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The first to launch the Stories engine was the Instagram app. A version with this functionality was released in August 2016. To date, Instagram Stories analogues have launched about all major sociable networks. Stories are photograph and 10-second videos on which the drug user can overlay text in different designs, emoticons or even handwritten signatures. An authoritative remainder between such posts and regular publications is that they are mechanically deleted after a day and become inaccessible to subscribers .
today, the considered sociable network functionality is one of the most popular ways of communication, allowing users to exchange photos and short videos with their friends. Every clock you view a narrative, the users who shared it can see that you have viewed it in their browse statistics. But what if we want to view Instagram narrative anonymously ?
Instagram story viewer is a handy joyride that allows you to track the subject of any drug user ‘s publications without taking into explanation statistical data. All you have to do is copy the username and search. The service will then mechanically present the drug user ‘s profile information with the most recently published stories. Click on the one you want to watch and watch it anonymously. Your browse will not be counted in the statistics of the social network .
Another advantage of using our service is the ability to watch Instagram without registering on a social network, that is, you do not need to create an report. You can go to any public profile and well see the latest publications and stories.

In the official application and on the web site, there is no way to download videos or photos and save them to your device. But there is such an opportunity on the Insta-Stories-Viewer web site – for this, in the pop-up book, precisely click the Download button. And all this is wholly anonymous ! The report exploiter will not be able to figure out the pseudonym in any way.

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If a exploiter has active stories, then the function “ View reposts of stories ” is available to him in the application, this function is provided in order to track the engagement of subscribers. consequently, if you want to watch Instagram incognito, then you should not share them .
In addition to the common stories in the profile heading, the user can make the alleged “ pinned ” or highlights. This functionality is besides widely used. You can add any stories from the archive to albums, where they go 24 hours after publication. When placing materials in the highlights block, the user must come up with the list of the album .
It is important to note that our service allows you to work merely with public accounts, individual accounts, unfortunately, are not available for viewing .

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