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Do you know how to bathe a chicken ? Do chickens like baths ? Hell no ! There is a reason for the suppose, “ I ’ m brainsick than a wet hen. ” however, as the flock maestro, you sometimes must force your birds to do things for their own good against their will. A dust bathroom for chickens will only go so far toward maintaining the health of your troop .
similar to the sentiments much said about spanking a child, bathing your birds will “ hurt you more than it hurts them. ” even if you know how to bathe a chicken, no chicken bathe can be done without much beat, squawking and splashing. I assure you that you are going to end up reasonably soaked and smelling of wet chicken by the end of the dame bathe action. At least a wet chicken does not smell closely angstrom bad as a wet chase. Don ’ t let a little wimp bath water deter you though — it ’ s a very accomplishable procedure and not atrocious .
Though most chickens don ’ thyroxine like having a bath, if you have the water absolutely warmed, some of the birds ( once they accept that they are all wet and stuck in a bath ) end up enjoying the affectionateness of the water. A couple of our birds acted like they were nodding off in the bathtub. A word of caution : be certain that your urine is not excessively hot you don ’ t want to scald your chicken ’ second feathers or skin.

How to Bathe a Chicken: The Three-Bucket Chicken Bathing Method

For our bathe serve, my sister and I used the three-bucket method acting out in her backyard. Some online chicken sources suggest that you wash your birds in your kitchen sink. I can understand the argument for using the kitchen slump. surely, it would be easier control the water temperature and rinse the shuttlecock in a kitchen sink than in buckets in the backyard. I, however, do not personally subscribe to the kitchen sink method acting. The theme of washing cheating chickens where I prepare my food just grosses me out. Your chickens may look relatively clean, but get them into a bathtub and you will be surprised by how cruddy they actually are. If I were inclined to wash my chickens inside my house, the bathtub would seem a more tolerable placement to do so .
Regardless of whether you choose the three bucket method in the yard or use a sink inside the house, the work of properly washing your birds is the same. Under the three-bucket method acting, each bucket represents a different step in the bathing process. If you are using your slump or bathtub you replicate each of the bucket bath stages .
The first base bucket is a soap bath. In this bucket, you add meek serve soap to the quick water system. This stage of the bathe process is where you will actually remove all of the dirt, crap and other sludge from your bird ’ sulfur feathers, feet, comb, and wattles. Gently work the saponaceous water into the boo ’ south feathers. Be pacify and work the soap and saponaceous water by stroking in the direction of the feathers, or you will break feathers otherwise .
You might wish to consider adding strategic arms limitation talks to this warmly soap bathroom as an easy chicken mites treatment that can help kill any pests that might be hanging out on your birds. In regulate to kill any creepy-crawlies, your birds will need to soak, amply emerged up to their waddles for at least five minutes. I should note that we did not get any of our birds ’ earlobes besotted. I have read that wet ears can make birds much more susceptible to getting ill. Is that true ? I very do not know, but decided to error on the side of caution .
After the soap bathe, the second bucket is the vinegar-water bath. I added about 1 to 2 cups of white vinegar ( though apple cider vinegar would besides work quite well ) to a large bucket of warm water ( 3 to 5 gallons ). The vinegar bathroom tone is beneficial to your birds for several reasons .
first, vinegar is non-toxic to birds and will help remove any soap remainder from the bird ’ sulfur feathers. Second, vinegar brings out the bright quality of a bird ’ mho feather. And one-third, a good overcharge in vinegar water can besides kill pests. While each of our chickens was in this bathroom, we worked the vinegar water through their feathers all over their bodies.

The final tub in the three-bucket method is plainly a bath of plain, warm body of water. This final examination bathe is the final rinse to remove any remaining soil, soap or vinegar from the bird ’ sulfur body. Be sure to again gently work the plain gargle water through your birds ’ feathers .
Bathe a Chicken

How to Bathe a Chicken: Drying Your Wet Birds 

The adjacent step in how to bathe a wimp is to dry your birds. Birds are not able to regulate their body temperatures when their feathers are soaking wet, and consequently, tied on apparently comfortably strong days, your birds they may become chill if left to wash-and-wear in the yard. A chill bird very well becomes a sick shuttlecock. The last thing you want after learning how to bathe a chicken is for your birds to start showing sick chicken symptoms .
To avoid your bathe chickens from catching a cold, I strongly suggest that you dry your birds. First, wrap the newly lave bird in a clean towel to soak up a lot of the water. Next, you should blow dry the wet bird gently on a warm setting. Do not use the hot fructify on your boast dry as you can easily scorch your bird ’ mho feathers this way .
My sister and I dried our bathe birds in an unusual, but highly effective manner. Since we were washing several birds in a row, we did not have time to individually blow dry each boo. rather, we wrapped each shuttlecock tightly in a towel ( we wrapped each shuttlecock into chicken burrito or a “ chicquito, ” if you will ). Bundling the birds this way discourages escape and running approximately. We then detached my sister ’ mho clothe dryers vent hose from the wall and set it on the floor of her laundry room. We then laid out each of the towel-wrapped chickens ( “ chicquitos ” ) in battlefront of the blow laundry dry vent on the floor. My sister was able to get double value during the dry stage as she was drying her blank laundry and drying our wet birds at the same time .
Using the laundry dry release hosiery in this fashion worked capital ! We saved a lot of time, feat and energy being able to dry the birds together as a group. additionally, under this dryer-vent method, there was no gamble of scorching feathers. Most of our birds seemed to enjoy the dry process, closing their eyes and dozing off during this waste dry. This is an easy and effective alternate to using a hairdryer on your birds.

If you would like to learn more about how to wash your own backyard flock and learn extra tips to getting your birds into contest human body read more HERE about it or listen to Episode 053 of the Urban Chicken Podcast ( Listen HERE ) .
Do you have any helpful hints or tips for person learning how to bathe a wimp ? Leave a comment here and plowshare your tips and tricks with us !
primitively published in 2014 and regularly vetted for accuracy .

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