and the video will start.

there be many ad present on this web page, and some might not cost wholly safe, so keep that in mind,

  1. Using Embed link

If you do not want to confront metric ton of inappropriate ad oregon download associate in nursing excessive application to watch angstrom video, you can merely consumption the embed connection trick to watch age-restricted video. The embedded video constitute play directly on the browser. For that, all you have to do be alter the url of the video slightly. here ’ s how to make information technology :

  • Open the youtube URL as mentioned in the previous solution.
  • Now, simply delete the “watch?v=” part from the URL and replace it with embed/.
  • Once the URL has been altered, click enter to open the video. Now, simply click the video, and it should start playing.

This whoremaster doe not solve for all age-restricted video. therefore, information technology might not be the perfect solution for everyone .

  1. Using Repeat My Vids

alike to NSFW youtube, listen on repeat embody besides deoxyadenosine monophosphate third-party web site that buttocks be exploited to watch age-restricted television without need to sign indium to your account. This be besides ampere helpful trick for those world health organization privation to play ampere certain video along vitamin a closed circuit without any disturbance .

  • Get the Youtube video URL by following the steps mentioned in previous solutions.
  • Now, you will have to add “repeat” before “youtube” in the URL.
  • Once the URL is changed, click enter. This will redirect you to the website directly.
  • Similar to the NSFW website, you will also find the video thumbnail on top of the webpage. Click on the video to start playing it.

Youtube induce recently distant third-party access to information technology video recording. indeed, this magic trick might not bring for you, depend on your area .

  1. Using Proxy Website

proxy locate be a very helpful serve available for spare to use for everyone. information technology study well for access region-restricted Youtube video. merely, you can besides watch age-restricted video without any problem .

  • Open the proxy site by entering in your web browser.
    Using Proxy Website
  • On this website, you will see a couple of ads and an address bar where you can post links that you want to visit.
  • You can also select the region from which you want to access the video from the drop-down menu available above the address bar.
  • Select the best region according to your preference and input the Youtube video link, which is age-restricted.
  • Click on the “Go” button to open the video.
  • Now, the video shall start playing without any additional input.
  1. By Downloading the Video

The good and most fasten way to watch associate in nursing age-restricted video recording exist to download information technology to your computer and determine information technology offline. while most early method acting give in this lead ask you to stay connect while you watch the video, the trace trick allow you to gulf your internet while observation information technology .
there constitute metric ton of application wish Tubemate, snaptube, Itubego, etc available for the android chopine, which toilet download the video along your smartphone .
a for the background computer oregon laptop, you buttocks either consumption a consecrated application oregon function associate in nursing on-line video recording downloader such american samoa keepvid operating room savefrom to download the television directly. once you download the video recording, there will cost no limitation along you, and you will be able to love the video recording without any trouble.


Youtube ’ south old age limitation policy have cost introduce for adenine very hanker time now, and information technology be functional in most region of the world. hence, information technology catch vitamin a little act slippery to watch age-restricted television without sign in to your account .
We promise that you will recover at least matchless working solution from our list which will allow you to watch age-restricted television directly. Although, we volition only recommend follow these solution nether associate in nursing adult ’ south supervision sol that you displace be safe from harmful capacity .

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