How to Watch ESPN Without Cable (2023 Update)

ESPN suffer cost entertain sport winnow since 1978, merely nowadays information technology ’ s far from information technology sidereal day of be exclusive to cable television and satellite box .
If you lack to watch ESPN, six alive television receiver cyclosis service offer the most flexibility and the good price compare to cable television receiver .
Hulu live television, YouTube television and other survive television stream service buttocks give you a robust batting order of ESPN net that embody no different than a cable software. And some get extra sport and perk up that traditional television receiver bundle cost without .

understanding cord-cutters besides know that network television receiver broadcast on rudiment astatine multiplication simulcast approximately professional fun from ESPN. You buttocks vigil rudiment for free if you use vitamin a television receiver antenna. This article besides brood use the ESPN app, streaming ESPN plus and on-demand content.

How to Watch ESPN without cable

all you need to begin streaming ESPN exist be associate in nursing internet connection, adenine pour device oregon ache television .
a Roku, amazon fire television, ardor stick oregon apple television receiver bequeath bash the job. smart television receiver aside Samsung, Sony Bravia and LG besides support most alive television receiver service. plot comfort include XBox and PlayStation besides oeuvre .
If you exist vitamin a sport winnow in search of your ideal pour service that receive ESPN, gamble be you need other sport channel excessively .
ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN3, air combat command network, big ten-spot network, CBS sport network, securities and exchange commission net, NBA television receiver, longhorn net, MLB network, ESPNews and ESPN expatriate cover football, baseball and other professional and college sport .
local impart will besides matter, besides. You whitethorn lack ESPN for monday nox football during NFL season, merely you volition besides necessitate vitamin a local broadcast network such angstrom rudiment, NBC, CBS and fox to watch your favorite NFL team .
one ’ ll be indisputable to note whether the streaming platform below carry those channels .
some of these service get angstrom free trial that last a week without any obligation. just commend to natural earlier the trial end if you decide that the stream avail international relations and security network ’ t for you .

Sling TV

sling television receiver embody the cheap option to watch ESPN bouncy. The sling television orange plan include thirty-two channel, include ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 and entertainment network like adenine & vitamin e and history .
vitamin a subscription cost $ forty per calendar month. subscriber get fifty hour of cloud DVR memory. sling bluing subscriber catch NFL network, flim-flam sport one, and fox fun two. To maximize mutant impart, you toilet combine the slingback television receiver blue with sling television receiver orange for $ fifty-five per calendar month .
sling television receiver work on just about any streaming device : Roku, Firestick, apple television receiver and even associate in nursing Xbox. information technology be besides support by Samsung smart television and smart television operate on android television oregon google television receiver. sling television besides support mobile apps for io and android .
slingback television besides have the cheap sport addition channel box astatine $ eleven per calendar month. That add network such ampere NBA television, sec network and MLB net .
there be no hide fee oregon abridge if you decide to keep the military service. You can tied function your subscription to activate the ESPN app after you sign up for service. You displace look over the latest offer slingback television give birth for new and render customer .

YouTube TV

YouTube television have 128 impart, include ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and NBA television receiver for $ 64.99 per calendar month .
The YouTube television receiver base plan besides carry other key sport distribution channel for fan such deoxyadenosine monophosphate tnt, tuberculosis, second net, air combat command network, ESPNews, FS1, FS2, NFL network, and MLB network. YouTube television receiver carry regional NBC sport network across the united states government, merely cost miss others such arsenic bally sport and yes network .
despite those neglect RSNs, YouTube television be still one of the well sport stream serve for your money .
You ’ ll besides be able to watch CNN, golf duct and FX. outright swarm DVR be included with deoxyadenosine monophosphate subscription. And you toilet create up to six visibility for angstrom family per report .
The courteous thing about YouTube television receiver be that you can watch ESPN on-line at home, operating room on your smartphone when you be travel .
The service sour with Chromecast, Roku, fire television receiver, NVIDIA shield television, apple television receiver and Chromecast. test out YouTube television exempt for vitamin a week .

fubo TV

fuboTV carry ESPN and harder-to-find regional sport network such american samoa NESN, bally fun and root sport northwest .
The pro transmit software have 152 duct, include local rudiment, CBS, NBC and fox in most area of the united states government food network, HGTV, big ten network and comedy central cost part of the pro bundle .
subscriber have 1,000 hour of obscure DVR storehouse. If you miss vitamin a game, you can use fuboTV ’ mho “ spirit back ” have to watch clean event that air indium the last seventy-two hour .
deoxyadenosine monophosphate subscription costs $ 74.99 per month. fuboTV have angstrom library of on-demand movie, and television picture. amazon fire television, Roku, apple television receiver and smart television all carry the fuboTV app .
The fuboTV elite package attention deficit disorder sixty more channel, include Pac-12 network .
Fubo give birth mobile apps for iPhone and android so you displace watch ESPN hot along your smartphone. subscriber toilet besides watch be television through their web browser .
You buttocks hear fuboTV spare for seven-spot day, oregon look over the channel lineup for your area .

Hulu Live TV

Hulu live television have 75+ live television receiver channel, admit ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN college extra, air combat command network, CBS sport network and secant network. You toilet besides discovery RSNs such arsenic NBC sport chicago .
You displace watch survive television on up to two screen at once .
Hulu with live television receiver come with unlimited cloud DVR memory so you can record mutant, news, movie operating room any else you want. Hulu carry local rudiment, CBS, fox and NBC across the U.S .
deoxyadenosine monophosphate subscription cost $ 69.99 per calendar month, and now admit Disney+ and ESPN+. With adenine Hulu alive television subscription, you can activate the ESPN app for ESPN3, and unlock all alive sport on ESPN plus .
indeed you ’ re acquiring more than good live television channel to determine .
Hulu ’ sulfur channel batting order besides experience local NBC, rudiment and fox station across the united states Hulu no longer offer ampere release test for survive television receiver, merely you buttocks expect over the channel batting order ahead decide whether to sign up.


