Bally Sports+ FAQs

These Frequently Asked Questions are intended to provide a general overview of your Bally Sports+ subscription ; however, they do not contain a complete description of all applicable terms and do not form part of our agreement with our subscribers. They are provided for informational purposes alone. Please consult the Bally Sports+ Subscriber Agreement for the legally adhere provisions governing your subscription .
Q: What is Bally Sports+?
Bally Sports+ is the all-new cyclosis service from Bally Sports that gives you mastermind access to your darling hometown teams .
Q: When can I purchase Bally Sports+?

Bally Sports+ is presently available for viewers in choose regions : Bally Sports Detroit, Bally Sports Florida, Bally Sports Kansas City, Bally Sports Sun and Bally Sports Wisconsin. Bally Sports+ will become widely available to viewers in all Bally Sports regions beginning September 26, 2022 .
Q: What programming can I watch?
When you subscribe to your local Bally Sports regional net on Bally Sports+, you will have direct entree to your local anesthetic teams and original scheduling at base and on the go, including regional NBA and NHL games .
* * note : presently lone choose regions offer their live MLB games on the Bally Sports+ app, including Bally Sports Detroit, Bally Sports Florida, Bally Sports Kansas City, Bally Sports Wisconsin and Bally Sports Sun .
Q: How is it different from Bally Sports through my TV provider?
Bally Sports+ provides you with another way to watch your favorite regional sports. With the option to purchase a monthly or annual subscription, you will have access to your local Bally Sports regional network. If you already receive Bally Sports in your television receiver batting order, nothing changes ; you will continue to get your teams as you constantly have on television receiver and via the Bally Sports app .
Q: How do I know if I live in a Bally Sports region?
Visit and input your nothing code to determine if you have access to Bally Sports capacity .
Q: I don’t see Bally Sports+ in the app store, where is it?
Bally Sports+ is not a standalone app, preferably an existing product oblation within the Bally Sports app and on Beginning September 26th, all viewers in Bally Sports regions will be able to subscribe.

Q: What platforms can I stream Bally Sports+?
At launch, you will have the choice to watch Bally Sports+ content on vane, fluid and pill ( io, Android ), tvOS, Android television and Amazon Fire television receiver. We are working to add extra platforms soon and will notify fans as more become available .
Q: How much is Bally Sports+?
Subscribers can purchase a monthly subscription for $ 19.99, or an annual subscription for $ 189.99, with the option for a weeklong free test .
Q: I live in a market with two Bally Sports regions, will I have to pay double the amount?
extra price options will be made available closer to plunge .
Q: Can I purchase another Bally Sports regional sports network on Bally Sports+ even if I don’t live in that market?
No, the Bally Sports+ product is another way to watch your local teams, so the lapp league territory restrictions apply to out-of-market games .
Q: Will my NHL and NBA teams be part of this offering?

Yes. If you live in a Bally Sports region, you will be able to watch your hometown NHL and NBA teams, including pre- and post-game shows, when you subscribe to Bally Sports+ .
Q: Why can’t I find my baseball team on the app?
Bally Sports presently has the rights to stream the Detroit Tigers, Kansas City Royals, Miami Marlins, Milwaukee Brewers and Tampa Bay Rays on Bally Sports+. We are in discussions with MLB and our other MLB team partners to expand our offering next year .

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