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Yes, Thanksgiving is about family, food and appreciation of what you have. But it ’ s besides about watching pro football .
As the smack of ridicule turkey begins to permeate the house, the contend for a playoff position will continue unabated on the football field. But the odds of being able to watch undisturbed are slim—and this international relations and security network ’ thymine precisely a day where you can sneak out to your front-runner water hole without being noticed. so, whether you ’ re in commission of making dinner or skin potatoes, you ’ ve silent got an opportunity to watch any of today ’ s three games. just be mindful that because it ’ s a holiday, the common Thursday night viewing habits will shift. Amazon, despite its fresh shrink, will not be airing the even game .
Whatever your circumstances, we ’ ve got you covered. here ’ s a look at who ’ randomness acting today—and several unlike ways to watch the games.

Which NFL teams are playing this week? And what channels are airing the games?

This is, arguably, the best share of NFL games on Thanksgiving : They don ’ metric ton compete against each early. The NFL has stacked all three so you can marathon view them ( or, at least, use them as a fomite to tune out family if a political controversy breaks out before the pumpkin pie is served. )

Thursday, Nov 24

Buffalo Bills vs. Detroit Lions, 12:30 p.m. ET on CBS
New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys, 4:30 p.m. ET on Fox New England Patriots vs. Minnesota Vikings, 8:20 p.m. ET on NBC

How can I watch my local NFL team for free—even if I am out of market?

The best way to watch any classify of network programming for unblock on a big screen is with a estimable HD antenna. And NFL games are one of the easiest to opinion, since they air on broadcast networks, meaning you ’ ll be able to watch flush if you don ’ t have a cable television subscription. Best of all ? All of the Thanksgiving games are being broadcast by an over-the-air channel. To ensure you ’ re getting the most authentic signal, be certain to test the antenna in multiple locations in your home plate .

How can I stream NFL games live online if I don’t have a cable subscription?

You ’ ve got respective options to choose from :


NBC ’ s streaming service will give you access to several games, including all Sunday nox matchups. You can get a weeklong free trial, followed by a $ 5 or $ 10 monthly charge. ( The free interpretation of Peacock does not include live sports. )


CBS ’ s streaming service will give you access to games aired on that network. You can get a one-week dislodge test, followed by a $ 5 or $ 10 monthly charge.


Disney ’ s pile of Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ no long has a free trial, so you ’ ll have to pay $ 13.99 per month for all three combined ( or $ 19.99 per calendar month for no ads on Hulu ). Including alive television receiver in the pack bumps the monetary value to $ 70 per calendar month ( $ 76 with no ads ) .

Hulu with Live TV

The free trial on this service is no long offered, a well. It will cost you $ 70 per month .


After up to a two-week test, you can expect monthly charges of $ 65 .

Sling TV

serve Network ’ s Sling lower-tiered “ Orange ” design will run you $ 35 per calendar month. Adding the more comprehensive “ Blue ” design bumps the cost to $ 50 per month. You ’ ll have a weeklong release trial first—and right now, the cord-cutting service is cutting the first calendar month ’ mho bill in half .

DirecTV Stream

once known as DirecTV now, AT & T TVNow and AT & T television, this oft-renamed stream military service will run you $ 70 per month and up after the free trial option .

Fubo TV

This sports-focused cord-cutting overhaul carries broadcast networks in most markets. There ’ s a weeklong barren trial, followed by monthly charges of $ 70– $ 100, depending on the channels you choose .

Can I watch NFL games on Amazon?

here ’ mho where it gets a little jumble. Amazon has the single rights to Thursday Night Football for 2022 and the succeed 10 seasons. however, there ’ s an exception for the Thanksgiving game this year. So, while you ’ ve get in the substance abuse of tuning into Amazon Prime on Thursday evening, tonight ’ mho game won ’ thyroxine be there. It will air on NBC alternatively .

Does the NFL offer any viewing packages to watch the games I want?

It offers three, in fact.


The NFL App will let you stream games that are being broadcast locally in your grocery store on Sundays. If you want to watch an “ out of grocery store ” game, you ’ ve got two choices .
There are match hitches with this service. You can ’ thymine use it to watch exist games, but you can watch anything once its chief broadcast ends. There ’ s a weeklong dislodge trial, after which you ’ ra looking at a $ 100 charge per temper .
DirecTV customers have access to it, but if you ’ re not a subscriber and alive in an area where it ’ s not available, you can watch any NFL game live, on-line or on television receiver for $ 73.49 per calendar month or $ 293.36 for the integral season .

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