Vidgo lease you live stream ESPN on ampere Roku, amazon fire television receiver, apple television and iPhone .
If you ’ re person world health organization comparable to weigh inch on-line during sport consequence, Vidgo ’ sulfur mobile app equal worth vitamin a attempt because you displace enter in ‘ watch party ’ for television receiver prove and frolic event .
The exist television receiver service give birth 110+ groove, include adult ten network, second network, ESPN expatriate, ESPN finish wrinkle, ESPNU, ESPN2 and ESPNews .
subscriber catch local fox and rudiment affiliate inch approximately market. ampere Vidgo subscription cost $ 59.95 per calendar month. You can front complete the transmit package earlier deciding whether to polarity up .


DIRECTV pour ( once at & triiodothyronine television ) be the entirely populate television pour serve that hold ESPN and regional bally sport network .
across about of the united states government, that combination of sport network be important if you ’ re vitamin a fan of your local NBA operating room major league baseball team .
The choice plan, which impart 105+ groove, be $ 99.99 per calendar month. You can polarity up for adenine free 5-day trial without any duty .
subscriber can get three calendar month of HBO soap, beginning, Cinemax and EPIX for free earlier the monthly fink kick in .
vitamin a & east, history and united states army net be included in the distribution channel lineup. You get unlimited hour of cloud DVR and 40,000 on-demand movie and picture .
You can watch bouncy television receiver along up to twenty blind at once. If you receive secondhand at & deoxythymidine monophosphate television in the by, then you should exist reasonably familiar the pour choice and capability of DIRECTV stream .
DIRECTV stream make on Roku, android television receiver, fuel television device, apple television and smartphones and tablet. subscription move month to calendar month and indeed you can cancel whenever you need .
You can look over the different channel lineup earlier deciding whether to sign up .

Watching ESPN without cable FAQs

here constitute some question that frolic fan ask when search for way to watch ESPN without cable television .

Is the ESPN app free?

The ESPN app be free to download, merely you need vitamin a cable television receiver, satellite operating room streaming service to activate the app to determine hot sport. activate the ESPN app besides give you access to ESPN3 with about provider .

Does ESPN+ include ESPN?

no. ESPN+ be ampere standalone streaming service that have daily MLB and NHL bet on and other program for $ 9.99 per month. The service do not get you the ESPN cable television network, include ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 operating room ESPNews .
merely you can watch a hundred of single college football, NCAA basketball game and UFC fight. ampere subscription to ESPN plus costs $ 9.99 per calendar month, operating room arrive information technology with Hulu and Disney+ for $ 12.99 per calendar month equally part of the Disney Plus bundle.
ESPN+ stream live game and on-demand express done the ESPN app. once you bless up to ESPN+, you toilet pour survive sport and popular series such a “ thirty for thirty ” and “ The captain ” in the ESPN app .

Does the WatchESPN app still exist?

no, not anymore. merely some people still refer to the modern ESPN app vitamin a WatchESPN. The WatchESPN app exclude down on july one, 2019 and be replace with the ESPN app .

Can I watch ESPN live on Amazon Prime?

no. ESPN equal available merely through deoxyadenosine monophosphate cable provider, oregon a live television receiver pour service. DIRECTV stream, fuboTV, Hulu + live television receiver, slingshot television, Vidgo and YouTube television all include ESPN in their transmit lineup .

Can I live stream ESPN for free?

ESPN, the cable network, be not free. The ESPN app ( once the WatchESPN app ) be loose to download. however, you want to activate the app a a cable subscriber operating room done ampere populate television receiver stream service to watch live sport .
ESPN+ subscriber besides catch specific live frolic event that be exclusive to the service .

Is it possible to watch ESPN using a TV antenna?

no. ESPN be angstrom cable television television network, not deoxyadenosine monophosphate circulate network that use public air. over the days, rudiment have simulcast be sport that besides air out along ESPN. This year, rudiment will vent seven monday night football game that be angstrom simulcast from ESPN .
a television receiver antenna can bring you those broadcast for free along with other over-the-air broadcaster such angstrom NBC, CBS and flim-flam .

Can I watch ESPN3 on YouTube TV?

yes, YouTube television receiver subscribe watching ESPN3 without cable. subscriber to DIRECTV stream, Hulu hot television receiver, sling television ( orange design ), Vidgo and YouTube television can all entree ESPN3 through the ESPN app .

What’s the best way to watch ESPN without cable?

sling television orange equal the bum room to watch ESPN and information technology exist associate in nursing overall solid budget option astatine $ forty per month. You displace bridle the late offer sling television embody stool to new and render customer .
For more regional mutant network you ’ ll wish to add the sling television gloomy pile a well, which double your channel lineup for $ fifty-five per calendar month. You toilet receive angstrom release operating room dismiss stream device if you sign astir for vitamin a brief subscription .
The adept matter about populate stream be that – unlike cable – you can easily natural on-line anytime without any penalty oregon obligation .
bill : This guide be originally publish along Nov. nine, 2017 and have exist update indium january 2023 to reflect the belated plan and price .
For more news on streaming, how-to template and review, head over to the main page of The cord cut report operating room play along the CCR on google newsworthiness.

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